5 ideas to integrate your email and online experience


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Want to boost your email effectiveness? Tie your email and website together to expand your reach and create a more personalized customer experience. Don’t just hit send – maximize your email investment. Walk away with 5 ideas to integrate your email program and website today – from simple ideas for marketing novices to more advanced concepts. Plus, take home our handy ‘Ideas to Integrate’ checklist, featuring our top 5 ideas for developing a cohesive online experience for your customers.

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5 ideas to integrate your email and online experience

  1. 1. 5 Ideas to IntegrateYour Email + Online Experience Peter Bergen, Dan Caro, + Bill Haskitt @whereoware
  2. 2. Whereoware: who we are Creating engaging emails, websites,+ mobile applications The stats: 15 years in the business Silverpop Platinum Partner 2013 consulting partner of the year 2011 agency partner of the year 18 Silverpop-certified email specialists 3 full time email designers Over 50 email clients 1100 individual marketing campaigns sent byWhereoware last year certified partner
  3. 3. A few of our clients
  4. 4. The 5 ways
  5. 5. Email signup Is your email signup near the top of your website? Are you using a popover? Do you offer a clear value proposition? Can you deliver on the information you are requesting? Is your confirmation page optimized? Is an autoreply email tied to your email signup? Does the autoreply email follow through on your value proposition? Are you continually testing and optimizing your email signup process?
  6. 6. = $1000 lifetime value = $200
  7. 7. Landing pages Do your email and landing page have consistent aesthetic? Does your landing page follow a logical thought sequence? Does your landing page follow through on your email’s value proposition? Does your landing page offer a clear value proposition? Is your conversion process easy? Is the call-to-action clear? Are you continuously testing and optimizing your landing page?
  8. 8. Making it mobile friendly Does your analytics tool indicate that you need a mobile solution? If your website is mobile-friendly, does your email match? (and vice versa?) Is your font large enough to see, even if resized (at least 14 pt)? Is your call-to-action touch-friendly (at least 44 x 44px)? Is your message streamlined to reduce text? Is your message modified for mobile users? Are you continually testing and optimizing your mobile experience?
  9. 9. Look at your stats
  10. 10. Mobile friendly email design Streamlined messaging Larger font size Single column design Touch-friendly CTA
  11. 11. Same applies to websites
  12. 12. Same applies to websites Larger font size Single column design Touch-friendly CTA
  13. 13. Web behavior + purchase data Is SPOP web tracking code on your site? Is your purchase data integrated into your marketing database? Did you identify actionable customer behaviors? Did you pinpoint key segments in your database? Did you map out your campaign and/or visitor flow?
  14. 14. Neutral Page
  15. 15. Looking at the data
  16. 16. Mapping out the campaign 39 Purchased wedding products Wedding essentials Wedding nurturing Wedding favors Bridal party gifts Thank you cards Friend’s wedding nurturing Bridal shower invites Shower tableware Bach. invites Bach. tableware Wedding gifts Your wedding? Clickedon wedding link Yes No 7 days 6 weeks 3 weeks 7 days 7 days 7 days 7 days 7 days 7 days The key segments: Brides and/or bride’s friends
  17. 17. Adding email data to it
  18. 18. Wedding
  19. 19. Bridal ShowerWebVisit
  20. 20. Friend’s wedding
  21. 21. Stepping it up a notch with… Web tracking events iFrames Smart content Universal behaviors Relational tables
  22. 22. Web tracking: custom event
  23. 23. Dynamic content features products based on the gender stored with an SPOP custom event
  24. 24. Key takeaways • Start off with the basics  Email signup prominently on the website  Welcome email drives users back to the website • Look through your analytics to find  Mobile trends  Traffic trends • Can’t get your data? Use email to collect the info you need
  25. 25. Thursday: 1:15-2:00 – A703/704 Thursday: 1:15-2:00 – Atrium BC
  26. 26. Bill Haskitt bhaskitt@whereoware.com 703-889-1212 Website: www.whereoware.com Twitter: @whereoware Facebook: www.facebook.com/whereoware Blog: www.whereoware.com/blog get in touch