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Reagan Shores is a 37 acre Safe Gated Community Surrounded by Beautiful Nova Scotian Forests, Greenery, Lake and Wildlife providing you with maintenance free living.

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Reagan Shores Powerpoint

  1. 1. Reagan Shores is a 37 acre Safe Gated Community Surrounded by Beautiful Nova Scotian Forests, Greenery, Lake and Wildlife providing you with maintenance free living.
  2. 2. Reagan Shores offers you with a sense of Security and Safety within a Gated Community.
  3. 3. Reagan Shores will feature Walkways along the nearby “Noonan Lake “ located next to Phase 1(Now Selling) and is accessible to all residents of Reagan Shores . The lake and it’s surroundings are abundant in wildlife.
  4. 4. Streaming into Noonan Lake is a Babbling Brook that gives a wonderful ,peaceful and soothing sound giving one a feeling of tranquility.
  5. 5. The Beautiful Babbling Brook flows into Noonan Lake follows behind the Phase 1(Now Selling) Construction of Lots 1 through 6.
  6. 6. Viewing of the Babbling Brook behind the construction of the first Reagan Shores home. The Alexander
  7. 7. Reagan Shores will be equipped with Gazebos throughout the Community On site Private Storage units and designated RV Trailer Storage areas.
  8. 8. Being a resident of Reagan Shores will ensure that all your Maintenance needs are fulfilled such as Lawn Care.
  9. 9. Reagan Shores is located on the outskirts of Hubbards and is convenient to all tourist attraction located in the communities of Hubbards , Chester and the City of Halifax .
  10. 10. Only 5km away from Reagan Shores is the Community of Hubbards which has facilities such as Hubbards Medical Centre and local Grocery , Drug Stores and Various Shopping.
  11. 11. If you own a Yacht or other Boat the Hubbards Community offers you the Hubbards Yacht Club and the Hubbards Marina.
  12. 12. Hubbards Community also offers other facilities such as the South Shore Club , Anchorage House and Wyndecrest Bed and Breakfast .
  13. 13. If you have a craving for Lobster the South Shore Club offers you The Lobster Suppers served with fresh World Famous Nova Scotia Lobster .
  14. 14. The Dauphinee Inn and Trellis Café are also close to Reagan Shores offering you wonderfully tasteful food.
  15. 15. Rosewood Cottages located on the Shore Club Road offers guests with a country type feel of comfort and relaxation which is also only 5km from Reagan Shores making a great place to stay for your visitors.
  16. 16. Within the Community of Reagan Shores will have Walking and Hiking Trails . Not only are there trails within the community for you to enjoy and take in the scenery of a four seasoned Nova Scotia but local famous rails to trails such as the Nova Scotia Aspotogan Trail is within minutes of Reagan Shores .
  17. 17. Living in Reagan Shores also offers you with an active lifestyle with various Golf Courses and the beautiful Nova Scotia Ten Beaches located within 30km of Reagan Shores .
  18. 18. To assist your relaxing lifestyle with Reagan Shores are the stunning Ten Beaches of Nova Scotia consisting of the Queensland and Hubbards beaches.
  19. 19. If you have a passion for Golf living in Reagan Shores offers you with wonderful local golf courses such as Chester Golf Course , Glen Arbour Golf Course , and the Osprey Ridge Golf Course.
  20. 20. Theatrical interest is only 30 minutes away with the beloved Chester Playhouse which hosts Musical and Theatrical Performances.
  21. 21. With the breath taking scenic World Famous tourist attraction of Nova Scotia’s Peggy’s Cove on the Lighthouse Route and its local attractions nearby is just another reason to live at Reagan Shores.
  22. 22. Being Near the City of Halifax . Reagan Shores is less than 60km away from highly respected Medical Centre’s such as the IWK Children’s Hospital and the QE11 Adult Hospital .
  23. 23. The Alexander Den 10 x 10.8 Master Bedroom 15.4 x 14.6 Dining 10 x 12 Kitchen 10 x 10 Great Room 16 x 13 Deck 16 x 10 Nook 12 x 8.6
  24. 24. The Alexander II Den 10 x 10.8 Master Bedroom 15.4 x 14.6 Dining 10 x 12 Kitchen 10 x 10 Great Room 16 x 13 Deck 16 x 10 Nook 12 x 8.6
  25. 25. The Alison Master Bedroom 12 x 14.5 Deck 16 x 12 Dining 12 x 8 Kitchen 12 x 9.6 Great Room 16.8 x 16.4 Den 18.2 x 12
  26. 26. The Amber Nook 13.2 x 9 Great Room 20 x 15.6 Kitchen 13.2 x 9.6 Master Bedroom 13.6 x 14.6 Deck 20 x 10
  27. 27. The Angelica Den 8.2 x 12 Great Room 16.8 x 16.4 Kitchen 12 x 9.6 Dining 12 x 8 Master Bedroom 12 x 14.5 Deck 16 x 12
  28. 28. The Armita Great Room 14.6 x 13.5 Kitchen 9.3 x 11.9 Dining 14 x 14.6 Breakfast 9.3 x 7.6 Master Bedroom 14.3 x 13 Deck 16 x 10
  29. 29. The Kiana Kitchen 12.8 x 21.7 Great Room 16 x 13 Master Bedroom 12 x 14.5 Deck 21.6 x 10
  30. 30. Reagan Shores Overview Phase 1 Now Selling!
  31. 31. Your Next Step: we’re here to help YOUR NEXT STEP: we’re here to help! So you’ve determined that you want to move but your excitement is overshadowed perhaps by what steps to take next. You ask yourself what to do first … In addition you know that often working out the timelines & dates in selling one home to move into another can sometimes be stressful on your own – don’t worry, we are here to help! The Developer of Reagan Shores has assembled an ‘ ALL STAR TEAM’ to assist you in all areas. MORTGAGE / FINANCIAL APPROVAL Verico is a full service mortgage company – offering you assistance with pre-approvals, and mortgage approvals. Perhaps you have some general questions regarding your finances……… Verico is here to help!  
  32. 32. Contact Info Sales and Marketing T.B. Jordyn Homes LTD Brendon Ewing President & CEO of Reagan Shores