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President Obama's Deficit Plan

President Obama's Deficit Plan






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  • Does the White House have a deficit reduction plan? Or do they propose to just add to the deficit at a slower rate?
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  • Those of you complaining about having to tweet to see the next slide - You guys crack me up. Please see the bottom-right corner where it says '1/1', i.e. there is only 1 slide in this file. So when you hit Next Slide, it thinks that you have come to the end of the document (which you indeed have because the first slide is also the last slide), it prompts you to share the doc. You don't have to. Just click on the X in the popup.
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  • Something's definitely messed up with this site. They want us to tweet it in order to see the next slide. Forget that! It's not Linked In that's the problem, it's this site!
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  • And speaking of the cost of living and not being able to afford food to last the month, I went to the grocery store and everything is mini-sized! They sure didn't mini-size the price to go with their itty bitty product! Buying in bulk at places like Sam's Club used to help somewhat but now even the bulk stores are mini-sizing!
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  • I wonder what the effect of these 'cost saving' measures in healthcare will be? I wonder if it will mean yet more rationing? My experience is similar to Theresa Huffman who has written her and her husband's story above. I am disabled and cannot work a regular job, and I've already lost several doctors who decided it wasn't worth it to them to continue to accept Medicare, and the cost of living's getting way beyond my little tiny Disability payment. This month I had to decide between whether to buy food or pay my electric bill. If I go hungry too many days out of the month I'll get sicker, so the electric bill will have to wait. I already am splitting my natural gas bill in 4 parts over the next 4 months to prevent cut-off. This is a prime example of why Chained CPI (the Social Security cost of living recalculation formula mentioned in a number of Presidential speeches) would be a very bad idea.

    It took 20 years for my disease to be diagnosed because doctors skimped on tests and I almost died by the time any doctor really got serious about deeply investigating what was wrong. Now I have missed the window of opportunity to ever really have a successful career. Can't drive, can't have a significant other, as nobody will want to take on the responsibility with all my health problems. Tuesday I go back to my GP because of increased pain. For 6 days in a row I had severe headaches around the clock. He has definitely been pushing me off on other doctors the past year. Has still been accepting Medicare but I fear the end of that may be coming.
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