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Copenhagen cp 2010



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Copenhagen cp 2010 Copenhagen cp 2010 Presentation Transcript

  • Research Trip to Copenhagen
    17 – 21 March 2010
  • OrdrupSkole
    School had a modern extension which staff could not adapt to, so Bosch & Fjord brought in to dispel animosity and change how staff and pupils used the space.
    B & F resided at Ordrup for several months where staff and pupils could drop and set tasks for the users, e.g. post-its to signpost favourite places
    3 defined themes – Concentration & Reflection
    Dialogue & Concentration
    Community & Safety
    Changed hallways – made them wider to change their focus, e.g. computer stations, games, social areas, alternative learning spaces for small groups
    Clearly Defined spaces, e.g. homely spaces. Different learning approaches in different spaces
    No fences – school an active part of the community, undulated outdoor spaces
    Rails to hang things from such as art
    Lots of different chairs for different people’s needs
    Mats to define social groups
    Reading tubes, dry jacuzzis,
    Use of colour
  • OrdrupSkole
  • OrdrupSkole
  • Designlab & Tryoutlabs
    Labs based at the IT University, Copenhagen University
    Flexible glass box which did not feel too exposing
    Good use of lighting
    Liked different levels to learn
    Facilitates different types of learning
    Subtle use of colour – red edging of shelving, yellow table
    “Rooms affect the way we think and act”
    “It’s good to create a culture of change and look at how we use the rooms as society changes”
    Library exploring new uses for library. Acknowledged the need for new role, e.g. a place to discuss in small groups, a place to drink ‘good coffee’, a place to sleep, a place to watch films
    Different chairs
    Intimate use of lighting
  • IT University, Copenhagen University and the Designlab
  • Tryoutlabs
  • 3XN Architects
    Architecture designed by 3XN
    Presentation by Kim Nielsen, 3XN, at DAC Mind your Behaviour exhibition
    “Building can shape behaviour” Kim Nielsen
    7 types of Behaviour – Cultural, Learning, Human, Public, Social, Responsible, Building
    “All buildings establish settings for social process by bringing people together” Lars Quortrup, Head of Faculty DPU, Aarhus University
    Museum of Liverpool 2011
  • Ørestad Gymnasium
    Designed by 3XN
    Impressive and amazing stairs
    Stairs were the central core to the whole building
    Square building from outside, curvy interior structures
    Light responsive coloured blinds on the exterior of the building
    Good relationship with apple – good discount for staff and students
    All students buy apple laptops at a subsidised rates through the Gynasium.
    4 different types of classrooms – traditional, enclosed circular with moveable doors, circular raised areas, open-plan areas
    All work based around laptops – problems with students continually on Facebook
    Looking into becoming a ‘Virtual School’ for distance learning
    Gynasium originally designed for 800 students. Now 1,000 plus students and it feels like the space is struggling to retain its flexible teaching approaches. All teachers assigned a space to teach for the year
  • Ørestad Gymnasium
  • Ørestad Gymnasium
  • Statens Museum for Kunst
    Met with Nana Bernhart
    Ulk – visited the digital spaces aimed at young people
    Offer sessions to schools - video, photography and sound
    Currently under review as want to work more on the galleries and connect more with the collections and exhibitions
    Want to re-decorate the spaces working with 2 new art pilots and young people
    Want a more diverse range of art pilots
    Fatboys did not work
    Visited the more traditional art studios for taught sessions
    Taught by artists
    Wants to set up an informal european/international network between gallery educators who work with young people – Chiasma, Stedjelik, Whitworth,etc
    2 children’s exhibition spaces
    6 information plasma screens on arrival for all areas of the gallery – café, exhibitions, collections, everything!
  • SMK
  • UngesLaboratorier for Kunst
  • SMK
  • HellerupSkole
    Loved the top floor staff room which was more like an appartment – different chairs, loungers, exercise bikes, etc
    Loved the kitchens in the 3 areas where students cooked their lunch in the afternoon leisure session
    Cubicles for focused listening
    Flexible schedule – new one each week with different times
    Each day starts with Individual Time when student look at their Individual Learning Plan which is part of their Individual Action Plan (reviewed every 3 months)
    Emphasis on creating a self-sufficient student
    Younger children abseil down the building
    Gorgeous materials, wood slats with grey felt behind
    Take off outdoor shoes
    Placed furniture to encourage people to move around calmly
    First week no furniture in the space and then gradually added more furniture as they required it
    Teachers and pupils designed and decorated their own spaces
    Cublicles for focused listening
  • Louisianna
  • Louisianna
  • Louisianna Children’s Workshops
  • Louisianna’s Sculptures
  • Top Ten Thoughts
    ‘”Use space as a tool” Bosch & Fjord
    How do you create a glass box which does not feel too exposing?
    Use at least 3 different types of chairs
    Use colour which can be reflected onto white walls
    Use a range of lighting, e.g. pendant, angle-poise, subtle colours to demarquate specific space
    Don’t let the architecture dominate the presence of the users
    Fatboys do not work!
    Nurture gallery educators european/international network - set up blog with links??
    Take off outdoor shoes
    Flexible spaces