Voting for everyone: accessible+verifiable

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Presentation on new trends in elections at EVN 2013 on a panel "What's new that you must know about: innovations in verifiable voting."

Presentation on new trends in elections at EVN 2013 on a panel "What's new that you must know about: innovations in verifiable voting."

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  • Accessibility is really just usability for more people: “The usability of a product, service, environment, or facility by people with the widest range of capabilities.” ISO 9241-20
  • We are part of the environment. We create the environment. I’d like to challenge us to think about people – and how we make sure that we are advocating for systems that allow everyone to make sure that we are not desiging voting systems that create new barriers.
  • New technologies empower. Section 508:At least one mode that does not requireVision Visual acuity greater than 20/70 Hearing Speech Fine motor control and provides enhanced audio
  • Are you inviting both people with disabilities, and designers of all kinds to be an active part of the project.
  • In NY, Working with Brennan Center, we worked on creating not only legal language, but also to actually design ballots – to show what could be done within the current law, and what the new law could make possible. This ballot supports the work to enact the Voter Friendly Ballot Act


  • 1. A Voting System for EveryoneAccessible + VerifiableWhitney and Usability in Civic Life
  • 2. 2DisabilityThe outcome of the interaction betweena person with an impairment and theenvironment and attitudinal barriers theymay face. - International Classification of Functioning (ICF)
  • 3. 3Universal design: supports all senses
  • 4. 4 A place at the table ‘Get out of the echo chamber’Photos: and ITIF AVTI/CATEA
  • 5. 5 Conscious inclusionImages: and ITIF AVTI/CATEA
  • 6. 6Changing the conversation Design the law
  • 7. 7 Changing the conversation Design the lawBallot design by Oxide Design Co.More information at Usability in Civic Life:
  • 8. 8 Mark Anywhere Theatre ticket or IRS formDesign concept from Accessible Voting Technology Initiative Workshops –
  • 9. 9 Anywhere, anyone, any device Elections designed for accessibilityhttp://anywhereballot.orgArticle about the project:
  • 10. 10So everyone can cast a ballot that is... Marked as intended Cast as marked Counted as cast
  • 11. 11No segregation
  • 12. 12Whitney Quesenberywhitney@wqusability.comhttp://www.wqusability.comUsability in Civic Lifehttp://usabilityinciviclife.orgTwitter: @whitneyq