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Location Business Summit 2012

  1. 1. Organized by: Register before AugustThe 4th Annual Location Business Summit USA 2012 24th and save save $300 Click here for registrationHyatt Place, San Jose October 16-17, 2012 informationHow to unlock – and monetize – the hear from our faculty of expert speakers Event Overviewpower of location based services bycreating a business strategy that is fine- Monetizationtuned to deliver significant new revenue Event at a GlanceThe biggest location based services event in the U.S. - bringing together developers and LBSservice providers, brands, retailers and the key decision makers in mobile marketing from acrossthe entire ecosystem. AgendaJoin the Mobile Revolution & Maximize Your Profits:>>Unbeatable Business Models: Understand the latest strategies for monetizing LBS – and why free services can still mean big profits Networking>>Location Based Marketing: Proven methods to target your audience effectively, maximize Opportunties conversion rates and the metrics that enable you to measure your return on investment>>Indoor Location: The rapid extension of mapping and navigating the ‘Great Indoors’ and Expert how your business can fully cash in Speakers>>‘Closing the Loop’: NFC,QR codes and other m-payment technologies that enable you to track the customer from first interaction to transaction – and how to select the most appropriate tools Register Now>>The Power of Data: Learn how to optimize the value of your data – expert advice on improving accuracy, turnaround, and quality>>Social Location: Capitalize on SoLoMo, and find out how to massively increase your reach Gold Sponsor: Badge Sponsor: and relevance by optimizing contextual data Click here to view the full agenda and list of speakers Æ
  2. 2. ‘The number of people who use “geosocial” location-based services like Foursquare has more than doubled in the last year’ Pew Internet & American Life Project ReportMonetization Once again, we will bring together senior executives from across the location ecosystem, revenue. Nokia and RIM have suffered massive losses this year. It certainly doesn’t pay to beThat’s what the 4th Annual Location Business all of them eager to compare experiences, complacent. And for every loser, there’s a ‘newSummit USA, 16 – 17 October 2012, is all discuss business-critical issues, pool their kid on the block’ ready to cash in.about! knowledge, identify potential partnerships and And then there’s retailers. While consumers – this year, more than ever before –discuss EventWith the global market for Location Based are already proving they love location monetization strategies OverviewServices starting to show strong growth right technologies, concerns over privacy, ROI and –across North America – and revenue now This is the event designed specifically to help frankly – a lack of understanding mean manyforecast to reach $10.3 billion by 2015 – three you pinpoint key LBS business models and businesses are still slow on the uptake.BIG questions remain to be answered: highlight services that can generate significant So how can you get the brands on side? Will Monetization revenue1. Where is the money coming from? location based advertising be the real money With our faculty of expert speakers drawn spinner? What other business opportunities2. ow fast will the killer business model H from LBS leaders that include Caesars are out there? Where is the real value in your emerge? Entertainment, Big 5 Sporting Goods, Time location data? All these questions – and many Event at a3. Who stands to profit most? Out North America, ATT, The Ritz-Carlton, more besides – will be fully answered. And that Glance General Motors, BMW, Sensewhere, Localeze means you’ll get a balanced perspective, alongThere are now over 100 million smartphone to name but a few, we’ll focus strongly on the with premium market intelligence and real-subscribers in the United States. With most key issues that are going to drive the market world advice.of these devices GPS enabled, the promise of Agenda forward – from indoor and social location tolocation based services industry has finally In short, The Location Business Summit USA marketing and consumer engagement - comecome to fruition. Couple this with the fact that will provide viable solutions to issues you’ve and pick the brains of companies that haveconsumers are finally embracing LBS, 95% of been grappling with, and enable you to fine- taken the location based leap, and are reapingsmart phone owners now use their phones to tune – or even draw up – powerful, revenue- Networking the rewards! Opportuntiesmake local decisions, it is clear that a genuine oriented strategies for 2012 and beyond.mobile revolution is underway. After all, with Google and Microsoft already Register today and be part of the latest mapping indoor venues, Apple positioned toBut it’s also the case that too many businesses debate around social location and discover enter the space, Facebook announcing its new Expertare lagging behind the curve: And meanwhile, the real value of your location data – all with location-based advertising products, plus so Speakerstheir more technologically astute rivals, are the focus firmly on claiming your share of the many start-ups and infrastructure providersstealthily but steadily beginning to gobble up growing revenues. already capitalizing on the explosive LBSmarket share. I look forward to meeting you in San Jose, market, it’s time to prepare for profit.Against this backdrop of mounting optimism 16 – 17 October 2012! Register Now You don’t need me to tell you it’s not all plaintempered by financial realities – and Best regards, sailing. The space continues to change, monthuncertainties – it is no real surprise that tickets on month. For example, tumbling sales of Aoife Gaffneyfor the 4th Annual Location Business Summit PNDs continue to eat away at TomTom’s Event directorUSA are already selling fast.Click here to view the full agenda and list of speakers Æ Next Æ
  3. 3. The Conference Will Focus On These Six Key Topics 1 2Location Based Marketing: Indoor Location: The MobileGetting your Ads Seen by the Shopping Revolution isRight People – Wherever they UnderwayHappen to Be It’s a fact that most people spend aroundApps are now fully-fledged media channels, 90% of their time indoors – which means Eventoffering a whole world of possibilities for indoor positioning offers significant potential Overview 3exposure. But with hundreds of thousands for the location based services (LBS) space.to choose from, and new ones appearing With Google, Microsoft and Micello now Data: Turning your Informationevery hour of every day, are these really the mapping venues, and the technologies finallybest avenues for exposure? In a world of into Cold Hard Cash – and Monetization coming of age, the door is wide open for in-fragmentation, what are the other solutions store mobile marketing, and a revolution in Avoiding Privacy Issuesout there - and how can you avoid just the way people shop is underway. But with Mobile allows you to collect a hugespamming your audience with digital junk? the industry giants so heavily involved, is amount of location data from users. NotCome and discover the metrics of location Event at a there still room for extra players? to mention people’s music preferences,based marketing and learn how to keep Glance Major US retailers have already implemented recommendations from websites, favoriteahead in an everchanging industry. web pages, and so forth. And given that indoor technologies in-store – and battleWhich channels are best suited for different lines have been firmly drawn in a fightback knowledge is power, the information youproducts? How do you get extra relevancy? against their online rivals with a variety collect is potentially an enormous asset. AgendaFind out what level of targeting is now easily of technologies, including WiFi, Bluetooth But with so much data now available forachievable, and pinpoint the technologies and assisted GPS, being touted as the ideal analysis, how do you single out – andthat can help you be findable and visible indoors solution. optimize – what’s really important and winin front of your target audience, no matter Networking the battle for quality over quantity? where they are and which device they happen But the picture is still changing, with the Opportuntiesto be using. likelihood that one size won’t fit all, and And then there are all the privacy issues. choice will come down to individual company Have you figured out the safest way toWe’ll show you why being context-aware needs that include in-store product search, collect, store and deliver your data withoutis paramount, how to know where your Expert aisle-by-aisle navigation, and product breaching any privacy legislation?audience is, and the most appropriate ways Speakers recommendations based on individualto target them with must-have information. With so many companies offering to preferences or past behavior. aggregate or enhance your data and show you how to harness it to your marketing and brand loyalty programs, you’ll come away Register Now“The event was a good collection of perspectives of the business and monetization aspects of the LBS space. Very interesting, especially to get a chance to view so from the Conference with a clear picture of how to squeeze more revenue from your data many up and comers and new entrants who are spurring innovations in this area” without alienating your customers. Sati Banjeree, Technology Strategist, Intel CorportaionClick here to view the full agenda and list of speakers Æ Å Previous Next Æ
  4. 4. The Conference Will Focus On These Six Key Topics 4 5 6 Consumer Engagement: Closing the Loop: Connecting Mobile Navigation: The Walking the Line Between Online and Offline Activity – and Changing Landscape Compelling – and Creepy Reaping the Rewards Free navigation services on the mobile have signalled the end of America’s love With so much competition in the LBS space, At The Location Business Summit USA, you’ll affair with the PND. Event customer engagement is vital. You’re aiming learn about the most effective ways to ‘close Overview to create a personalized, ongoing customer the loop’ between an online promotion and an With TomTom licensing data to Apple, dialogue that keep you and your brands in-store point of sale. and NAVTEQ now part of Nokia, the front-of-mind. That’s a tall order in itself – opportunity for map and content We’ll show you the easiest way to track especially when you consider the necessity to providers is expanding rapidly into other Monetization customers from the moment they get your stave off the ‘creepy factor’. avenues, most of which are mobile. marketing communications right through to At the Conference, you’ll examine the most their transactions – and highlight the wealth But as the mobile takes over from popular incentives to persuade people to keep of valuable data you’ll generate along the traditional PNDs, where is the revenue going to come from? Event at a LBS switched on – including couponing, daily way. Or to put it another way, you’ll be able Glance deals and QR codes – that offer value for the to demonstrate ROI from your marketing Are drivers a good target for in-car user, and tread the fine line between engaging campaigns and profit from behavioral analytics advertising? Is the car ready to be a and annoying. that illustrate the impact of your strategies on platform for the social revolution? Which mobile users. connected car technologies will lead the Agenda You’ll also get up-to-speed with the latest tools and techniques for LBS customer You’ll also hear the latest about the latest way for the driver experience? How will engagement: From augmented reality to technological news and forecasts: Is it NFC the mobile adapt to drivers in the future? scavenger hunts, new ideas are appearing that’s going to drive this? Or will the next And with Siri promising to be speaking almost every day. Which are worth closer stage in mobile payments be facilitated by to us through our car speakers, is voice Networking investigation? And which are passing fads? scavenger hunts? Or perhaps ‘closing the loop’ recognition the next big thing in the car? Opportunties Our experts will help you assess what’s out will revolve around the digital wallet, where So many questions. And all there, and how you can take advantage. multiple mobile payments solutions come together? the answers at The Location Expert Business Summit USA. Speakers Come and find out what our experts think will happen next – and the likely timescale. Reserve your place today. Register Now “The summit provided good insight into the views and industry leaders as to the issues and roadmaps facing the industry” Mark Shepard, Senior Commercial Manager, SensisClick here to view the full agenda and list of speakers Æ Å Previous Next Æ
  5. 5. Day 1 - October 16 - 9am-7pmCase -Study Panel Debate Find Out How Big 5 Sporting Goods Future Prospects for Consumer Is Using Couponing To Increase Foot Engagement In a Location-Enabled World Traffic And Encourage Brand Loyalty • Golden rules that will tempt and persuade people• A practical snapshot of the mobile marketing to disclose their location – and what you absolutely Event landscape from a retailers point of view must not do Overview• Understand the retailer conundrum; what to • Couponing and mobile rewards: What kind of offers do, when to do it and how to evaluate mobile incentivize consumers to engage in location based initiatives services whilst simultaneously enhancing brand loyalty• Decide if mobile couponing is right for your Monetization brand and exploit this growing trend • Going beyond location: How to create a holisticRikke Alderson, Director Digital Marketing, customer experience by drawing on the full range of Presentation mobile technologiesBig 5 Sporting Goods Corporation • Innovative ways to incorporate augmented reality into The Answer to Indoor Positioning: An Expert Guide to the Technologies Event at aCase-Study your location-aware campaigns and services Glance David Teichner, CEO, Yowza!! Which Enable Indoor Location. The Role of Location Based Services Scott Gatz, CEO, Gaycities • Bringing the social network indoors: for a Multi-Location Brand Extend your social reach for a fully integrated• Find out about Cinnabon’s SoLoMo efforts over Networking Coffee Break indoor experience Agenda the past year; see the results they have had, • Learn how to make the most out of micro and discover how this has impacted their future Presentations and Panel Debate advertising to increase your business profits strategy Avoid Data Overload: Understand Where • Hear successful case-studies on the use of a• Understand how multi-location brands can The Real Value of Geo Data Lies commercial indoor application, and find out Networking achieve complete accuracy, specifically how specific challenges are being overcome. Opportunties eliminating inaccurate geo-codes and duplicate • Practical information on the best ways to obtain, store and deliver data in a fragmented industry, to Rob Palfreyman, CEO Co-founder, Sensewhere venues which represent a huge barrier to customer engagement increase efficiency and stay competitive Networking Coffee Break Expert• Listen to innovative methods on how to increase • Determine how delivery and usage of location data consumer engagement and venue optimization is changing for optimum efficiency and productivity Speakers• Find out how Cinnabon brought about a 650% • Learn how to optimize big data to overcome the increase in consumer engagement levels quality vs. quantity battle over 8 months and put these strategies to use • Improve accuracy, turnaround, data quality and data immediately delivery to provide the best location offering and see Register NowRachel Hadley, PR/Corp Comm Manager, Cinnabon maximum ROI on your solution David Peterson, CEO, Sense Networks Brian Wool, VP of Content Distribution, Localeze Networking Roundtable LunchClick here to view the full agenda and list of speakers Æ Next Æ
  6. 6. Day 1 cont... Day 2 - October 17 - 9am-5pmPresentations and Panel Debate Panel Debate Case-Study Opening up the Indoors for Location Capitalizing on Location: Turning LBS Next Level Geo-location and Content Services into Profit Optimization: Learn How to Increase• With Apple, Google and Nokia all making strides • Free vs. Premium vs. Freemium: Which model Relevancy and Consumer Engagement – and serious investment – indoors, will this is best equipped to deliver maximum revenue • Discover how to utilize Mobile Web, Smartphone turn out to be the Holy Grail for LBS? to your business? Event Application and LBS social services to maximize• Wi-Fi, RFI, or Bluetooth: Analyze the prime Overview • Fight the free monster: Understand how to guest engagement and increase sales. technologies that facilitate indoor positioning, add the type of value – and content – that • Hear strategies used to overcome LBS and compare – and contrast – the infrastructure makes consumers eager to pay challenges when activating location-based requirements • Revenue optimization: How to achieve platforms on a global scale.• Incorporate your own content into indoor Monetization mapping solutions and understand how to maximum revenue from your existing user • KPI selection, content effectiveness and dominate the indoor consumer experience network – what else should you do? measuring mobile engagement - benefit• Uncover the marketing potential of indoor • Sponsorship, lead generation or affiliate from best practices in user engagement and location: Effective use of proximity advertising revenue: Identify the most appropriate niches reception. Event at a to entice prospective customers in the LBS ecosystem and ensure your • Insights as to how The Ritz-Carlton is leveraging Glance• From indoors to outside – and back again: How business plays to its strengths expertise at the local (hotel) level to create to create a seamless user experience advanced location-based services and content. • Vertical markets: Gets to grips with the• Can the crowd-sourced model work for the verticals that offer your business the highest • Merging mobile and social: learn from real life indoor space as well as it has outdoors – or examples of how LBS and social platforms can Agenda potential profit – special focus on retail, are verified maps the only genuinely reliable be used together. consumer packaged goods, automotive solution? and travel Christoph Heyn, Corporate Manager, E-CommerceAnkit Agarwal, CEO, Micello Marketing, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company Igor Glubochansky, Executive Director, AdvancedJosh Marti, CEO, Point Inside mobility Solutions, ATT Networking Coffee Break NetworkingRich Kang, Director of Innovation, Opportunties Josh Marti, CEO, Point InsideCaesars Entertainment Corporation Presentations and Panel Debate Understand How Brands can Integrate Location Based Marketing and Expert Speakers Demonstrate ROI • Bridge the communications gap between brands, agencies and technology providers to deliver effective solutions that are easy to Register Now monitor and measure • The reality of targeted advertising: Analyze SMS, check-in and geo-fencing, and determine which are the most viable solutions for your businessClick here to view the full agenda and list of speakers Æ Å Previous Next Æ
  7. 7. Day 2 cont...Presentations and Panel Debate cont... Presentation Panel Debate• Bring contextual relevancy and personalization into LBS Gaming and Augmented Death of the PND: What Does it Mean for the your LBS campaign – and measure the increase in your conversion rates Reality: Another Monetization LBS Industry?• Connect the dots: How difficult is it to provide a Strategy? • Which other verticals can map and content providers fully integrated and connected experience for the • Reach the full potential of LBS successfully target to replace declining PND sales? user, and how is the picture changing? gamification: Get to grips with • Optimize content delivery from the mobile to the car: Expert Event• Partnerships: Select the best people to help you working business models and analysis on technologies that support the connected car Overview maximize your exposure across a fragmented capitalize from other players’ • The social revolution inside the car and the importance of ecosystem experiences local search: How will the mobile adapt to driver needs?• Keep your users on-side: How to build contextual, • Hear real life examples of how • Voice recognition and personal assistants: Are these the socially-relevant consumer profiles without LBS gaming can drive mobility to next plateau for in-car navigation? Monetization alienating the people you need to monitor sponsored locations for virtual and • How to engage drivers effectively – without risking Surojit Chatterjee, Head of Global Mobile Search Ads physical prizes. their safetyProduct, Google • Discover how AR can be used • Pinpoint location enabled advertising opportunities as the as a vision-based interaction for Event at aAmber Case, CEO Founder, Geoloqi car becomes an LBS platform brands at certain locations, turning GlanceEli Portnoy, CEO Co Founder, Think Near Andreas Winkler, Senior Advanced Technology Officer, everyday consumer items into BMW Technology OfficeJanet Caputo, Social Media Marketing Director, triggers for rewards.Time Out North America Di-Ann Eisnor, VP Community Geographer, Waze Brian Selzer, President Co-Founder, Agenda Frankie James, Staff Researcher, General MotorsPresentation Ogmento Mike Ghaffary, Director of Business Development, Yelp ‘Close the Loop’ Technologies that Presentation Facilitate Advanced Tracking and Analytics Presentation Discover the Full Potential Networking• Understand the benefits of ‘closing the loop’ in of Proximity for 2012 and A Market Overview on the Evolution of Driver Opportunties respect of data collection and consumer analytics Beyond Navigation• How to leverage mobile for multi-channel payment • Understand how PND makers have failed to react to the solutions • Find out how to utilise social and location data to create value and threat posed by smartphones, and how automotive OEMs Expert• NFC, the digital wallet and SMS payments: Analyze will respond to this threat which mobile payment technology is best suited personalized experiences. Speakers • The implications of proximity and • Friend or foe? Determine the implications of Apple, to seal the deal for your location based marketing Google, and Microsoft entering the automotive space and campaigns reality; comparing the value of who is here now vs. who people actually what this means for your business• Coupon and reward redemption: From distribution • Become an expert in the differentiating features of car and to transaction – how can you best take advantage of spend their time with. Register Now • Get to grips with the interactions pedestrian mobile navigation. this next stage in mobile payments? and opportunities presented by • Innovative methods to monetize without distracting driversSpeakers for this session to be confirmed, please check in a connected vehicle, and find out what consumers really temporal proximity networks. here for further updates think about voice recognition Brett Martin, CEO Co-founder, Sonar Networking Roundtable Lunch John Canali, Senior Analyst, Strategy AnalyticsClick here to view the full agenda and list of speakers Æ Å Previous Next Æ
  8. 8. Networking Opportunities You Cannot Afford To MissThe Location Business Summit unites Tech Providers, Developers, Agencies, Map Content Providers, Brands Retailers,and the WHOLE MOBILE ECOSYSTEM for one simple reason – Because now, more than ever, mobile initiatives in retail relyon forming cross-industry partnerships. And at this event our ample networking creates a perfect platform for you to meetthe right people and set those partnerships in motion. Event OverviewPre-event networking Evening NetworkingFrom Mobile LBS to navigation to At the end of an information-location analytics to crowd sourcing; packed first day this informal Monetizationour community members are the reception is the perfectworld’s leading location experts opportunity for you to meet yourfrom across multiple industries. fellow attendees, see the products Event at a GlanceMaking meetings has never been on offer and discuss the issueseasier, with the exclusive online that have been raised.networking service that you will be Conference Agendaable to access to 2 weeks before the networking Exhibitionevent. You can see who is attending, Our ample networking breaks give networkingsend networking requests, make you more time to walk the floor, Networking Our intimate exhibition area givesappointments with attendees, find talk to people that matter and Opportunties you space to meet the servicedelegates by a range of criteria, add build relationships for long term providers that will help takeimportant people to a key contacts success. You will have 20+ hours your business to the next level, Expertlist and easily locate sponsors and of valuable networking time, so you Speakers as well as providing an informalexhibitors…all before you even arrive can plan your time effectively to networking area.at the conference. have those important meetings andIt’s a perfect way to break the ice and take full advantage of the coffee Register Nowmake sure you hit the ground running and lunch breaks. Space is very limited in thewhen you meet at the show! exhibition hall. For more information on exhibiting or sponsoring click here to email David Murdoch.Click here to view the full agenda and list of speakers Æ
  9. 9. Top speakers from tech providers, retailers and marketing agencies A wealth of knowledge provided by 25+ industry innovators… Hear from these Top Brands Rikke Alderson, Rikke Alderson, Mike Ghaffary, John Canali, Di-Ann Eisnor, Director Digital Marketing, Director Digital Director of Senior Analyst, VP Community Big 5 Sporting Goods CorporationMarketing, Business Strategy Analytics Geographer, EventBig 5 Sporting Development, Waze Overview Rob Palfreyman, Rachel Hadley, Goods Corporation Yelp CEO Co-Founder, Amber Case, PR/Corp Comm Manager, Rachel Hadley, Igor Glubochansky, Sensewhere CEO CinnabonPR/Corp Comm Executive Director, Co-Founder, Monetization Scott Gatz,Manager, Advanced Mobility Geoloqi Christoph Heyn, CEO Founder, Corporate Manager of Cinnabon Solutions, ATT GayCities Andy Steuer, E-Commerce Marketing, Christoph Heyn, Rich Kang, CEO The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company Event at a Ankit Agarwal, GlanceCorporate Manager Director, Director of Co-Founder, CEO,of E-Commerce Innovation, Punchard Rich Kang, Micello Director, Director of Innovation, Marketing, Caesars Eli Portnoy, Caesars Entertainment Corporation AgendaThe Ritz Carlton Entertainment Josh Marti, CEO Hotel Company Corporation CEO Co-Founder, Co-Founder, PointInside Janet Caputo, Janet Caputo, Andreas Winkler, Think Near Social Media Marketing Director, NetworkingSocial Media Senior Advanced David Teichner, Time Out North America Opportunties Brian Selzer,Marketing Director, Technology CEO, President,Time Out North Engineer, Yowza!! Co-Founder, Andreas Winkler, America BMW Group Expert David Peterson, Ogmento Senior Advanced Technology Engineer, Technology Office BMW Group Technology Office SpeakersSurojit Chatterjee, CEO, Brian Wool,Head of Global Frankie James, Sense Networks VP of ContentMobile Search Ads Staff Researcher, Frankie James, Brett Martin, Distribution, Register NowProduct, General Motors Staff Researcher, CEO Co-Founder, Localeze General MotorsGoogle Sonar …. And this is just the start, more speakers are being added every day Click here for an updated version of the speaker list Æ
  10. 10. The Location Business Summit USA save $300Hyatt Place, San Jose October 16-17, 2012 register before FRIDAY 24TH 2012 Click here toDon’t miss out, register online here now register now YOUR CHOICE OF REGISTRATION Event Overview Super Early Early Bird Normal Price Price REGISTER NOW!Book now to avoid Bird Pricedisappointment Book before Book before Book before 5 EASY WAYS TO REGISTER Friday 24th August 2012 Friday 21st August 2012 Monetization Friday 21st August 2012 SAVE $300 SAVE $100 @ EMAIL:Gold Pass oife@mformobile.com a2 day conference pass with your full contact details $1395 $1595 $1795 Event at aAccess to post conferencerecordings 8 ONLINE: Glance Click here to register onlineSilver Pass $1295 $1495 $16952 day conference pass * Mail: Agenda Mail this form toRetailer Pass* $499 $699 $799 M For Mobile, 7-9 Fashion Street, *This pass is only available to genuine retailers/CPG. Any registrations that do not qualify as this category will automatically London, E1 6PX, be upgraded to a silver pass Networking United Kingdom OpportuntiesRegister for a Gold Pass and receive the AUDIO stream too! CANCELLATIONS: 2 Fax: lick here C Cancellations before Monday 17th September 2012 will incur an administrative charge of 25%. for our fax back form ExpertGROUP DISCOUNTS: If you cancel your registration after Monday 17th Speakers September 2012 we will be obliged to charge you ( CALL:Booking you and a colleague means you could save even more! the full fee. Please note - you must notify M for Mobile Call the booking line onPlease email aoife@mformobile.com to see if you are eligible for a in writing of a cancellation, or we will be obliged to +44 (0) 207 375 7521group discount! charge you the full fee. The organisers reserve the right to make changes to the programme without Register NowACCOMODATION: notice. FC Business Intelligence Limited takes every care to ensure that prices quoted are correct at timeWe have arranged a discounted room rate at The Hyatt Place, San of publishing however; bookings will only be acceptedJose and reservation details will be sent to you when you register. It if there is no material error in the price advertised on Click here for ouris recommended that you book early to take advantage of this offer as the website. fax back formrooms do sell out! Designed by www.thecreativetree.co.ukCLICK HERE to register now and benefit from early-bird discounts Æ
  11. 11. The Location Business Summit USA save $300Hyatt Place, San Jose October 16-17, 2012 register before FRIDAY 24TH 2012 Click here toDon’t miss out, register online here now register now FAX THIS FORM BACK TO OR SCAN AND EMAIL TO Event +44 (0) 207 375 7521 aoife@mformobile.com Overview Enter Attendee details - photocopy this form for multiple registrations MonetizationMr/Mrs/Ms/Dr: First name: Last name: Company: Position/Title: Event at a GlanceTelephone: Fax: Email: AgendaAddress: Postcode: Country: Networking Payment Options - choose one of the following payment options Opportunties I enclose a check/draft for: Credit card number: Expert (Payable to FC Business Intelligence Ltd) Expiry date: Speakers Please invoice my company: Security number: Purchase Order Number: Name on card: Register Now Please charge my credit card: Signature: Amex Visa Mastercard I agree to the terms and conditions (click here to view) NB: full payment must be received before the event.Call the booking line on +44 (0) 207 375 7521 to reserve your place today!