What is Whispler?


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Social Commerce is here. For you the future of viral marketing starts now.
Whispler rings in the age of commercial social networking and serious viral marketing for every existing webshop. Whispler brings your products to the very place where Internet users spend their time: social networks and communities, blogs and forums, in short, the epicenter of the social web.

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What is Whispler?

  1. 1. What is Whispler? To answer this question, join Sandra as she goes on her social shopping spree, demonstrating just one of many features of Whispler.
  2. 2. Social Commerce is here. For you the future of viral marketing starts now. Whispler rings in the age of commercial social networking and serious viral marketing for every existing webshop. Whispler brings your products to the very place where Internet users spend their time: social networks and communities, blogs and forums, in short, the epicenter of the social web. With just one click, shop visitors can publish the products in their social Benefits of the Whispler solution: network of choice. Thus, with Whispler the products are spread out in the most powerful form – the personalized form. You can turn thousands » Your products are introduced into the social networks and commu- of social network users into advertisers and recommenders of your nities: with Whispler.com your eCommerce solution becomes a real products. The friends of the user find their way to your webshop and commercial social network! engage in commenting and recommending your product in the social web. » The respective widgets can be embedded almost anywhere, for example, in blogs, forums and content management systems! » Clear-cut referral marketing: thousands of social network users be- come your advertisers and recommend your products and promoti- onal items in the social web! » Cost-efficient and result-oriented online advertisement with viral banners! » Reach customers around the world and put your products on the international market. » Gain insight about your target audience and their interest in your products: Comprehensive demographic data and statistics are right at your fingertips.
  3. 3. Whispler as a social distribution channel, the members are the engine. The motives for users to favorite a product with Whispler in his/her personal profile are very complex. Essentially, the user and his/her friends will perceive it as user-generated content and not as annoying advertisements. 1. Recommend and comment 4. Show me what you own and I’ll tell you who you are Whispler allows members to discuss the products with their One outstanding feature is the personal Whispler treasure chest. friends. Users can share with one another what they already own. Whether the new BMW, the new Smart-Phone or a designer handbag, the 2. Whispered Whispler wishes come true treasure chest is big enough. The personal treasure chest touches The users are able to create public wish lists allowing friends to the very nerve of social networks enabling the user to build his/her have access to the best gift ideas for occasions such as birth- identity around products. days, Christmas, and weddings 3. One central watchlist for all shops In addition to the wish list, Whispler offers personal watchlists. The user can bookmark products from different shops and plat- forms to be displayed in one place.
  4. 4. Whispler as a marketing tool: professional analysis and real-time statistics Whispler not only opens the social networks for your products, Whispler is also a marketing and analytics tool for online retailers. The professional visual presentation of the user data makes Whispler the perfect online Produc t Whisples: » map overlay viral marketing tool. » timestamp of click (per day) » quantitative reach With Whispler you can get reliable demographic data and statistics. Track » qualitative reach the progress of the Whispler distribution channel in real-time. In addition, » top products you receive valuable data about your shop visitors such as age, gender » flop products and place of residence. Usually, you don’t have access to this data through » Traffic source conventional tracking tools. Whisper evaluates the data with sophisticated statistics methods and gives you the result for further processing. With Targe t group/audience da ta (based on User SN data): » Sex Whispler you are no longer fishing in muddy waters, the target groups for » Age your products become clear and transparent! » Place of residence » Current location » Language Whispler prepares t he following demographic s ta tis tics fo r you: » Relationship status Benchmar king options: » unique/non-unique » product/product groups » shop/time period » geography/demography » compare two products
  5. 5. Prices & packages: pay as you go! You can choose one of Whispler‘s base plans that best suits your needs. Furthermore, you decide which commission model fits to your business model. We are planning to introduce the Pay-per-Order and Pay-per-Lead payments options for the second quarter of 2010. Until then we can offer you the easy Pay-per-Click payment option. Whispler base plans Choose your own Whispler package and get the optimum level of service you need: Basis Business Viral Base price (per month) free 30,00 Euro planned # of products unlimited unlimited unlimited Commission Examples Base statistics 45 days 12 months unlimited current product whispler CPC Detailed statistics 12 months unlimited price commision 0,01 Euro Export as CSV 6,66 Euro 0,15% (minimum) Campaign tools 10,00 Euro 0,15% 0,015 Euro 20,00 Euro 0,15% 0,03 Euro Introductory offer We are currently only offering a basic pricing model. We will charge you according to Pay-per-Click (PPC). This means: 50,00 Euro 0,15% 0,075 Euro the product price x 0.15% = Cost-per-Click (CPC), with a minimum CPC of 0,01 Euro and a maximum CPC of 1,00 Euro. 100,00 Euro 0,15% 0,15 Euro If you sign up with Whispler before the March 15th, 2010, you get our launch special: 3 months Business Package for free! 500,00 Euro 0,15% 0,75 Euro 1,00 Euro (maximum 666,00 Euro 0,15% * Whispler calculates in Euros; conversion to US dollars take place automatically based on the respective current exchange rate. price per click) All prices given are net prices, plus VAT or other applicable taxes.
  6. 6. Convert product data 1 Select produkt 2 Select network or widget 3 A Webshop visitor selects Product B Key data for “Product B“ is stored in the by clicking the Whispler button. Whispler database. Users select a social network or a community, the product is imported and published on Facebook, for example, or integrated as an embedded-widget. http://your-store.com A good product Product A with desirable features... Preis: 413,90 Euro A good product Product B with desirable features... Preis: 413,90 Euro Publish the product in the network of friends Product A good product 4 The user’s network of friends can now see, comment on and recommend C with desirable features... Preis: 413,90 Euro the product or promotional item. A good product Product Clicks for a detailed view in the D with desirable features... Preis: 413,90 Euro 5 web shop After clicking on a product, friends are trans- ferred to the detailed view of the item in the originating webshop. Produkt B Whispler prepares extensive 6 and meaningful statistics about the product and the user for your webshop. ...it is that simple to turn your eCommerce into fully operational Social Commerce! Whispler is a worldwide and cross-platform meta-network, which consists of all participating webshops and numerous social networks, communities and social software solutions such as blogs and forums. Whispler provides several plug-ins for various e-commerce solutions. We are working diligently to deliver a large spectrum of solutions within the shortest timeframe possible. For a list of currently supported shop systems please visit our website at http://www.whispler.com. Contact us and we will quickly verify if your system can participate in whispler.com.
  7. 7. Start now with social commerce! Telefon: +49 (0)89 416 177 95-0 Email: participate@whispler.com www.whispler.com