Why Facebook is Still so Important in Social Media B2C


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Why Facebook is Still so Important in Social Media B2C

  1. 1. Why Facebook is Still so Important in Social Media B2C Taken from a blog post written by Laura White Presentation put together by Stephanie Harmsworth. photo credit: gianlucacostantini
  2. 2. Many feel Facebook is the best thing since sliced bread! photo credit: fuffer Perhaps the whole social media buzz is becoming a little cliché in both the consumer and business world.
  3. 3. There are many companies who have yet to embrace Facebook in order to grow and connect with individual/mass consumers. Business need to realise, they can find a place for Facebook within their goals, any business potential for consumer interaction and brand awareness could develop on a whole new level. photo credit: Folk Media
  4. 4. With people choosing to and engage with business’s and brands on Facebook groups, rather than search for sites online, the opportunity to build customer relationships is becoming faster, more effective and much cheaper than many of the traditional alternatives. But what makes ‘Facebooking’ so beneficial for business? photo credit: Christopher S. Penn photo credit: Oversocialized
  5. 5. For example: Facebook allows corporations to share ideas/viewpoints, whilst updating news/information to provide ‘fans’ with exclusive data and opportunities. Using Facebook corporation can listen to their customers in order to understand how their brand is being received online. <ul><li>Facebook… </li></ul><ul><li>500 million active users </li></ul><ul><li>Allows brands/organisations to communicate quickly </li></ul><ul><li>Brings relationships between business and consumer onto a level playing field. With no hierarchy of interaction </li></ul>photo credit: Balakov photo credit: MrTopf
  6. 6. The social media giant , in this sense has almost become a streaming platform in which Facebook marketing has a viral effect and ultimately has become the middleman for consumer exploration. Furthermore, as there is already a thriving social community on Facebook, companies can simply implement their own business brand into that community, ready for consumers to find them. photo credit: an.yonghua photo credit: Will Lion
  7. 7. Consumers on Facebook are now friends. These consumer friends (we’ll call them friensumers ) are using Facebook as their first port of call to access news/entertainment in doing so they are bypassing traditional outlets for this data. It is here where the brands can jump in and share their own relevant content, often with links either directing the friensumers to their engaging corporate Facebook page or their website. photo credit: Rono G photo credit: Internet Marketing1
  8. 8. Friensumers are provided with the chance to become part of a community that is dedicated around a particular brand. Brand communities provide unique and rewarding marketing opportunities for businesses, by interacting on a one to one basis with their customers