Budding Artist Exhibition Final


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  • Budding Artist Exhibition Final

    1. 1. THE ARTISTS • Keith Haring • Vincent Van Gogh • Pablo Picasso • Andy Warhol • Frida Kahlo • Georgia O’Keefe
    2. 2. Reflections “I decided to paint ‘Four Feet Flower’ because I adore Andy Warhol’s work and his Pop Art style. I am comfortable of painting ‘Four Feet Flower’ as it is easy to paint and the colours he uses are simple. The shapes of the flower are not complicated and easy to paint too. I learnt that by painting by myself, and not in a group, I must be confident and always think before creating an artwork and find ways to produce what I'm going to do.” - Radhiahtul Adliah.
    3. 3. Reflections “I chose ‘Mickey Mouse’ by Andy Warhol because Mickey Mouse is one of my all-time favourite cartoon character. I was attracted to the painting because of its eye-catching colours. Doing individual work was challenging but I learnt to be independent. ‘I found Mickey Mouse’ quite simple to draw and paint even though I had to repeat it four times.” - Marrissa Syafira
    4. 4. Reflections “Andy Warhol is a great artist that creates repeated images in different colours so I admire his work and chose the dollar sign. The dollar sign signifies money used in everyday life and we can’t live without money in this world. So I find that the dollar sign is meaningful to everyone.” - Reuben Neo
    5. 5. The inspiration that strucked us to use star fruits to create prints on our bag. The idea is from particular painting of frida Kahlo. I feel that making a bag is rather useful as it can store things rather than using plastic bags which pollutes the earth. Our bag is made from an old t shirt with duct tapes
    6. 6. Our frida.. I felt that although my partner and I had only used an old t-shirt as a recycled material, the overall product still looked great and it can be used .We got our inspiration from prints on a dress of Frida Kahlo's work. I felt that cutting the shape of a star from a potato was quite a creative idea but I felt that there is still room for improvements like the sewing of the bag and the using of masking tape in the inner side of the bag.
    7. 7. I create this accessories hanger so that people could hang and show case their accessories without spending money. The inspiration came from a painting of a dress from Frida Kahlo. I used old t shirt, plastic bottles and unwanted metal wires.
    8. 8. •We faced a lot of obstacles when trying to complete our assignment. Problems like the colours used and the arrangement of the artwork have to be solved. As the art piece required a lot different blendings, our group spend quite a bit time trying to find the suitable colour. Drawing… After brainstorming, we decided to used a simpler arrangement to showcase our art piece. We divided the artwork into 4 parts and each of us will draw the different parts.
    9. 9. Discussing… After sketching out the art piece, we discussed about the colours for our product. We started blending colours to try out the suitability of different colours. Finally, we found the suitable colour, we started to work on the wood plank in real life. Again, to make things faster, we divide the artwork to 2 main parts. 2 of us will paint the foreground of picture, the other 2 will paint the background. Painting in process…
    10. 10. “ We think that this Budding Artist Artwork activity is fun. As time goes by, our team spirit become better and we help to look out for one another . Although this piece of artwork is quite simple, the colour it uses is very colourful and unique. We took a bit of time discussing the types of colour used as it required blending of different colours . Eventually our hard work paid off as our artwork looks quite similar to the original picture, with only the creativity of us changing the colours.”