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txtme007 student engagement

txtme007 student engagement

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Loved the discussion and reflection by teachers. The images of students all holding their mobile phones with big grins are absolute treasures. Inspirational.

    Cheers Viv<br /><br/>
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  • 1. TxTme Please have your mobile phone turned ON and on the table
  • 2. TxTme
    • Introduction
    • Student participation
    • Tools used for project
    • Team members share ideas
    • Questions/discussion
    NOTE Sound times refer to podcasts on our wiki:
  • 3. 1. Introduction
    • Initial Survey of NSW AMEP students at one center
    • 1. Do you own a mobile phone?
    • 2. Do you use SMS?
    • over 80% students responded yes to both
    • started an initial trial of SMS with 100 students
    • Our Learnscope project widened the trial to include:
    • all NSW AMES Sydney centers,
    • classroom teachers and students
    • Distance Learning - OTEN
    • rural and remote teachers and students
    6 mins Stephen
  • 4. 2. Project AIM - to include our students
    • Project manager
    • Highlight of project
    • Adult learners Week event 84 students using English and exploring their mobile phones.
  • 5. Evaluation of Adult learners’ Week Event
    • Dot, Toni and Louis discuss the 2 m-learning sessions.
    • 6 mins
  • 6.  
  • 7.  
  • 8.  
  • 9.  
  • 10. Moblogging – what fun!!
  • 11. 3. Tools used during project
    • telstra sms program
    • sms can be sent and read on any computer
    • sms can be sent to individual mobiles or bulk sends to many at once
    • sms can be sent automatically and include mail merge information
    • Wikis
    • – free, easy to set up and use
    • used for student and teacher collaboration, communication and resources storage and access
    • Moblog
    • used to instantly capture excursions, events, procedures, proof of skills
    • can be edited and added to
  • 12. 4. Team members share ideas
  • 13. Admin team members
    • Started year having never used SMS
    • Now updating personal mobile to be able to use with SMS and MMS
    • Can see use and potential for SMS for AMEP Admin staff
    • Advice:
    • Important to plan managing the use of SMS carefully to be effective
    4 mins
  • 14. Admin team members
    • Advice
    • user friendly messages
    • short, friendly language
    • not threatening demanding language
    • need to clearly specify at the top of the message who is sending it
    2 mins
  • 15. Distance Learning Team
    • Started year with borrowed mobile
    • Project Focus:
    • to enhance contact with rural and isolated students
    • found that most students have mobile phones
    • although coverage might be an issue for some
    • Next:
    • Start to include rural and remote teachers using mobiles and a wiki for PD, sharing ideas
    • Advice:
    • keep sms message succinct
    • important info should be at beginning of message
    • message should fit on one screen - no scrolling
    4 mins
  • 16. Distance Learning Team
    • Keen to learn more about moblogging
    • Advice
    • follow up on sms messages sent out
    • respond quickly like an email
    1 min
  • 17. Distance Learning Team
    • As well as using sms for admin purposes:
    • we have run a PD session for our teachers in using both mobile technology and our new wiki
    • Next
    • Encourage active use of these for PD planning and knowledge and resources sharing
  • 18. Classroom teachers
    • Very experienced with personal use of SMS
    • Project goal was to use SMS with low level students - CSWE 1 and 2
    • 23 students in evening class
    • age range 20 - 40
    • most working
    • all had mobile phones
    • most had used sms in own languages, 2 hadn't sent sms
    • all wanted to participate in this project
    • survey and permission note discussed – see handout
    • First activity
    • students sent a one word sms - 'Bankstown' to sms program
    • they all received an instant sms with the address of the center
    • Advice
    • text sms to a collegue to trial it before sending to students
    • check that wording says what you want it to say
    • make sure sms identifies sender clearly
    6 mins
  • 19. Classroom teachers
    • Project goal
    • Use sms and wiki with with a range of students
    • AMEP Jobseekers
    • TAFE ABE and Disabilities students
    1 min
  • 20. To Do NOW !!!!!
    • Pls txt or ring
    • Dot
    • on
    • 0418640086
    • to meet and discuss
    • the project
  • 21. 5. Questions/discussion
    • You can also write to us on our wiki: