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    • Whitney Quesenbery Whitney Quesenbery Hi Robin. When the image contains text, the default rule is to repeat the text in alt text. This is especially true when it's a button label or other short text. Slide 34 is about the relationship of alt text to caption text. In the example, a screen reader user would announce the exact same text twice in a row. You can imagine how annoying that would be. In the talk, I did give a caveat: I suspect that (as on many sites using content management tools) there isn't any alt text in the database, so the developers chose the next best thing. This is ONLY a short term solution. The NEXT STEP is to get that fixed and update the database to include alt text that describes the image. (The caption doesn't really do that, does it?) It's why you have to think about alt text as a decision-making process: use the simplest solution first, but make sure that it fits the context in which the image is used. Does that help?  3 days ago
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