Highly Scented Candles are Yesterday's Approach to Fragrance?


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Highly scented candles are fine for some people, but is it there a better alternative for home fragrances

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Highly Scented Candles are Yesterday's Approach to Fragrance?

  1. 1. Highly Scented Candles are Yesterday's Approach to Fragrance
  2. 2. Highly scented candles are more often than not a very aggressive way to make your home smell more pleasant. It is important to keep in mind, though, that creating the right fragrance in the home is a delicate affair that must be handled gently and tastefully.
  3. 3. In the same way that the art of applying make up does not entail putting as many glaring colors on the face as possible, so too with fragrance in the home it is not always best to overwhelm the room with the overbearing odors.
  4. 4. Unfortunately, most of the highly scented candles available online cannot boast much in the way of subtlety.
  5. 5. An elegant and subdued alternative to highly scented candles is to use a reed diffuser.
  6. 6. Not only does the reed diffuser offer a more aesthetic appearance than the scented candle (which often brings to mind the look of a college dorm room), but it also gives off a scent that is more even throughout the room and is richer without being so in your face.
  7. 7. The fragrance from an aromatherapy diffuser is typically described as more vibrant than the odor of a scented candle.
  8. 8. How do reed diffusers work?
  9. 9. A reed diffuser is a device that is ingenious in its simplicity. As with all things that are effective as relaxing agents, it is not overly complicated.
  10. 10. The reed diffuser consists of a glass container partially filled with scented oil.
  11. 11. The scent of this oil is dispersed (or diffused) throughout the room by way of a collection of reeds that are deposited in the glass container.
  12. 12. The reeds, following their natural inclination to suck up moisture, slowly absorb the oil and act as a conduit between the container full of fragrance and the atmosphere of the room.
  13. 13. Best of all, there is no sacrificing variety when you use room fragrance sticks. Soap stores such as Sabon , which has many locations in the New York area and also has a full inventory available online, has a very long history of providing a wide variety of top-quality reed diffusers .
  14. 14. Another drawback with candles is that every candle you light must be blown out when no one is in the house. Either that or they carry the distinct risk of burning the house down.
  15. 15. Plus, candles have a tendency to melt into unattractive globs .
  16. 16. A home scent diffuser carries none of these drawbacks. A reed diffuser will last for ages and never has to be turned off. The sticks only need to soak up liquid , so there is no melting into a lump like there is with scented candles. Plus they are 100% safe.
  17. 17. Unlike with candles, there is no risk of fire . No flames or heat are required. Reed diffusers are safe for any room and for any age group, and there's no soot or other carbon particles to get into the walls and furniture in your house.
  18. 18. Highly Scented Candles are Yesterday's Approach to Fragrance