Solarponics Case Study


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Solarponics Case Study

  1. 1. SolarponicsBrand Re-energize Case Study © 2012 Whizbang
  2. 2. Solarponics Marketing Challenge•  Solarponics is the oldest continually operating solar Before provider in California. After 35 years of various marketing Campaigns and inactivity, their brand was in need of revitalization. In addition to the After brand losing its luster, Solarponics faced increased competition as well as the economic realities of the Great Recession. 2 © 2012 Whizbang
  3. 3. Solarponics Marketing Strategy•  Building on their 35 year history, Whizbang repositioned Solarponics as the alternative energy pioneers helping Central Coast residents achieve energy independence, saving them money on their energy bills. 3 © 2012 Whizbang
  4. 4. Solarponics Creative Mix•  Whizbang took an integrated approach to energizing the Solarponics brand. Marketing communication elements included developing an updated logo, a new tagline, sales materials, website, advertising campaign, direct mail, radio effort as well as social media and public relations programs. 4 © 2012 Whizbang
  5. 5. Solarponics Creative Mix•  Whizbang created an ad campaign which highlighted Solarponic s different services. The creative used for the ad campaign was also used for the direct mail campaign creating brand synergy and saving creative development costs. 5 © 2012 Whizbang
  6. 6. Solarponics Creative Mix•  Whizbang developed a website to generate sales leads. The website includes a blog called Ask the experts which Whizbang maintains. The questions and answers from the blog are then used to create the radio commercials and direct traffic back to the website. The blog also positions Solarponics as the thought leader in their industry. 6 © 2012 Whizbang
  7. 7. Solarponics Creative Mix•  To help consumers’ organically find Solarponic s website and maintain Solarponic s position as an alternative energy pioneer, Whizbang created social media pages for Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and post daily for Solarponics. Facebook 7 © 2012 Whizbang
  8. 8. Solarponics Creative MixTwitter YouTube 8 © 2012 Whizbang
  9. 9. Solarponics Results•  Within four months, Solarponics met their six-month sales goal. By the end of the year, Solarponics was the number one seller of solar electric systems on the Central Coast. Three years into the campaign, sales continue to improve and gain Facebook fans and consumer engagement and brand visibility is at an all time high. 9 © 2012 Whizbang
  10. 10. That s bright thinking! 10 © 2012 Whizbang