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Bio psycho what



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  • 1. Bio Psycho WHAT? Ryan’s Psychology 2010
  • 2. The Biology of Psychology • “Let’s brainstorm.” • “Watch it, you pea brain!” • “She’s the brains behind it.” • Use your brain! When we listen to the words we use, it’s clear we know WHO rules the roost when it comes to human behavior. But we’re still mystified by how it doesn’t always listen to what we think we’re telling it.
  • 3. Heart or Head?
  • 4. It’s Evolutionary, My Dear Watson
  • 5. What is this link between our The Case of Phineas brains and our behaviors? Gage
  • 6. The Headquarters of Human Behavior The brain contains more cells than there are stars in our galaxy. More than 100 billion of them, to be exact.
  • 7. A Living Record of Time Travel Oldest part of the brain
  • 8. Hello Central! • The bottom-up approach is a useful way to organize the brain … You can see how human behavior evolved from base instincts to thoughtful planning. From a psychological standpoint, you can see why it can be challenging to use your reasoning and self-control to keep from acting on powerful feelings or strong desires …. Those desires have been around a lot longer!
  • 9. Reptilian Brain?!? From a psychological standpoint, you can see why it can be challenging to use your reasoning and self-control to keep from acting on powerful feelings or strong desires …. Those desires have been around a lot longer!
  • 10. Get Your Brain Organized – Get your Brain Worksheet and each part is a specialist! let’s fill it in! Regulates higher level thinking & feeling Connect & communicate Sensory & sleep Eat, drink, sex, temp Fear, emotions Learning & memory Balance & movement
  • 11. Left Brain, Right Brain Don’t say anything and look at this picture. • Do you prefer geometry or English? In what direction is the • Would you rather be a painter or a dancer turning? writer? • Are you creative or logical? Popular psychology would classify you as “right-brained” or “left-brained.” If clockwise, then you use more of the right side of the brain and vice versa. Most of us would see the dancer turning anti-clockwise though you can try to focus and change the direction; see if you can do it.
  • 12. Right Brain vs Left Brain
  • 13. Sports psychologists put the “right brain/left brain” concept to good use. • By teaching athletes to use BOTH sides of their brain, they help them improve their performance. • Ex.: Tennis players naturally exercise their left brain every time they swing their racket. • However, players can also use their right brain to play: They can visualize the perfect swing in their mind’s eye and practice it. • It works!
  • 14. Meet the Mother Lobes • Each half of your brain has four lobes. • Parietal, temporal, frontal, and occipital
  • 15. Front and Center! … the Frontal Lobes • …sit just behind your forehead • …newest additions to the human brain • … heavy duty responsibilities: • Seat of purposeful behavior • They plan, • Make decisions, • And pursue goals. • May inhibit or override more primitive behavior … the kind that gets us into social or legal trouble.
  • 16. Temporally speaking …. The Temporal Lobes • …sit directly behind your ears – Convenient! • Primary job is to make sense of what you hear – Left Temporal Lobe allows you to understand speech. • Damage to certain parts of the left temporal lobe can leave you with perfectly good hearing but completely incapable of understanding a word said to you. • ALL languages are foreign.
  • 17. Parietals RULE! • …sit at the top of your head • …integrate sensory information from opposite sides of your body • Your left parietal lobe makes sense of information coming in from the right side and viceversa … • These lobes help you understand what you’re touching. • When you reach in a pocket, your parietal lobes help you tell the difference between a dime and a quarter just by the way they feel.
  • 18. The Occipital Complex? • Last but not least, if you cup your hand on the back of your head, you are hugging your occipital lobes. • …makes sense of what you see – primary job is to process visual information.
  • 19. Working with Half a Brain • What happens when the two hemispheres can’t communicate? • Would they fight with each other? • Would they get along? • Are there really people with “half a brain?”