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Quick trends eco_in_corporate_products_wwm


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Overview of ecologically themed landscape as it pertains to corporate entry into category, specifically deodorant but applies for any mass corporate manufacturer / marketer wanting to venture into …

Overview of ecologically themed landscape as it pertains to corporate entry into category, specifically deodorant but applies for any mass corporate manufacturer / marketer wanting to venture into this area and still be authentic / not fraudulent.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Chauncey Zalkin 2010 © The antiperspirant challenge - a natural approach
  • 2. Chauncey Zalkin 2010 © Mel Gibson in the 2000 film, What Women Want If we start by asking the question what will appeal to women, we run the risk of relegating ourselves to the role of copycats chasing trends - a ‘me too’ proposition.
  • 3. Chauncey Zalkin 2010 © Or worse, greenwashing to make a profit.
  • 4. Chauncey Zalkin 2010 © These are what the industry term the “Seven Sins of Greenwashing”
  • 5. Chauncey Zalkin 2010 © To avoid these sins, give an oath of absolute transparency. (Its also very appealing to women. All we ever really want is honesty in our relationships.)
  • 6. Chauncey Zalkin 2010 © Cut a wide swath through various categories. To inspire a truly unique product and position, look at the following: sustainabilitycultural trends science legacy
  • 7. Chauncey Zalkin 2010 © Starting from the ground up
  • 8. Chauncey Zalkin 2010 © The headlines read… “the Brazilian Cosmetics Market which is one of the most explosive markets at the moment” “Artificial additives have become "contemporary villains" and synthetic flavors are no longer acceptable to consumers, according to a new market report.” “Based on LPK Beauty Group’s research with retailers and consumers, C2C products and packaging do indeed gain the attention of both groups.” “Attractive combinations of health benefits and exotic tastes constitute a trend expected to thrive in the New Year.” “Aseptic ingredients can help beverage manufacturers tap into the growing trend for natural products” “Rising levels of interest in very hot products are being reported, with major brands such as Pringles launching Extreme Flavors.” “It is no longer enough to simply create a product with a regional positioning; the product should be based on ingredients from that region and ideally even be produced there.”
  • 9. Chauncey Zalkin 2010 © Health infused products “Camu-camu fruit from the Amazon rainforest in Brazil and Peru has an extraordinary amount of natural vitamin C, about 2g per 100g of fruit.”- The darlings du jour of the grocery department, superfruits are jumping the aisle to become the next personal care star. - Cosmeceuticals Take on Superfruits, Natural Food Merchandiser.
  • 10. Chauncey Zalkin 2010 © Retail Category Leaders in Natural Consumption Brand Category Leaders
  • 11. Chauncey Zalkin 2010 © Leaders and Newcomers *(Jason, Nature’s Gate, Peelu, Kiss My Face - all recommended on and all but Peelu, who is not in their database, scored 7.0 and above in ratings *praised in all of the hip fashion blogs (Revolution Organics) “The true ‘revolutionary’ thing about our products is that they are all multi- tasking. They do more so you can use less.” *(Aveda’s) newfound company-wide Cradle-to- Cradle (C2C) certification. C2C certification, awarded by design firm McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry, is an independent measurement that recognizes companies' achievements in removing waste entirely from a product's equation. That means using renewable energy, compostable or recyclable packaging, sustainable production processes--anything that reduces a product's impact on the planet.- FastCompany 2010
  • 12. Chauncey Zalkin 2010 © Speak to consumers concerns, Educate, Be Human. -> what trader joe’s calls its nutritional supplements Look at global trends and innovative solutions proliferating everywhere>
  • 13. Chauncey Zalkin 2010 © •organic farming and natural products •ecologically sustainable practices in product, packaging, distribution, •tradition - ancient medicinal properties of plants •Local global - look at community action •Sustainable design •Social concerns This is what concerned consumers care about now
  • 14. Chauncey Zalkin 2010 © Consumers care about the provenance of product. In spite of the US’s lack of official participation in the Kyoto Protocol, Americans spent more than US$ 54 million on offsets last year alone, proving with their actions and pocketbooks that climate issues are a very serious concern, even without government support. So companies must pay attention and realize their consumers are highly educated and personally invested in environmental reform. article Harvard Business Review reports on these two Transparency Ratings Systems: Organic Foods are the fastest growing food segment in the United states, having grown from $11 billion in sales in the United States in 2001 to more than $20 billion today. And who’s tracking? In addition to more pressure on government regulation.. ⇓ ⇓
  • 15. Chauncey Zalkin 2010 © Now the big FMCG companies are doing everything they can to create sustainable, environmentally sound products so that they can be transparent companies -->Launched by this Spring Built in house, very successful
  • 16. Chauncey Zalkin 2010 © • Colgate Palmolive acquires Tom of Maine • Clorox acquires Burt’s Bees
  • 17. Chauncey Zalkin 2010 © Good companies that grow Preserve Products has been a leader in recycling plastics to use in their hygene like toothbrushes and razors. After years spent making personal care products…expanded its offerings to include a line of kitchen products. Their Everyday Tableware line, which was recently launched in Target as part of its back-to-college promotion
  • 18. Chauncey Zalkin 2010 © And Eco grows on all platforms as demand for cradle to grave grows T-Mobile introduces Green Perks, a free downloadable application that delivers exclusive discounts on green products and services directly to your phone. Just scroll through the offers on your phone, flash your Green Perks coupon when you check out, and you’re done. Featured offers include a 20% discount off Method home care and personal care products, as well as Jamba Juice, Quiksilver and Volcom. Carbon counters Air purifierT-Mobile, Green Perk alerts you to green dealas