Top 10 Tips For A 2013 Digital Marketing Campaign


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Get the top 10 tips for a 2013 digital marketing campaign from the experts. Get your SEO marketing up to scratch.

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Top 10 Tips For A 2013 Digital Marketing Campaign

  1. 1. Top 10 Tips For A 2013Digital Marketing CampaignGet your strategy in place for a new year…
  2. 2. Find here our top 10 tips to how you canget a great digital marketing campaigntogether for 2013…
  3. 3. Strategise Your LinkbuildingKeywordsSearch ischanging…Optimise yourwebsite withlonger-tailkeywords to reacha wider audience.
  4. 4. Keep The Google Penguin OffYour BackStay on top of theGoogle updates andensure you comply toall of the Penguin’sneeds.If you perform whitehat SEO techniquesand optimisation, youwill see less of animpact on yourwebsite’s results.
  5. 5. Grow Your Presence OnlineDo competitorresearch and see howwell your competitorsare using social mediaplatforms to createnew business.Jump on the bandwagon and beat themto the finish line!
  6. 6. Build On Your CustomerBaseSocialise with yourcustomers.80% Of social networkusers prefer toconnect with brandsthrough socialnetworks than anyother method.Engage with yourexisting customers tokeep them comingback for more.
  7. 7. Make Your Move On MobileSmartphones have made a huge impact inthe way that we organise our lives and theway we use the internet.Create a mobile site that caters for thedifferent requirements and limitations ofmobile devices so that your audience canaccess your site with ease when they areout and about.
  8. 8. Content is KingMake your contentclean, easy to read andunderstandable.Always remember thatcontent is king, and it’swhat counts as the realstructural integrity of thesite.Optimise your content tofit in with your topkeywords.
  9. 9. Good Site Health = GoodUser ExperienceSort any technical problems, browserincompatibilities and any other issuesthat could be harmful to the amountof visitors to your website.Google ranks a website based on howwell it is built and the technicalstructure of your code, so keep that inmind for the new year on any newwebsite you may think about having.
  10. 10. Optimise Your PPC LandingPagesMake sure users from paidsearch reach an optimisedPPC landing page when theycome through on a keywordthey searched for.Only bid on your highestconverting keywords to getthe most out of your paidsearch budget.
  11. 11. Call To Action! (CTA)Make sure your usersknow what you want themto do next when they areon your website.Provide a good call toaction on all of your pageswith large buttons to helpyour customersconvert, buy and contactyou.
  12. 12. Measure Your SuccessSet up goals & eventtracking to measurethe success of yourdigital marketingcampaign.
  13. 13. Get The Professionals In…Looking to provide white label SEOservices to your customers in thenew year?Get the professionals in to dosearch engine optimisation (SEO)services on your behalf.You can provide great services toyour customers, learn new skillsand make you company moreprofitable with our white labelledservice. Contact us today to findout more.
  14. 14. Good Luck In Your DigitalMarketing Strategies ThisYear in 2013