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while42 beijing hackathon #1


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  • 1. While42 Beijing Hackathon #1 Cracking the Chinese market Abstract From meeting to meeting, we're getting closer to one topic: Cracking the Chinese market. But what does this mean? We are a group of French IT guys, here in Beijing, all working on different product, with different technologies, in different languages (and I'm talking about spoken languages here), on different markets. But there is one thing that should unify us: if we are in China today, it is to understand and take advantage of the Chinese market. The lasts three meetings we had were going that direction: How to become independent in China: Explanation on how to start a business in China; followed by a debate and exchange concerning our different tricks to be independent, professionally or not, in China. Insider's view of Crypto currencies: Following a technical presentation of Crypto currencies and especially Bitcoin, we had a long debate concerning the relation and the future of Bitcoin in China. Become a ChinApps master: During this meeting, we went through several Chinese apps, as well as some API available in China. Goal Being an entrepreneur in China sounds amazing. But every time each of us tried to approach the topic, the same issues always appeared: Which technologies Chinese people are using? What are the Chinese expectations? How to build something here without mastering the (Chinese) language? In addition to the infinite answers we could find to these questions, there are obviously many aspects of each answer. And this leads to the blur we all are! The goal of this Hackathon would be to approach the technical aspect of each of this question.
  • 2. The event When? Saturday, 29th March, 2pm -> Sunday, 30th March, noon (or whatever). Where? Sanlitun SOHO How much? Free! (but no food and drinks included -it's not what we'll miss in Sanlitun!-) Themes To achieve this goal, here are the following theme that should be approached during this Hackathon: Chinese API (Baidu, Wechat, Weibo, Taobao, Aliyun ... there are plenty of them!) Chinese Market (Build something that could be used on the Chinese market, and only the Chinese market!) International trade (China is well known for the international business. Let's build something on this topic!) Achievement As we're a small group, the goal, during the whole Hackathon, is to share our competences and thoughts. Everyone is welcome to present any technology, or ask any question, at any time. There is no real competition (for this time ;)). At the end, we will try to understand how each group approach the Chinese market, and which conclusion to draw around it. While42 Beijing - Thibault BRONCHAIN, ZHAN Shengjie