Tips for Managing Your Upgrade Process


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Presenters: Abby Chau, Michelle Keniston, and Jacqui Wishart

Published in: Technology, Education
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Tips for Managing Your Upgrade Process

  1. 1. Tips for Successfully Managing Your Upgrade Process Abby Chau, Account Manager Michelle Keniston, Software Consultant Jacqui Wishart, Software Consultant
  2. 2. Introductions ● As of June 30, 170 WhippleHill schools have signed to upgrade. The goal for all of 2013 is 200. ● Abby has helped 85 schools decide to upgrade . ● Michelle and Jacqui have helped 75 schools with the upgrade process.
  3. 3. Who has already committed to upgrade? Who is thinking about upgrading?
  4. 4. Things to consider before upgrading
  5. 5. Limited Edition vs. Full Edition ● Limited edition: continue to use products you currently own, but get access to the new parent/student/teacher experience ● Full edition: access to additional products in the suite at additional cost
  6. 6. New Product Suites onMessage CMS onCampus LMS onRecord SIS onBoard EMS Page Builder Audio/Video PushPage Event Registration Giving Inquiry School Store Alumni Groups Academic Groups Grade Book Assignment Drop Box Athletic Groups Community Groups Activity Groups Advisory Groups Dorm Groups Schedule Schedule Maker Attendance Official Notes Grading Learning Profiles Online Signup Awards Admissions Online Application Enrollment Re-enrollment
  7. 7. How soon can the upgrade start? Schools who sign to upgrade in July can expect to start the upgrade process late September or early October.
  8. 8. Upgrade process ● Kickoff call ● Manager exploratory period ● Faculty/staff exploratory period ● Go live! ● Additional Trainings for Full Edition Schools
  9. 9. How are we here to help? ● Software Consultants ● Support ● Success Coaches ● Account Managers ● Help Center & Upgrade Resource Center
  10. 10. Upgrade Resource Center
  11. 11. How can you help your community? ● Create a buzz early on by creating teaser videos, sending out announcements, etc. ● Getting started guides ● Training videos placed on Resource Boards ● Tips sent out via pushpage ● Training open house ● Office hours
  12. 12. How did other schools manage training their constituents? "The new system is extremely intuitive to use and did not require much in the way of training... Awesome!" -Russ, Cheshire Academy "We provided a handout with screenshots was provided in addition to several news stories on our website and weekly pushpage. This was done about 2-3 weeks ahead of the switch." -Susan, SCDS
  13. 13. "For two weeks before the switch and one week after the switch, we offered drop-in sessions before and after school for parents (and faculty), which very few chose to take advantage of." "Providing assistance to the students was the one spot we didn't do our best and (not) surprisingly, they were the most confused! I was surprised, because I guess I thought they would be the most comfortable clicking around trying to find things. However, I forgot that middle schoolers do not read. :)" -Jill, SCDS
  14. 14. "For the parents I did a Camtasia video showing them where everything was. It was about 6 minutes long and that actually caused low attendance at the parent help sessions that the tech department held because most of them watched the video or just played around until they found what they wanted on their own." "The biggest time requirement in training has been the people who manage the system. Trying to figure out where things are now. And of course the loss of the favorites continues to drive everyone nuts and it makes knowing where things are even more important because I can’t just set favorites links for them to get to what they need, they actually have to know where it is and remember how to get there." - Kelly, The Summit Country Day
  15. 15. How can you help other managers? ● Manager getting started guides ● Task mapping ● Product mapping ● Access to WhippleHill Support
  16. 16. How can you keep up to date with changes to the software? ● Blog posts on ● WhippleHill Weekly ● Release note emails ● Training webinars - ● Help Center - release videos & release note archive ● Social Media - you can always check Facebook and Twitter (@whipplehill) for the latest about what is going on at WhippleHill.