Defining and nondefining relative clauses

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  • 1. Task: underline the relative clause1/ A king is a person who rules the country.2/ A dinosaur is an animal that lived a long time ago.3/ A bank is a place where you go to get some money.
  • 2.  We use relative clauses to give additional information about something (a noun) without starting another sentence. Usually we use these relative pronouns:1/ who (a person) 6/ why (reason)2/ which (a thing) 7/ when (time)3/ that (a person or a thing)4/ where (a place)5/ whose (posesion)
  • 3.  A princess  Is a girl who wears a beautiful A frog dress, lives in a castle and will A museum marry a prince A mug A library A newspaper A plane A flower
  • 4.  Points to the particular person / thingEx. The person who brought us the coffee had very nice eyes.The house where she lives is very far. Has no commas!!! Relative pronouns (not always obligatory):1/ who2/ which3/ that
  • 5.  In defining relative clauses we might drop the relative pronoun completely: if the subject of defining clause is an object of main clauseEx. The book (which) I bought is not ver y good. The boy (who/whom) we met yesterday was Alice’s brother.
  • 6. 1/ This is the house ______ my parents want to buy.2/ Who was the girl _____ I saw you talking to?3/ What do you call the people ____ live in Scotland?4/ The postcard ______ I send you was written on the summit of Ben Nevis.5/ The school ______ I study is called MG.
  • 7.  Give us only further information about something Do not influence the meaning of the sentence We can leave them out completely We use commas!!!Ex. John Grisham, who writes about legal things, is my favourite author.
  • 8.  Relative pronouns:1/ who2/ which In non-defining relative clauses the relative pronoun must be always present!!!
  • 9. 1/ My students who never do their homework will fail the exam.2/ Valencia, which is Spains third largest city, is on the Mediterranean coast.3/ That dog whose bone you took is going to bite your leg of f.4/ They want to show me their new car they bought in Germany.5/ The tree in front of my house, which I used to climb as a child, had to be cut down.
  • 10. WHAT vs WHICH WHAT is not a relative pronoun We cannot say:Ex. Tell me something what I do not know. We must say:Ex. Tell me something that I do not know.
  • 11.  Relative clauses with who, which, that as subject can be replaced with a participle:Ex. I told you about the strange guy who lives next door. I told you about the strange guy living next door.