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Ch 11.4
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Ch 11.4


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World History: The Human Journey - Modern World

World History: The Human Journey - Modern World

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  • 1. CHAPTER 11 Enlightenment and Revolution in England and America Section 1: Civil War and Revolution Section 2: Constitutional Monarchy in England Section 3: English Colonial Expansion Section 4: The Enlightenment Section 5: The American Revolution
  • 2. SECTION 4 The Enlightenment Bell Ringer 11.4: Create a chart that details the beliefs of Enlightenment philosophers. Diderot Montesquieu Voltaire Rousseau
  • 3. SECTION 4 The Enlightenment 1700s Age of Enlightenment Reason Logic Scientific Method Rationalism
  • 4. SECTION 4 The Enlightenment Natural Law Just as nature is governed by laws so is human nature. Deism
  • 5. SECTION 4 The Enlightenment Philosophes Critics of society Wrote books, plays, pamphlets, and newspapers
  • 6. SECTION 4 The Enlightenment Salon
  • 7. SECTION 4 The Enlightenment Diderot
  • 8. SECTION 4 The Enlightenment Montesquieu Spirit of the Laws 1748
  • 9. SECTION 4 The Enlightenment • Described the perfect gov’t • Checks and balances –Divide gov’t into three branches –Executive, legislative, judicial
  • 10. SECTION 4 The Enlightenment Voltaire Mr. Enlightenment Champion of religious freedom & freedom of thought
  • 11. SECTION 4 The Enlightenment Wrote satires on the monarchy, the nobility, and church Constantly in trouble with gov’t Misquote in the textbook . . . He actually wrote: "Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so too."
  • 12. SECTION 4 The Enlightenment Candide
  • 13. SECTION 4 The Enlightenment Rousseau The Social Contract People are naturally good …. The idea of popular sovereignty
  • 14. SECTION 4 The Enlightenment Philosophes opposed absolute monarchies… Enlightened Despotism
  • 15. SECTION 4 The Enlightenment Mary Wollstonecraft Founding feminist philosopher A Vindication of the Rights of Women (1792)
  • 16. SECTION 4 The Enlightenment Diderot Montesquieu Voltaire Rousseau edited wrote Spirit of wrote Candide, wrote The Encyclopedia, the Laws, championed Social Contract, criticized described freedom of believed in society “perfect” thought and popular government; religion sovereignty Checks & balances
  • 17. SECTION 4 The Enlightenment Close your book to take your quiz.