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Kiar Olson and Dana VanDen Heuvel shared some best social media cases featuring both local and national brands.

Kiar Olson and Dana VanDen Heuvel shared some best social media cases featuring both local and national brands.

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  • 1. Social Media Case Studies Dana VanDen Heuvel - MarketingSavant Kiar Olson – Element Creative
  • 2. Cases • Martell Home Builders • Goodwill, Washington D.C. • Nicolet National Bank • Comcast • Indium
  • 3. Toolkit Blog Facebook fan page YouTube Videos Twitter stream SmugMug photos* Martell Home Builders uses social media to connect with home buyers
  • 4. Martell Home Builders 3 Lessons: 1) Be Transparent 2) Holistic Strategy 3) Human Relationships
  • 5. Toolkit Blog Facebook fan page YouTube Videos Twitter stream eBay sales page Goodwill uses social media to increase sales of its high-end merchandise
  • 6. Goodwill of Greater Washington 3 Lessons: 1) Incorporate Into Marketing Strategy 2) Regional Execution 3) Entertainment + Trust = Desire to Shop
  • 7. Toolkit Blog Twitter (rates) RSS feeds Podcasts Business Pulse (thought leadership) Nicolet uses a blog and social media to educate and connect with their tribe
  • 8. Nicolet National Bank 3 Lessons: 1) Unfiltered Conversation 2) Content Matters 3) Education = Trust
  • 9. Comcast Cares…Because This Guy Didn’t…
  • 10. Toolkit Twitter Blogs Social Media Listening Customer Service YouTube Videos Comcast uses social media to take care of it’s most vocal customers
  • 11. Comcast Cares 3 Lessons: 1) Listen Intently, React Immediately 2) Educate The Team (Internally) 3) Social Media Success + PR = Momentum
  • 12. Toolkit Blogs (10 of them) Video RSS feeds LinkedIn Flickr Indium employs social media to generate leads for electronic assembly components
  • 13. Indium 3 Lessons: 1) Focus on Specific Content 2) Start Small With Commitment 3) Create Dialog Where None Exists
  • 14. Whatever the social media monitor solution, one thing is clear: As control of a brand's marketing messages-and-,indeed, it's very image- continues to migrate from tradition media to social media, companies need to become increasingly adept at paying attention to how they're being perceived in the online world. And they need to be able to respond accordingly, based on the insights they gain. - Aberdeen Tropicana unit sales decreased by 20% after they implemented the packaging change. The company received a number of passionate outcries regarding the change in packaging. He stated that although the complaints came from “a fraction of a percent of the people who buy [Tropicana],” they were from the brand’s “most loyal consumers.” Consequently, after less than two months on the market, Tropicana announced it was pulling its new “Squeeze” packaging.
  • 15. “Rahodeb” • Unethical, covert blogging by Whole Foods CEO John Mackey • According to FTC documents, Mackey had been posting comments for the past eight years until last August. • Accused of hyping his own company's stock and running down rivals. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB118454129429667079.html?mod=opinion_main_review_and_outlooks
  • 16. Other Notable Disasters
  • 17. But like fighting fire with fire, Domino's smartly chose to fight their social media nightmare using social media. Patrick Doyle, president of Domino's USA, quickly posted a video response to the quot;Disgusting Domino's Pizza Employeesquot; video on YouTube and setup a Twitter account (@dpzinfo) answer questions from concerned customers. As a result, Domino's is being praised for their actions and might be able to spin this public relations disaster into something slightly positive.
  • 18. “Content is the new democracy and we the people, are ensuring that our voices are heard.” Brian Solis, “The Social Media Manifesto”
  • 19. Social Media Case Studies Dana VanDen Heuvel - MarketingSavant Kiar Olson – Element Creative