A Strategy for American Innovation - Catalyze Breakthroughs for National Priorities

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  • http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/smart-america
    Smart America Program is much enriching the Strategy for American Innovation:
    “to harness the ingenuity of the American people to ensure economic growth that is rapid, broad-based, and sustained”;
    to make USA a world-class nation for field testing to stimulate science and technology, research and innovation, sustainable growth and smart jobs.
    Offered to the Head of State (Barack Obama, President of USA) on 02.12.2013.
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  • I will try submitting one of my ideas now, for donation. I mean this to create jobs for humans and not robots. I mean for the jobs to stay in America. And something needs to be done about company buy-outs and subsequent job losses!!!!!!!!!

    Here is my idea about glue-on put-ons for airplanes, to create sharp leading edges on the leading edges of wings & tails, while preserving the airfoil shape of wings. I will try to insert a .jpg picture here.

    Unable to do so, but you get the idea from the above.

    Craig B. Howard, CHo5420334@aol.com
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    I have some ideas that I am trying to donate to the cause of job creation, ideas I came up with, ideas that I own. I have tried contacting the White House before, under the heading of Job Creation, but did not get any feedback; I contacted whitehouse.gov. Maybe I can make contact here. If I donate these ideas, that eliminates red tape involving ownership & intellectual rights and should lead to job creation months or years sooner. Benjamin Franklin did this with his idea for lightning rods, for societal benefit, and I think this is worth emulating.

    I have some other ideas that are inspired from outside information; these could be helpful too, but I am not free to donate these; any ownership rights would belong to the original people and information.

    If I get a reply, I can discuss these ideas with you.


    A government invention company, to take ideas and dole them out to factories, and to help start new factories and businesses; to eliminate having to re-invent the wheel millions of times over, making your own company for each idea, at $10,000's per company. This would also eliminate the element of scams & frauds associated with private invention companies. I sincerely believe that we can INVENT OUR WAY OUT OF THIS RECESSION/DEPRESSION!!!

    Hoping to make contact!!!!


    Craig B. Howard, CHo5420334@aol.com
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  • We’re looking forward to your comments on the Strategy for American Innovation. Please note that comments posted on and messages received through White House Slideshare account are subject to the Presidential Records Act and may be archived. Learn more at WhiteHouse.gov/privacy.
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