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Bluekai Little Blue Book

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Bluekai Little Blue Book

  1. 1. Blue Book A Buyer’s Guide Little June 2014
  2. 2. ® datalogix . i360 TM IRi TransUnion® Mobile partner International partner <3><2> What’sinside! Welcome to BlueKai’s Data Planning Desk........................................4 Acxiom...................................................6 AdAdvisor...............................................8 AddThis................................................10 Affinity Answers....................................12 Alliant....................................................14 AnalyticsIQ...........................................16 Arcametrics..........................................18 Bizo......................................................22 BlueKai Intent.......................................24 BlueKai Qualified Demographic Data....28 comScore.............................................30 Cross Pixel...........................................34 Datacratic.............................................36 Dataline................................................38 Datalogix..............................................40 Dun & Bradstreet..................................44 Evite.....................................................46 Experian Marketing Services................50 Forbes..................................................54 GfK.......................................................56 i360......................................................58 I-Behavior.............................................60 IRI.........................................................62 IXI.........................................................64 Lotame.................................................68 MasterCard Advisors............................70 Media Source Solutions........................72 Precision Market Insights......................74 Profound Networks..............................76 Relevate...............................................78 Targeted Victory....................................80 TransUnion...........................................82 TruSignal...............................................84 V12 Group............................................88 Webbula...............................................90
  3. 3. <5><4> Letushelpcompilehighperformingandcustomizedsegmentstoactivate yourmediabuys–wemakelifeeasierandhelpyoudriveperformance! The BlueKai Data Planning Desk is available around the globe. The Desk is able to service all incoming RFPs from our valued clients – with turnaround times of under 48 hours. Together, we’ll work to identify the data that best activates you or your clients’ goals. For all upcoming media campaigns, remember to incorporate BlueKai’s industry-leading data. • Send us your RFPs and we’ll respond quickly with a proposed audience plan • Share any media plan & we’ll assist in estimating impression totals • Place our pixel on any page to analyze incoming traffic & discover the precise aggregate profile of any site visitors, then use these findings to target additional similar targets. Send all inquiries to to get a head-start on the competition today! Welcometo BlueKai’sData PlanningDesk EnhanceYourRFPResponseswith AudienceTargetingData
  4. 4. <7><6> Mobile partner International partner Interest • Interests of members of the household Vehicle • Make • Model • Year data • Brand propensity Technology • Types of devices • Technology adoption model Behavior • Charities • Media channel preference • Green living Life Event • New parents • New movers • Empty nesters Travel • Destinations • Cruise • Casino propensity Personicx • Household-level segmentation product CollectionMethodology Acxiom collects publicly available information, surveys and information from other information providers. Our data products are used by companies, political organizations and non-profit organizations in their marketing, fundraising and customer service programs, both offline and online. Our data includes proprietary models and segmentation data based on the sources we collect. UseOurDataFor Audience selection and targeting, segmentation, content and offer customization, analytics and reporting. Our technology enables anonymous targeting, providing a single view of the consumer across devices. Individual Demographics • Occupation • Education • Gender Household Demographics • Marital status • Presence of children • Head-of-household info Financial • Income • Net worth • Investors Real Property Data • Home type • Home value • Length of residence Age • Age • Date of birth for individual and household members Buying Activity • Categorized purchase history information AcxiomData101 Acxiom is an enterprise data, analytics and software as a service company that uniquely fuses trust, experience and scale to fuel data-driven results. For over 40 years, Acxiom has been an innovator in harnessing the most important sources and uses of data to strengthen connections between people, businesses and their partners. Acxiom’s InfoBase® data products include a collection of high-quality compiled consumer data products that draw information from the single largest and most comprehensive data repository of U.S. consumer data in the nation. The leading consumer data-append product, InfoBase® Consumer Enhancement supplies consumer descriptive data to clients for use in analytic, segmentation and targeting applications across all channels including offline, online, mobile and television. DescriptionofDataType Acxiom: A Buyer’s Guide Mobile
  5. 5. <9><8> Mobile partner International partner NeustarData101 AdAdvisor, a Neustar service, is a suite of data-driven audience targeting solutions that start with verified, scalable offline data to provide portable, cross-platform online targeting. AdAdvisor enables precise targeting by unlocking thousands of behaviors, attributes and lifestyles in addition to zip code, age, and gender and linking them to an AdAdvisor Element. Using AdAdvisor data, you can target prospects most predisposed to a brand, product or service. AdAdvisor’s data comes from reliable offline data about nearly every US household, based on hundreds of proprietary sources. AdAdvisor does not track online browsing behavior, and is built on anonymous, privacy-friendly consumer profiles. DescriptionofDataTypes AdAdvisor provides access to 159 popular Audience Groups within the BlueKai marketplace, and to over 13,000 audience attributes for client-customized targeting. Each attribute allows you to target a portion of the US population that indexes highly for a particular behavior, characteristic, opinion, or brand preference. For instance, “Automotive – Vehicle Make – Chrysler” identifies households that are most likely to own a Chrysler. Neustar: A Buyer’s Guide CollectionMethodology AdAdvisor data is collected by verifying a user’s real, offline household identity. We then associate that verified identify against Neustar’s ElementOne segmentation model. We receive over 2 billion records per month from authoritative offline sources. These offline sources include market research data, retail purchase behaviors, demographic providers, and national panel data. Through a proprietary verification process, this information is aggregated and standardized within our ElementOne® Analytics Platform. The result is a highly accurate segmentation that reveals this user’s consumer behaviors, propensities, and demographics. UseOurDataFor Top 5 use cases for AdAdvisor data: 1. Brand and Product-level Propensity Data – e.g. American Express cardholders, Xbox users, Dove soap buyers 2. Competitive Conquesting – e.g. help Delta reach United Airlines frequent flier program members 3. Brand Awareness – identify target consumers before they are in-market 4. Large-scale campaigns – reliably reach tens of millions of uniques who fit your campaign goals 5. Life Stages – households with young children, consumers who do lots of home renovation, recent college graduates, seniors, etc. AdAdvisor data also helps you reach people who behavioral targeting (BT) can’t easily reach – for instance, consumers of products which are generally purchased offline. Mobile
  6. 6. AddThis: A Buyer’s Guide <11><10> Mobile partner International partner AddThisData101 AddThis creates 700+ audience segments from proprietary, first-party data on 1.3B uniques across 14M domains, as well as custom audience models based on advertiser pixel and conversion data. Segments and models go beyond retargeting to find and understand brand prospects based on intent, behavioral and social connections in real time. AddThis is a global data company with 1.1B monthly uniques from international countries (Over 250M monthly US uniques). DescriptionofDataTypes AddThis has intent-based segments, interest segments and includes social data segments. These high performance segments have great reach and scale in the industry. AddThis pinpoints in-market prospects that are the most likely to convert and are optimized and scaled using social and behavioral data. AddThis also models all the search, social and metadata with a full data science team. All data types are available to target international audiences in almost all countries. CollectionMethodology AddThis uses first-party, proprietary data from its social infrastructure platform, which is served on more than 14M sites more than 24B times a month. The data is collected anonymously and used to model audiences by layering social, site, and search graphs using multi-graph technology. The international data is collected both in English as well as native language and localized translation. UseOurDataFor With the largest social data footprint on the Internet - AddThis has the most robust social and sharing data in the marketplace for brands and influence. AddThis audiences are best used for by advertisers looking to attract new prospects and visitors to their sites. AddThis audiences allow for levels of precision similar to retargeting because they are modeled off of current users, but with additional – and still efficient – scale. This data is used for every vertical (Auto, Retail, CPG, Travel, Financial Services), season (Holiday, Back to School, Mothers’ day, etc.) and type of buy (Social, Direct Response, Branding). Finally, AddThis has the largest world-wide audience base for global or international campaigns.
  7. 7. AffinityAnswersData101 Affinity Answers provides predictive keyword targeting based on observing consumer online social media behavior and interests. These “social profiles” are mapped into our affinity graph for businesses and partners like BlueKai to directly query. Our Affinity Graph allows businesses to identify market opportunities with significantly higher success than traditional demographic- based targeting techniques to find brands, media, print, and digital destinations which resonate best with your audience specific message. Businesses can predictively target audiences based on existing mutual engagement on coarse or fine-grained interests. Coarse- grained interests can be chosen at either the categorical or industry level while fine-grained interests can be selected down to the specific brand, celebrity, digital property, app or location. For example, the Affinity Answers Affinity Graph for Nike may show the NBA having a high engagement quotient with its brand. With this knowledge Nike can choose the NBA category in BlueKai to target the NBA specific category. DescriptionofDataTypes Affinity Answers maintains over 160 distinct categories containing over 35,000 brands and other entities (Media, TV, Music, Celebrities, Sports, Movies, and Apps) based on a nearly infinite panel of active social media consumers engaging with brands and entities. CollectionMethodology Affinity Answers captures data from the top social media entities and evaluates their Facebook fan and Twitter follower engagement to create the Affinity Answers Affinity Graph. Behaviors tracked include commenting, photo posting, retweeting, hash tagging, etc. The affinities derived from aggregating these behaviors across more than 171M active social media consumers. UseOurDataFor Affinity Answers data can be used in several ways, but as always it is important to have the proper message for the audience. Depending on your goals, you may use their data to discover and target where your audience is currently or to target segments where your competitors have stronger presence. While categorical and industry level targeting increases reach, keep in mind it will impact relevance and vice-versa. Targeting competitor’s affinities is also a way for smaller brands to successfully target consumers that are not yet available in Affinity Answers’s index. Brands with existing TV campaigns or sports sponsorships may also consider expanding those campaigns through selecting the complementary Affinity Answers category to provide second screen reinforcement. AffinityAnswers:ABuyer’sGuide <13><12> Mobile partner International partner
  8. 8. Alliant: A Buyer’s Guide AlliantData101 Alliant creates predictive segmentation solutions for multi-channel marketers. The company’s core assets include one of the industry’s largest sources of transactional data, sophisticated analytics, and a deep understanding of marketing strategy. Alliant Online Audiences™ delivers a powerful segmentation platform for online display advertisers seeking brand reach and conversion performance. DescriptionofDataTypes Alliant Online Audiences include consumer purchasing histories and powerful purchasing measures, allowing marketers to identify large audiences with targeted interest and loyalty profiles. All data is sourced offline from direct-to-consumer marketers who use promotional offers to sell merchandise, subscriptions, continuity products and memberships. Purchase Interest Categories include: • Health & Beauty • Fitness & Well-being, • Home & Garden • Cooking & Gourmet • Entertainment • Books & Magazines • Finance • Family & Home • Travel • Products for Children, Women & Men Transaction and Demographic Profiles: • Financially in Charge • Emerging Consumers • Multibuyer Behaviors • Recency • New Movers • Gender • ProfitSelect™ response score CollectionMethodology Alliant’s data-driven solutions are powered by proprietary cooperative databases. Alliant combines multiple data feeds to create a unified, proprietary view of each consumers interests and performance. Alliant’s data resources include transaction-level behavioral customer data on more than 140 million consumers, updated monthly by leading marketing brands. The purchase affinities and marketing behaviors are not inferred or modeled. They are based on direct transactions. A proprietary payment score is available for qualifying prospects for higher LTV or to be used as a wealth indicator. UseOurDataFor Alliant Online Audiences allow marketers to target segments using any combination of purchase history, marketing behavior and monetary measures. It is a unique, fresh data set that combines direct marketing science with digital velocity. Brand Advertisers can combine the AOA segments to target audiences by interest, demographic and likely pricepoints to craft responsive segments that precisely meet campaign goals. Conversion Marketers can access AOA’s affinity information and powerful direct response performance metrics to build response and generate conversions with highly targeted offers and price points. ® <15><14> Mobile partner International partner Mobile
  9. 9. AnalyticsIQ: A Buyer’s Guide AnalyticsIQData101 AnalyticsIQ is a marketing analytics firm based in Atlanta, GA. Using a combination of the vast amount of consumer data we’ve acquired and sophisticated analytical techniques, AIQ has develop dozens of highly accurate data products which have been embraced by major brands and marketers. These data products have been repeatedly and successfully benchmarked by our partners and clients over the years. They continue to be the most accurate and provide the best coverage. DescriptionofDataTypes AIQ offers a wide variety of relevant data. Here’s an overview of each: Affluence • Income • Spendex - Discretionarily Spend Predictor with breakout categories »» Donations »» Travel »» Personal care (health & beauty) »» Entertainment • WealthIQ - Net worth predictor • Investable Assets - Predicts amount of investible assets »» Savings »» Checking »» Stocks • Home Market Value Travel Propensity Predicts the likelihood of a household traveling in the near future. Breakout categories include: domestic, international and cruise. Automotive Propensity Two scores: 1. Likelihood to own a specific make (Ford, Lexus, Audi etc.). 2. In the market for a new vehicle predictor. Demographic Age, marital status, presence of children Purchase/Lifestyle Social-IQ-social media activity, gardening, reading, exercise, technology and electronics CollectionMethodology In developing our tools, we use a combination of our own data assets (1,000+ data attributes from over 100 sources) and our sophisticated analytical techniques. For example, the automotive scores are developed using actual consumer auto purchase behavior to build models that will segment consumers into distinct In the Market and Make Ownership buckets. UseOurDataFor AIQ affluence data performs well for financial services, telco, electronics and fundraising campaigns and many other verticals. Spendex subcategories are perfect for marketers reaching one of the breakouts (ie “Personal Care” for health & beauty, “Donations” for non-profit, “Entertainment” for telco and electronics, “Travel/Cruise for cruise marketers). The automotive data is directly applicable for the automotive industry, but we’ve also found the data very predictive for non- automotive offers. The type of vehicle a consumer drives is reflective of their lifestyle and overall buying behaviors. »» Home Improvements »» Dining Out »» Apparel »» Bonds »» Insurance »» Annuities <17><16> Mobile partner International partner
  10. 10. CollectionMethodology Research shows that the best customers in a category exhibit complex patterns of behaviors that distinguish them from the rest of the crowd. Arcametrics leverages thousands of demographic, interest, in-market, and online and offline purchase history data attributes to identify the behavior patterns that best identify category buyers. Category level look-alike audiences are based on how consumers actually spend and behave. They use a proprietary neural net analytic modeling platform to identify which attributes are most important, which are redundant, and which offer little predictive value. They identify the patterns and data interactions that best identify online users that mirror existing category buyers. Arcametrics: A Buyer’s Guide ArcametricsData101 Arcametrics enables advertisers to improve campaign performance by targeting highly optimized audiences. They provide custom look-alike and branded category audiences to online advertisers, advertising agencies, and lead-gen companies. Arcametrics’ proprietary technology and analytic approaches enables them to provide custom look-alike audiences that are fast, easy and affordable to implement. By accessing and activating a broader, richer set of data and leveraging a powerful analytic and neural net modeling platform, they identify large predictive audiences to enable online campaigns to be better targeted and more relevant. DescriptionofDataTypes Arcametrics provides category look-alike audiences for dozens of shopping categories based on thousands of individual transactional and consumer demographic attributes. They provide two tiers of category look-alike audiences, enabling marketers to choose whether to focus on those whose behavioral patterns most closely match category buyers, or to market to an expanded audience of buyers who have similar behavioral patterns as category buyers. • Tier 1—Audience whose behavioral patterns closely match category buyers • Tier 2—Audience whose behavioral patterns are similar to category buyers • Note that Tier 1 and Tier 2 audiences are mutually exclusive Mobile <19><18> Mobile partner International partner
  11. 11. UseOurDataFor Arcametrics Category Look-alike Audiences help advertisers grow conversions and increase ROI by providing more predictive audiences of recent category buyers and those whose behavior patterns closely match category buyers in the following categories: • Apparel & Fashion »» Children’s Apparel »» Men’s Apparel »» Women’s Apparel »» Shoes and Footwear »» Jewelry and Accessories • Beauty, Health and Fitness »» Cosmetics and Beauty Products »» Fitness and Exercise »» Health, Diets and Nutrition • Home, Garden and Auto »» Auto Parts and Accessories »» Home Décor »» Home Improvement/DIY »» Lawn and Garden • Leisure and Specialty Interest Products »» Books and Magazines »» Cameras and Photography »» Computers »» Crafts »» Flowers »» Hobby and Collectibles »» Kitchen and Cooking »» Media and Entertainment Products »» Mobile Phone Accessories »» Music Enthusiasts »» Outdoor Enthusiasts »» Sports Gear • Toys, Family and Pet Products »» Baby Care Products »» Children’s Toys and Entertainment Products »» Pet Supplies »» Video Games • Travel, Dining, and Services »» Personal Financial Advice Products »» Restaurant Enthusiasts »» Travel Enthusiasts »» Vacation »» and Travel Products Continued... <21><20>
  12. 12. BizoData101 Bizo is how B2B marketers identify and reach their target audiences online. Bizo’s Marketing Platform is powered by targetable business demographic data on over 120 million business professionals from a network 4,200+ publishers of business news, technology, industry, professional, and other publishing sites across the business web. DescriptionofDataTypes This audience network reaches more than 85% of the US business population, giving marketers cost-effective access to the most valuable online audience segment – business professionals. Demographic data is broken up into five targetable demographic areas called ‘bizographics’. The five segments are Company Size, Industry, Functional Area, Seniority and Professional Group. CollectionMethodology Bizo gathers and organizes vast amounts of non-personally identifiable information (non-PII) bizographic information. Bizo data is collected from the following sources: a) Registration Data, b) Vertical Publishers, c) Proprietary IP conversion, d) Off-line databases, and e) email data. Data is refreshed constantly as cookies change due to browsing patterns of business professionals. If Bizo hasn’t seen a refreshed cookie from a business professional in six months, it is removed from the data segments. UseOurDataFor Both B2B and B2C brand marketers or lead gen wizards that are looking to engage the highly educated, high net-worth consumer audiences that business professionals represent, Bizo can grow brand awareness and drive qualified leads. The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) had the goal of attracting more marketers to its annual conference. Bizo’s display campaign precisely targeted Marketing Professionals and Executives/CSuite across the U.S. The Bizo campaign supported or directly drove attendee leads and/or registrations. Bizo: A Buyer’s Guide Mobile I nternationa l GB•FR • DE • IN • AU • CA•MX <23><22> Mobile partner International partner
  13. 13. BlueKaiData101 BlueKai Intent™ data offers unparalleled data depth and breadth for branding and direct marketing initiatives, across seven key in-market verticals, and over 30,000 targeting attributes. BlueKai users who are bucketed into “in-market” categories are qualified consumers who intend to buy a particular product or service in the near future. BlueKai qualifies these consumers through specific actions which indicate intent to buy on top tier ecommerce, financial, retail, online travel agency sites. Sample actions include interactions with a search function (either via search widget, or entering in a keyword), product comparison, loan calculators, etc. DescriptionofDataTypes In-Market Real Estate Data – Users who have demonstrated intent to purchase or rent real estate. Examples of intent include researching property listings and filling out requests for information on top real estate sites. In-Market Auto Data – Users who have demonstrated intent through make/model searches, car configurations and dealership quote requests on online automotive sites. 93% of BlueKai’s In-Market autos users come from comScore top 10 Automotive sites. In-Market Travel Data – Users who have searched for flights, hotels and car rentals on top online travel sites in the last 7 days. 94% of BlueKai’s In-Market travel users come from comScore top 10 travel sites like In-Market Education Data – Users who have demonstrated intent to pursue education and vocational training, typically at post-secondary institutions. Examples of intent in include searches on particular schools, majors, and financial aid products. In-Market Financial Data – Users who have performed actions such as search queries, using financial calculators, and comparing credit card offers, mortgage rates, insurance products and retirement plans. 80% of BlueKai’s In-Market Finance data comes from comScore top 50 Financial sites. In-Market Retail Data – Users who have performed product compari- sons, auction behavior, or SKU level searches on top online retail sites. Verticals include Clothing, Shoes & Accessories, Consumer electron- ics, Consumer packaged goods, Health & Beauty, Home & Garden, Entertainment, Video Games and Automotive Parts & Accessories. In-Market Services Data – Users who have demonstrated intent to purchase local goods and services such as apartments, restaurants, mechanics, or retail stores in a particular geographic locations. In-Market CPG Data – Users who have demonstrated intent to purchase consumer packaged goods through searches, product comparisons, and online auctions. Sample verticals include pet supplies, household supplies, baby care products, and health and beauty supplies. BlueKai Intent: A Buyer’s Guide Mobile I nternationa l <25><24> Mobile partner International partner
  14. 14. Demographic Data – BlueKai captures over 200 demographic at- tributes from online and offline data sources including age, gender, employment, language, family composition, household income and net worth. All BlueKai demographic data is ‘self declared’ and is not inferred or modeled. Interest Data – BlueKai interest is separate from in-market and consists of activities like reading blog posts or general news about a product or service. Verticals include autos, arts & entertainment, online activities, hobbies, politics & current events, sports, travel & more. Predictors Data – Predictors consists of modeled ‘look-a-likes’ of BlueKai in-market auto, retail & travel, modeled from online and offline data sources – use BlueKai predictors as a reach extension to BlueKai in-market. Continued... CollectionMethodology BlueKai aggregates and classifies intent data from 80% of the Top 20 comScore sites in seven key vertical markets. This data is organized and qualified by a team of Classification Taxonomists, to ensure that all users who are tagged as “in-market” have indeed taken actions online to declare themselves as such. UseOurDataFor Leverage BlueKai data for lower-funnel campaigns for targeting preci- sion at scale. BlueKai In-Market Auto data has been seen to enhance campaign performance by 30x versus other intender auto data sources, and BlueKai “In-Market” data across verticals has powered campaigns to see an average of 200-300% lift in performance. <27><26>
  15. 15. BlueKaiQualifieddemographicData101 BlueKai has leveraged its massive scale of demographic data and combined that with its own analytics based on consensus and validation to present a new category of Qualified Demographic data. Qualified Demographic data makes identifying accurate demographic audiences easier and more effective. We have taken a “wisdom of the data experts” approach to qualifying demographic attributes for targeting audiences at scale. DescriptionofDataTypes Medium and High Confidence Categories for: • Gender (Female or Male) • Presence Of Children (Yes or No) • Age »» 18-19 »» 20-29 »» 30-39 »» 40-49 »» 50-59 »» 60-64 »» 65+ • Household Income »» $0-$14,999 »» $15,000-$19,999 »» $20,000-$29,999 »» $30,000-$39,999 »» $40,000-$49,999 »» $50,000-$59,999 »» $60,000-$74,999 »» $75,000-$99,999 »» $100,000+ QualificationMethodology • BlueKai ran a series of test campaigns with our unbranded and branded data categories to find the most accurate data sets in our platform. • BlueKai then ran “consensus” testing, to understand where this panel of data experts agreed on the demographic profile of a user’s cookie. • Attributes are assigned as “High confidence” when two or more data experts agree and there are no conflicting opinions. • Attributes are assigned as “Medium confidence” when one expert states an attribute and there are no conflicting opinions. • Qualified Demographic segments are tested quarterly to continue to meet the specified standard of excellence in data quality. BlueKaiQualifiedDemographicData:ABuyer’sGuide Mobile I nternationa l <29><28> Mobile partner International partner
  16. 16. comScoreData101 comScore helps businesses create value from digital consumer relationships, giving clients the insights and context they need to build winning business strategies. As a global leader in digital measurement and analytics, the company is redefining the way businesses measure consumer behavior in the marketplace and across their own products and properties, turning big data into insights about the behaviors of people. With more than 1.5 trillion interactions captured monthly (equal to nearly 40% of the monthly page views of the entire Internet), comScore has a strong foundation for applying its modeling methodology to help marketers reach target segments. DescriptionofDataTypes comScore’s modeled look-alike segments are made up of consumers who are scored against the probability to convert to your campaign objective. comScore’s modeling methodology utilizes the comScore panel and browsing behaviors across the BlueKai Exchange to pinpoint in-market prospects who are the most likely to convert, scoring the users based on a variety of attributes. comScore’s models are then broken into centiles within the BlueKai taxonomy, making for easy, customizable targeting, both for niche and scale. CollectionMethodology comScore uses its proprietary panel of one million U.S. Internet users to identify consumers who have conducted the behavior a marketer seeks to predict – for example, consumers who have applied online for a credit card – and uses that information to build models that predict that behavior. UseOurDataFor The comScore models are designed to identify upper and mid-funnel prospects for acquisition and brand campaigns. The model segments are expected to yield more efficient marketing campaigns where the objective is reaching the “right” consumers early in the consideration cycle. comScore: A Buyer’s Guide Mobile I nternationa l GB•FR • DE • IN • AU • CA•MX <31><30> Mobile partner International partner
  17. 17. CoullData101 Coull’s technology analyzes video content and categorises it according to IAB standards, powering the monetization of a network of 1.3bn+ video views by 128m+ unique viewers across 180+ markets every month. Coull VideoSignals - our first-party interest-level data - is built on organic consumer interaction with premium video content and segmented by category and geography to give marketers the most credible and authentic interest-level data available. Coull is the only global provider of interest-level data from video engagement in the marketplace. DescriptionofDataTypes Coull VideoSignals’ global reach and unique interest-level data gives buyers a powerful way to engage consumers whose frequent viewing of video content demonstrates authentic interest in specific categories. Categories: Coull VideoSignals’ interest-level data is made up of a pool of over 128m unique video viewers per month, segmented into commercially applicable IAB categories such as Autos, Video Games, Travel, Finance & Investing and Shopping, dependent on the types of videos they have watched. Countries: Coull’s data is collected from unique video views across 180+ markets, with particular focus on key markets such as US, UK, France, Germany, Canada and Australia. CollectionMethodology Coull collects first-party data from its video network of premium video publishers covering 128m+ uniques per month across 1.3bn+ video views on desktop, mobile and tablet devices. Coull VideoSignals Data is: • Anonymous: No personally identifiable information (PII) • Unincentivised: Data collected from organic engagement with category-specific video content • Fresh: Updated in real-time to give marketers authentic and current targeting opportunities. UseOurDataFor Engage video enthusiasts If you’re planning an online video campaign Coull VideoSignals enables you to reach consumers that have a proven appetite for video. These interest-level segments are highly-receptive audiences for any online video campaign. Increase the effectiveness of your campaigns Target authentic audiences who watch video content as part of their consumer journey, delivering an increase in brand uplift and engagement. For example, use Coull VideoSignals to engage gaming enthusiasts who have watched video reviews, sports fans who have watched highlights, or travellers researching destinations. Get to hard to reach audiences Coull VideoSignals has a worldwide audience base, suitable for international campaigns or more effective execution of localized campaigns where there is currently insufficient audience interest data for that market. Coull: A Buyer’s Guide <33><32> Mobile partner International partner
  18. 18. CrossPixelData101 Cross Pixel is the leading provider of high-performance audience data and information for the real-time advertising industry. Cross Pixel’s mission is to provide the highest quality data to help marketers improve campaign performance. Utilizing Cross Pixel’s proprietary data management technology, audiences are built with granular and transparent control over where users are harvested and how they qualify to be targeted. This approach drives performance while giving advertisers insight, confidence of authenticity and control around the data powering their online advertising campaigns. DescriptionofDataTypes In-Market Shopping Segments – Cross Pixel offers over 500 standard in-market shopping segments identifying users actively shopping for a specific product or service. • Apparel & Accessories • Automotive • Business/Finance • Career Services Audience Profiles – Cross Pixel also offers nearly 300 audience profiles. These psycho-graphic profiles identify users based on a variety of indicative behavioral actions these users make across the web. • Affluents • Career Women • Coupon Clippers • Environmentalists • Fitness Buffs Custom Targeting – We create custom segments to identify each unique advertiser’s best prospects to target for any given campaign objective. Custom audiences target brand and competitive conquesting keywords and/or behavioral traits. CollectionMethodology Cross Pixel has developed exclusive partnerships with over 1,000 leading eCommerce, transactional and information web sites, enabling us to harvest 6.6 billion data points per month on over 400 million active web surfers. Cross Pixel’s data acquisition strategy is focused on mid- and long-tail sites. Through exclusive partnerships, Cross Pixel harvests an array of unique data points which are utilized to provide granular information about users’ online behaviors. UseOurDataFor Cross Pixel’s data can be used to target audiences at each stage of the purchase funnel. Our proprietary audience building tool Audience Calculator creates custom audiences for advertisers based on the unique online behaviors of their target customers. Our technology simplifies the creation of customized audiences by dynamically scoring each individual user based on behavioral actions they have taken online and the value of those actions to the advertiser. Further, features such as threshold and recency controls allow the audience to be adjusted as needed in real-time, ensuring that the advertiser is always targeting the right audience. Cross Pixel: A Buyer’s Guide • Cell Phones • Food & Dining • Gifts • Health & Beauty • Home and Garden • Frequent Fliers • Gamers • Healthy Eaters • Hispanic Audience • Investors • Local Services • Real Estate • Sports/Fitness • Telecom Services • And More... • Newlyweds • NFL Fans • Pet Lovers • And More... <35><34> Mobile partner International partner
  19. 19. DatacraticData101 Datacratic is a software company that applies machine learning and predictive modeling to real-time data generated from consumer behavior. Datacratic provides machine learning and optimization software to Data Management Platforms (DMPs), Demand Side Platforms (DSPs), Agency Trading Desks (ATDs), E-Commerce Web Sites and others in the real-time marketing ecosystem. DescriptionofDataTypes Datacratic’s modeled look-alike segments are made up of users who have a high probability to convert to your campaign objective. Using a combination of your first party data, and BlueKai’s 3rd party data users are assigned probability scores. Users with the highest scores are identified by a BlueKai segment ID and made available for targeting via your preferred media partner. CollectionMethodology Datacratic has no data of its own. Your first party data is combined with BlueKai’s 3rd party data to feed multivariate, nonlinear models that are intended to create a causal relationship between the signals and events inherent in your data and your conversion objective. Datacratic’s models are intended to predict future behavior and identify your best prospects. To accomplish this, they use algorithms that learn from both the presence and absence of segments in a user’s profile. They also rely on the temporal information meaning the recency and frequency of segment membership are core components of the models. Models are retrained and users are rescored on a daily basis using Datacratic’s online adaptive learning system meaning your modeled segment is constantly improving. UseOurDataFor Datacratic look-alikes are ideal for identifying and targeting lower funnel prospects. Datacratic modeled segments tend to perform better where the purchase consideration cycle is at least 1 week or longer. Datacratic: A Buyer’s Guide I nternationa l GB • FR • DE • CA <37><36> Mobile partner International partner
  20. 20. <39><38> Mobile partner International partner DatalineData101 Dataline is a leading provider of consumer information, intelligent analytics, smart modeling applications, and unique digital audience segments. Dataline specializes in providing smart marketers customized insights utilizing its proprietary database of 240 million individuals combined with over 1,000 highly predictive variables. Dataline’s innovative approach to data mining enables us to provide customized solutions in a highly competitive, multichannel environment. Datalink, our online solution, has an audience of roughly 120 million consumers segmented into over 150 unique audiences. DescriptionofDataTypes The Dataline proprietary consumer database of over 240 million individuals is continually evolving. New sources of data are tested and analyzed on an ongoing basis before being added to the database. All data must pass rigid quality control measures to ensure information a Dataline customer receives is current. The Datalink digital audience offering includes: • Consumer transactional buyer segments • Demographic data; Income, Age, and Generational age bands • Vehicle ownership information – Make and Year of Automobile • Credit card holder data – Bankcard, Department Store, Premium and Upscale Retail • Magazine subscribers in several categories • Enthusiasts lifestyle data • Donor transaction information • Propensity or “intend” to information Dataline data is offline-sourced and converted to online digital audiences through a partnership arrangement. We’re experts in understanding the interactions between many data sets and knowing how to apply them to increase your bottom line. CollectionMethodology The Dataline database is sourced with actual purchasing information and captures the buying behaviors of a multi-channel consumer. Our data resources are secured through licensing arrangements with blue chip companies offering monthly transactional based data. Our segmentation options are available exclusively through Dataline. With close to 300 million individuals - Dataline’s transactional buyer data is a powerful resource and can give you insight and scale as you search for your desired audience. Dataline is offline-sourced and converted to online audiences through a partnership arrangement. UseOurDataFor Datalink, our online behavioral audience targeting solution, is selectable by segments based on the integration of our offline to online buyer data. Taking Dataline Digital to the next level of sophistication, we are also offering customized model segments based on client specific data. The marriage of these two processes makes our Audience Predictor modeling application unique. Datalink identifies true buyers-not browsers. Our Dataline taxonomy has many unique audiences not found in other data sources. Dataline : A Buyer’s Guide Mobile
  21. 21. DatalogixData101 Datalogix (DLX) is the leader at integrating offline data and digital media. We use verified offline purchase and activity data on more than 110 million HHs to build precision-based data strategies. DescriptionofDataTypes We offer 700+ pre-built audiences as well as custom audiences to meet an advertiser’s exact targeting needs across the following categories: • DLX Auto powered by Polk® – Reach audiences in market, near market & likely vehicle owners »» Source: Polk’s 20+ years of ownership data and 350+ data points • DLX CPG – Reach category, brand or product level consumer packaged goods buyers »» Source: In-store transactional data across grocery, mass, club and drug • DLX Demo – Reach over 60 demographic based audiences from industry best offline sources. »» Source: Known double-verified offline data including U.S. census, DMV, public record information and more • DLX Finance – Reach audiences based on income, credit status, net worth and more from industry best offline sources. »» Source: Known double-verified offline data including U.S. census, summarized credit sources and public record information • DLX Lifestyles – Reach audiences based on their interests, tastes, preferences and activities. »» Source: Unprecedented combination of known online and offline purchase, demo & financial data • DLX Philanthropy – Reach audiences with a propensity to give. »» Source: Philanthropic donations across a wide variety of causes and organizations • DLX Retail – Reach audiences across any Retail category and product. »» Source: 10 Billion SKU-level transactions across 1400+ leading brands • DLX Seasonals – Reach audiences based on each season’s biggest areas of spend. »» Source: Created from retail, CPG and lifestyles data • DLX Subscription Services – Reach known subscribers of ongoing services including mobile, cable & more. »» Source: Long-term subscriber data with demographic, geographic, financial and consumer based purchase variables • DLX TV powered by TRA® – Reach TV viewing audiences based on the shows, networks and genres they watch most. »» Source: TRA’s set-top-box exposure data from 4.2 M HHs • DLX OnRamp – Convert any CRM, or offline file, into an online audience for a 1:1 direct match. Add DLX OnRamp Audience Extension to find new customers that spend just like your best customers. Datalogix: A Buyer’s Guide Mobile <41><40> Mobile partner International partner
  22. 22. CollectionMethodology DLX segments are derived from offline verified data, coupled with our 100% 1:1 deterministic matching, guarantees the most accurate audiences available online. The DLX data engine is fueled by: • 110 M U.S. Households • 10 B SKU-level transactions • $1 T in consumer spending • 1400+ leading brands UseOurDataFor Datalogix is the best resource for online campaigns that drive sales via an offline channel. Datalogix provides the best audiences for: • Consumer packaged goods brands • Auto brands • Products sold through major retail channels • Campaigns for advertisers with their own customer data • Campaigns targeting precise audience profiles • National campaigns as well campaigns designed to reach a specific marketing objective across any point in the buyer lifecycle Continued...datalogix <43><42>
  23. 23. D&BData101 Dun & Bradstreet (NYSE:DNB) is the world’s leading source of commercial information and insight on businesses, enabling companies to Decide with Confidence® for 171 years. D&B’s global commercial database contains more than 220 million business records. The database is enhanced by D&B’s proprietary DUNSRight® Quality Process, which provides our customers with quality business information. Business professionals regularly use D&B sales and marketing data to research companies, executives and industries to help convert prospects into clients. The D&B online data solution is provided in collaboration with WhoToo, Inc., a data-as-a-service and marketing platform provider focused on email, mobile and online channels. DescriptionofDataTypes With hundreds of marketing segments to choose from, D&B’s online audience data has all you need for your online targeting. The D&B offering is comprised of high-value audience targets across a variety of segments including: • Company »» Employee size, revenue size, location and ownership characteristics (ex. minority owned, private vs. public, etc.). • Industry Classifications »» SIC and NAICS industry categorizations. • Functional Area »» Area of responsibility and domain expertise. • Seniority »» Business or equivalent organizational seniority. • Decision Makers »» IT, Financial and business decision makers. • Demographics »» Wealth, age, gender and other demographic attributes. CollectionMethodology D&B is the leading provider that goes beyond aggregating content to actually distilling it. We collect data from over 30,000 sources globally, and put it through our rigorous DUNSRight Quality Process. The result of our proprietary and patented processes is unbiased and unique insight on over 26.7 million U.S. based business - both publicly traded and private ones. You get one clear picture of your business universe and powerful tools to identify profitable opportunities, fuel growth, and realize positive bottom-line and top-line results. UseOurDataFor Whether your goal is to create brand awareness or enhance your prospecting capabilities, the D&B online solution has you covered. The depth and breadth of D&B data is unparalleled in the online space. Use D&B high level segments to create high quality, large audience campaigns to create brand awareness and drive site traffic. Dive into the wealth of D&B business information to create hyper-targeted, highly relevant lead generation campaigns. No matter your marketing goals, D&B data can help you deliver results. D&B: A Buyer’s Guide <45><44> Mobile partner International partner
  24. 24. • Pre-Natal/Expecting »» Host or Guest of Baby Shower • Upcoming Birthday »» Host or Guest of Birthday for Her »» Birthday for Him • Recent Graduate »» Host or Guest of Graduation • Sports Enthusiast »» Host or Guest of Sports/Leagues • Home Entertainers »» Host or Guest of Hostess Party »» Dinner Party »» Cocktail Party »» House Party »» BBQ/Pool Party »» Pot Luck »» Game Night • Travel intenders »» Hosts or Guest of Trips/Getaways • Halloween »» Host or Guest of Halloween Party • Winter Holidays »» Host or Guest of Winter Holiday Party • Super Bowl »» Host or Guest of The Big Game Party • Thanksgiving »» Host or Guest of Thanksgiving • Religious »» Host or Guest of Religious Event EviteData101 With more than 22 million registered users and over 25,000 invitations sent each hour, Evite is the top online invitation and social planning website. Launched in 1998, Evite is headquartered in Los Angeles. DescriptionofDataTypes Segment/Definition • Presence of Child in Household »» Host of Kids Birthday »» Babys first Bday »» Kids Corner »» Kids themes »» Halloween for Kids • Age of Child in Household »» Title scrape for numbers (1st, first, First) in Host of Birthday for Kids »» Age assumed to be 1 for Host of Baby’s first • Recent Movers/Furnishers »» Host of Housewarming party • Bride »» Host of Save the Date • Wedding Attendee »» Host and Guest of Wedding/Engagement »» Bridal Shower »» Bachelor »» Bachelorette Party »» Save the Date Evite: A Buyer’s Guide <47><46> Mobile partner International partner
  25. 25. • Alcohol Enthusiast »» Host or Guest of Girl’s Night »» Guys Night »» Cocktail Party »» Bachelor »» Bachelorette »» Night on the Town • Food Enthusiast »» Host or Guest of Dinner Party »» Potluck »» Brunch/Lunch »» BBQ CollectionMethodology Data is logged around any discreet event attendee (host/guest, occasion, location, etc.). Inferences are made based on the criteria above. UseOurDataFor Demographic augmentation (presence of child) or purchase intent (hosts need party supplies, guests need to purchase gifts, etc.). The value of Evite data is that our users have taken a direct action to indicate where they will be and what they will be doing at a date in the future. Furthermore, our users can be segmented as the host or guest and the category/type of event is known to us. Continued... <49><48>
  26. 26. ExperianData101 Experian® is a global leader in providing information, analytical tools and marketing services to organizations and consumers to help manage the risk and reward of commercial and financial decisions. Using comprehensive understanding of individuals, markets and economies, we help organizations find, develop and manage customer relationships to make their businesses more profitable. Experian’s audience segments are powered by our industry-leading compiled consumer database. The ConsumerViewSM database uses state-of-the-art technology, unique build methodology, and vast data sources with online linkages to deliver a superior database that addresses the sophisticated needs of today’s multichannel marketer. DescriptionofDataTypes It all starts with data. From demographics to behavioral and psychographic information, Experian draw on a massive base of knowledge accumulated during five decades in business. Experian maintains a wealth of information about consumers and how they make buying decisions. ConsumerView provides the most accurate, comprehensive information on more than 299 million consumers and 116 million households. In fact, ConsumerView is independently ranked #1 in quality and #1 in coverage in comparison Experian: A Buyer’s Guide Mobile <51><50> Mobile partner International partner to other offline data compilers. Experian’s extensive data resources are used to create syndicated, pre-built ConsumerView audience segments available in the following categories: Demographic – This data provides valuable insight into the consumer population, including demographic information such as age, gender, income, occupation, and education. Mosaic® – Mosaic® USA is our most popular segmentation tool that provides a 360-degree view of consumers’ choices, preferences and habits. The Mosaic® system classifies all U.S. households and neighborhoods into 71 unique segments. This groundbreaking classification system paints a rich picture of U.S. consumers and their sociodemographics, lifestyles, behaviors and culture, providing marketers with the most accurate and comprehensive view of their customers, prospects and markets. TrueTouchSM – Experian’s TrueTouch segmentation system offers 11 Touch-points to define the motivational messages that appeal to various audiences. Understanding Touch-points makes it possible for advertisers to align offers with the values and attitudes of the consumers they wish to reach, using language proven to resonate. Property and Mortgage – For years, Experian has been a leader in compiling mortgage and property data from deed transaction records and tax assessor file records. As a complement to the known data, we have created property and realty models. The models utilize our existing data variables to predict such factors as the estimated current home value.
  27. 27. CollectionMethodology ConsumerView is developed from a wide array of sources, including self-reported information, aggregated panel data, websites that have permission to share information about visitors, public records and historical retail purchases that are collected offline and then brought online through propriety online data partnerships. Experian employs a rigorous process that includes the application of proprietary models, data from thousands of sources and proven algorithms to create its online audience segments. When used separately or combined, these segments deliver a more complete and accurate 360-degree view of consumers. As a leader in the direct-marketing industry, Experian implements stringent value-based practices that govern the acquisition, compilation and sale of its consumer data to ensure compliance with legal guidelines. These tactics include, careful screening of data sources, ongoing internal audits and appropriate consumer notice and choice. UseOurDataFor The ConsumerView audience segments use state-of-the-art technology, unique build methodology, and vast data sources to deliver superior audiences that address the sophisticated needs of today’s multichannel marketer. ConsumerView enables targeting that goes beyond simple demographic or contextual targeting. With ConsumerView audience segments, advertisers get both audience quality and reach because we help improve advertising effectiveness by reliably providing audiences that exceed millions of consumers. ConsumerView segments work best when combined to create customized audiences based upon demographic and lifestyle characteristics. Continued... <53><52>
  28. 28. ForbesData101 Serving as the world’s definitive source for business and finance news since 1917, Forbes and it’s Premium Data Platform offer unparalleled access to a highly affluent and connected audience of insiders, innovators, and influencers. Advertisers look to Forbes for exclusive access to the business community and the rest of the world’s elite with custom built, highly specified segments and exclusive targeting solutions. DescriptionofDataTypes Forbes Premium Data is arranged by channel and by section in correspondence to Channels include Business, Lifestyle, Technology, Investing, Thought Leaders, and Entrepreneurs. Each channel contains a array of more specific sections covering topics as diverse as Sports & Leisure, Travel, Autos, Personal Finance, Intelligent Investing, Mobile, CEO Network, and Style & Design. CollectionMethodology Using carefully verified, behavioral targeted data on the Forbes Premium Network, advertisers can pick and choose from over 80 unique Channels and Sections to create custom, highly optimized segments. This first-party data can reach audiences broad or niche. UseOurDataFor Forbes Premium Data works best when segments are mixed and matched to create custom audiences of business and finance professionals and affluent consumers. Forbes: A Buyer’s Guide Mobile I nternationa l GB • IN • CA <55><54> Mobile partner International partner
  29. 29. GfKMRIData101 GfK MRI’s National Study, the Survey of the American Consumer, provides a detailed view of the 226 million adult consumers in the U.S. – their media choices, detailed demographics, consumption of almost 6,000+ products in 550 categories and 1600+ lifestyle and psychographic questions and segmentations. DescriptionofDataTypes GfK MRI attitudinal segments covering a variety of consumer interests including buying styles, food attitudes, health attitudes, technical attitudes, cellular/mobile attitudes, vacation/travel attitudes, fashion & style attitudes, and financial attitudes. • Buying styles is defined as consumers who are driven by certain factors when purchasing like quality, price, bargains and brand loyalty. • Food attitudes are defined as consumers’ opinions towards food inside and outside of the home. • Health attitudes are defined as consumers’ opinions towards medications and vitamins. • Technology attitudes are defined as consumers’ opinions towards adopting and purchasing technology. • Cellular/mobiles attitudes are defined as consumers’ opinions towards mobile phone usage and advertising. • Vacation/travel attitudes are defined as consumers’ opinions towards specifics like airlines, discounts and hotels. • Fashion & style attitudes are defined as consumers’ opinions towards brands and products. • Financial attitudes are defined as consumers’ opinions towards banking CollectionMethodology • Dispersed area probability sample • Eliminates cell-phone only and internet sample limitations • Adults 18+ living in private households • 25,000+ respondents per year in 48 states »» Only one adult from each household is surveyed • Personal interview focused on media & demographics • Leave-behind “product booklet” with questions on: products, brands, lifestyle, psychographics UseOurDataFor • Targeting • Media planning and buying • Consumer insights • Customer acquisition and retention • Product development • Marketing mix strategy GfK MRI: A Buyer’s Guide <57><56> Mobile partner International partner Mobile
  30. 30. i360Data101 The i360 national data clearinghouse supports the campaign and education activities of the pro-free-market public affairs, political and corporate communities. i360 maintains a fully integrated and continually updated database that includes more than 187 million active voters and 230 million U.S. consumers with hundreds of data points on every individual. Through the integration of these data resources, extensive survey response work and advanced predictive models, i360 brings an unprecedented wealth of rich, current data on political affiliation, economic and social issue alignment, and behavioral demographics to online advertising. DescriptionofDataTypes The i360 Online Segments are custom-tailored for the political and advocacy communities. Segments include: • Registration & Partisanship – Registered, Unregistered and Newly Registered Voters; Primary Voters; Republican, Democrat, Independent, and Swing Voters • Propensity or Likelihood to Vote – High, Mid and Low • Issues – Political and Charitable Donors; Social Conservative and Liberal; Fiscal Conservative and Liberal; Pro 2nd Amendment Voters • Personal Demographics – Gender; Age; Income and Wealth; Home Ownership; Children in the Home; Marital Status; Investment Voters; Sports and Gambling Interests CollectionMethodology i360 is built on maintaining a rich, constantly updated database of voter information from states and counties across the country. They layer in hundreds of demographic and psychographic consumer data points from leading data providers, census data, precinct level election returns, and millions of pieces of survey response data. In all, i360 processes more than 4 billion individual records a year. Predictive modelers work with industry leading software companies to build predictive models around partisanship, vote propensity and issue alignment, answering unknowns where hard data points are not available. The models are continuously updated based on new inputs using an ensemble model approach that averages the predictions produced by a number of techniques including Decision Trees, Neural Nets, Dmine Regressions and others. UseOurDataFor i360 data is comprehensive and an accurate offering in the pro-free- market public affairs, political and corporate communities. It is used by political and advocacy organizations to target and reach voters and prospective voters with content and creative that speaks to their alignment and issue affiliation. Political segments are generally combined with lifestyle, issue, and demographic segments to serve meaningful content to responsive audiences. i360: A Buyer’s Guide Mobile <59><58> Mobile partner International partner
  31. 31. I-BehaviorData101 Founded in 1999, I-Behavior developed the first SKU-level purchase data cooperative that includes data contributed by 2,500 merchants representing more than $400 billion in purchases made by 190 million consumers. I-Behavior aggregates and models this data to create targeted audience segments that companies can use for marketing campaigns to help them reach the right consumers across any channel – online, postal, email, social and mobile. DescriptionofDataTypes • IB Shoppers: SKU-level purchase data based on more than $400 billion in transactions made by 190 million U.S. consumers for goods and services purchased via retail, online, phone, or catalog. • IB Credit Card Type: Data that segments buyers based on the type of credit card they use for purchases including Visa® , Mastercard® , American Express® , Discover® , Premium Card, Bank Card, or Gas Card. • AmeriLINK® Demographics: Demographic Data including Age, income, family makeup, home ownership, occupation, etc. CollectionMethodology I-Behavior aggregates and analyzes more than 11 billion SKU-level purchase transactions received from our more than 2,500 data- contributing members. These transactions represent consumer purchases through both online and offline channels. AmeriLINK Demographic data is extremely reliable based on more than 30 years of data collection from primary sources, public records, Census data and consumer surveys. UseOurDataFor I-Behavior connects brands to the right people. Our data is based on actual consumer purchase behavior, to bring greater accuracy and relevancy in targeting your online and offline campaigns to consumers who are most likely to respond to your offer. I-Behavior : A Buyer’s Guide Mobile I nternationa l Great Britain <61><60> Mobile partner International partner
  32. 32. IRIData101 IRI is a leader in delivering powerful market and shopper information, predictive analytics and the foresight that leads to action on behalf of more than 95% of Fortune 100 consumer packaged goods (CPG) and retail companies. We go beyond the data to ignite extraordinary growth for our clients in the CPG, retail and over-the-counter healthcare industries by pinpointing what matters and illuminating how it can impact their businesses across sales and marketing. Built on IRI’s legacy of research and technological innovation and developed by highly-experienced data scientists, IRI’s ProScores™ enables CPG and retail marketers to precisely target and directly communicate with their key consumers and shoppers at home, online or in-store. DescriptionofDataTypes IRI ProScores is a precise audience targeting solution that identifies high, low and medium spend shoppers across CPG categories, subcategories and brands for every U.S. household. IRI ProScores is a concise representation of the value of each household for a given category, subcategory or brand. IRI ProScores takes into account demographic, behavioral and geographic information to determine each household’s spend. IRI’s extensive ROI benchmarking analysis on 500+ digital marketing campaigns demonstrates that precise targeting along with smart business rules and strategies yields an average ROI of $1.66. CollectionMethodology IRI ProScores™ drives improved audience targeting across the digital landscape. This industry leading scoring methodology is built in a modeling factory leveraging a huge library of IRI variables and unique data assets. The nucleus of ProScores™ is the IRI Consumer Network™, a national consumer panel, which is the industry standard for understanding what shoppers consume across the consumer packaged goods space. IRI also layers in highly dimensional demographics (2,000+ variables per household) from Experian to fine tune our scoring accuracy. Years of research and a track record of more than 500+ purchase- based targeting campaigns demonstrates that using our concise representation of the spend in a CPG category, subcategory or brand improves targeting effectiveness over disparate, ever-changing individual data elements. UseOurDataFor IRI ProScores will help CPG advertisers understand the market, develop smarter targeting strategies, and increase the productivity of direct to consumer and digital investments. IRI ProScores can be used to target shoppers who: • spend a lot in your category • spend a lot on competitive brands • spend a lot in your category at specific retailers • live in specific markets and are a target for local in-market events IRI : A Buyer’s Guide Mobile <63><62> Mobile partner International partner
  33. 33. IXI: A Buyer’s Guide <65><64> Mobile partner International partner IXIData101 IXI Services, a division of Equifax, offers digital targeting solutions that enable marketers to better deliver the right message to the desired target audience based on visitors’ likely financial capacity and interests. A leader in delivering marketing solutions based on anonymous, aggregated wealth and asset data, IXI Services specializes in consumer segmentation according to a wide array of financial metrics, including investment behaviors, spending levels, and other financial characteristics. IXI also offers industry specific- targeting segments that combine purchase propensity and economic capacity in auto, insurance, retail, telco, wireless, cable, travel, and other industry verticals. DescriptionofDataTypes IXI offers a wide range of targeting options including: • Demo: Economic Cohorts – Robust “demographic” segments that combine HHI, life-stage, age, spending capacity and similar aggregated credit/affluence data in order to group users into targetable packages • HHI: Income360 – Estimated income from salary/wages and income derived from investments. • Auto – segments that identify audiences of automobile preferences based on segmentation profiles as well as auto purchase and finance behaviors from the aggregated data accessible to Equifax • Travel – segments that identify audiences by their travel preferences and behaviors based on segmentation profiles and aggregated customer data, as well as large-scale surveying that is applied to a statistically significant sample • Retail – segments that identify audiences by their retail purchase preferences and behaviors based on segmentation profiles and large-scale surveying that is applied to a statistically significant sample • Video, Voice and Data – segments that identify audiences by their wireless, wireline, cable, satellite and data preferences and behaviors based on segmentation profiles and aggregated customer data, as well as large-scale surveying that is applied to a statistically significant sample. • Mortgage – segments that identify audiences by their mortgage needs and profile behavior based on information accessible to Equifax and aggregated at the ZIP+4 level. • Insurance – segments that identify audiences by their insurance needs and profile behavior based on information accessible to Equifax and aggregated at the ZIP+4 level. • Ability to Pay – Estimated ability to pay their financial obligations in 4 tiers. • Wealth and Deposits – Estimates of consumers’ household-level total asset wealth and deposit wealth. Built from IXI’s directly measured financial assets database collected from over 95 of the nation’s leading financial institutions. • Credit Card – segments that identify audiences by their credit card needs and profile behavior based on information accessible to Equifax and aggregated at the ZIP+4 level. Mobile
  34. 34. <67><66> Mobile partner International partner • Retail Banking – segments that identify audiences of Retail banking behavior built from IXI’s directly measured financial assets database collected from over 95 of the nation’s leading financial institutions. • Investments – segments of various investment profiles and behaviors that are built from IXI’s directly measured financial assets database collected from over 95 of the nation’s leading financial institutions CollectionMethodology IXI Services collects anonymous U.S. consumer asset data received from more than 95 financial services firms on a bi-yearly basis. The data we gather represent almost half of all U.S. invested assets. In addition we receive credit data directly from Equifax, FICO and survey data from top media insight companies monthly. IXI’s data is collected offline and then brought online through a complex infrastructure of partnerships and online data enablers that are able to link IXI data to the BlueKai cookies with the highest degree of integrity. UseOurDataFor Example 1: Luxury Auto High-end luxury auto brands looking for quality auto data, leverage IXI to provide an audience segment that favors luxury cars (domestic or European segments) AND the spending capacity to purchase. Favorable direct response and brand campaign performance is derived by ensuring auto interest is combined with spending capacity. Example 2: In-Market for Auto Lease Derived from Equifax credit files, auto firms looking to reach consumers with a lease set to expire with the next 6 months tap IXI’s “In-Market for Auto Lease” segment. A truly unique product set that should be added to auto intent campaigns. Example 3: Auto Insurance Insurance carriers who would like to improve application to new policy ratios and/or customer profitability often lean on IXI’s “Aggregated FICO” tiers (HH credit files are aggregated into national tiers to avoid PII, while still providing an accurate credit picture). A popular example is suppressing >700+ credit scores in order to improve lead funnel quality. Example 4: Luxury Travelers High-end travel brands looking to reach the right audience leverage IXI to provide an audience segment that favors luxury travelers AND the spending capacity to purchase. Favorable direct response and brand campaign performance is derived by ensuring travel interest is combined with spending capacity. Example 5: Family Wireless Plan Subscribers Wireless brands who wish to target an audience likely to be interested in a family wireless plan utilize IXI’s data to reach users with the correct demographic composition, spending capacity and propensity. Truly captures the 360 view of the likely consumer. Continued... TM
  35. 35. <69><68> Mobile partner International partner LotameData101 Lotame’s 3rd party SMART Data comes from our extensive network of publisher partners. The data consists of self-declared and demonstrated behavioral data from unique publisher partners, yielding accurate and scalable Demographic, Behavioral Interest, and Social influencer audience segments. Lotame Smart Data bundles 100% declared and demonstrated - NOT panel-based - data into over 180 audience segments across all major verticals (Auto, Travel, Finance, Retail, CPG). DescriptionofDataTypes • Demographic Data – 100% Self-declared by a user on an online profile or registration that is matched with offline sources to validate the demographic information provided. • Behavioral Interest Data – This data is either self-declared or demonstrated by a user based on their behavior on a site. Examples include, dating or social profiles where a user declares certain interests. More often, it’s the behaviors the user demonstrates online that shows their interest in a particular topic. Namely, what the user clicked on, searched for, read, watched, blogged about, posted a comment about, rated, and any other action a user could complete on a page. • Social Influencer Action Data – Lotame’s core niche offering, particularly for brand-focused advertisers. These are users that frequently complete social actions that others online can see, such as rating content, creating groups, posting messages, or commenting on content. These “socialites” facilitate the movement of content to others on the web and are crucial to reach for brand awareness, purchase intent, likelihood to recommend, and more. CollectionMethodology Lotame’s data is primarily collected from our extensive group of publisher partners. Partners place our proprietary Behavioral Collection Pixels (BCP’s) on every page of their site, allowing us to collect individual demographic, declared interest, action, search, purchase intent, and other data points. Our BCPs enable us to collect more than 2 billion data points each day while organizing them into 900 audience categories of human behaviors, refreshing nearly every second as each behavior is updated with each page view. We have data from user’s online and offline registrations, online and offline surveys, and demonstrated behaviors (where we will collect a data point on “Sports” if a user posts a comment on a Sports Forum, uploads a photo about Sports, reads an article about Sports, etc.) UseOurDataFor 180 prepackaged Audience segments are designed to extensively cover most of the major verticals. Please refer to your Audience List for our full coverage, but the strongest verticals include: • CPG • Automotive • Travel • Finance • Gamers (online and offline) The Ideal use-case is for top-of-the-funnel, brand advertisers looking to reach large audiences and generate awareness, intent, likelihood to recommend/purchase, and view. Lotame’s data has also worked well in performance-based campaigns in the major verticals above. • Advocacy • Entertainment (Movies, TV) • Fashion • Green Living • Technology Lotame: A Buyer’s Guide Mobile I nternationa l GB•FR• ES • DE • IN • AU •CA•MX
  36. 36. <71><70> Mobile partner International partner MasterCardData101 MasterCard Audiences offer advertisers the ability to reach audience segments based on the spend behavior of consumers. The defined behaviors include High Spend, Likely to Spend, Frequency of Spend, and Recency of Spend across a wide range of industry sectors. Additionally, we offer seasonal, holiday, and custom audiences. DescriptionofDataTypes MasterCard has created multiple “audiences” that represent a wide range of consumer purchasing behaviors across a number of industry sectors. Consumer purchase behaviors leveraged may include dollar amounts, number of transactions, frequency of purchase, recency of purchase, location of purchase, day/time of purchase, merchant category, channel of purchase, etc. CollectionMethodology MasterCard analyzes the spending patterns across billions of anonymous transactions to segment like-spending patterns into anonymous groups called micro segments. • When they create an Audience they identify micro segments that have the desired set of spend behaviors. The micro segments that have the desired set of spend behaviors are grouped into Audiences. • The underlying source of the data is aggregated and anonymized transaction data. MasterCard’s analytics are applied to the anonymized transaction data at an aggregated micro segment level to create the Audiences After the Audiences are created, they leverage third parties to associate our Audiences with their online populations through the use of proprietary matching leveraging the micro segments. UseOurDataFor Audiences are built from verifiable, anonymized credit card transaction data. When you need to reach the right audiences without inferred modeling, MasterCard Audiences are the “best in class” choice. They excel in retail, restaurant, entertainment, travel and auto categories. Additionally, custom audience development gives unmatched flexibility in using consumer purchase behavior for audience development based on your specific needs. MasterCard: A Buyer’s Guide Mobile
  37. 37. <73><72> Mobile partner International partner MediaSourceSolutionsData101 Media Source Solutions is known in the industry for its offline data that has the ability to hone in on many aspects of a consumer’s behavior, lifestyle, and demographic across a wide variety of verticals. They have taken this powerful database and brought it online to create data solutions using more than 600 audience segments. This allows advertisers a scalable approach to achieve brand awareness and conversion. Their relationship with data providers allows access to data that is not readily available in the marketplace. Quick snapshots of some of their extensive categories include Automotive, Travel, Underbanked, Retail, Environment and Home Improvement. DescriptionofDataTypes Media Source Solutions’ online audience data has an extensive reach with demographical, behavioral, lifestyle and attributes not included in many databases. Their expertise lies in understanding how data sets work together to best utilize them to increase your ROI. Audience Segments include: • Automotive • Education/Student • Baby-Boomers • Home Improvement/DIY • Cruise/Travel • Food & Wine • Finance • Underbanked CollectionMethodology Media Source Solutions collects offline data from a variety of different unique sources using several large consumer databases built from “self declared” information, transactional, retail and other direct response methods. They also receive daily updates that provide postal, email, phone information along with many different attributes including demographic, lifestyle and behavioral data. Much of this segmentation is exclusive to them, and they work hard to confirm the accuracy of their raw data. Data is pinged real-time against our consumer databases using a proprietary algorithm to ensure accuracy. This is another reason why their data is known to provide a lift in performance. UseOurDataFor Media Source Solutions has brought online millions of offline records that can be used effectively to meet unique campaign goals in every vertical. To paraphrase Buzz Lightyear’s catch phrase, their data can be used to ‘infinity and beyond’! Well maybe their reach isn’t quite that broad but it is ideal for large scale campaigns, targeting life stages and combining segments to create specialized blends of data that will be the perfect fit for any customized campaign. MediaSourceSolutions:ABuyer’sGuide • Cooking/Food • Health & Exercise • Parenting • Pet Owners • RV Enthusiasts • Self-Improvement • Sports Mobile
  38. 38. <75><74> Mobile partner International partner PrecisionMarketInsightsData101 Precision Market Insights leverages the power of Verizon Wireless, the nation’s largest and most reliable network, to provide addressable cross-device advertising solutions. The PrecisionID is a deterministic identifier matched to devices on the Verizon Wireless network. Privacy safe and accurate, the PrecisionID powers more impactful, data-driven marketing at scale, driving better ROI for advertiser’s campaigns. DescriptionofDataTypes With the PrecisionID, Bluekai clients can optimize their 1st and 3rd party data selections through the Bluekai platform. Online to Mobile Retargeting – Advertisers can use the PrecisionID to retarget audiences in mobile. Advertisers can map demographic, geographic and interest based segments using 3rd party data to the PrecisionID for accurate mobile and cross-device targeting. Precise List Matching – Advertisers’ who use list matching with Bluekai can match prospects to the PrecisionID in a secure and privacy-safe manner for delivery of precisely targeted mobile advertising messages and offers. CollectionMethodology The PrecisionID is a privacy-safe, deterministic identifier matched to devices on the Verizon Wireless network that unlocks data-driven marketing assets to power demographic, interest, and geographic based targeting, bridge offline client data to reach audiences on mobile and enable online to mobile retargeting. When a consumer visits a webpage or uses an application on a Verizon connected smartphone or tablet, the device sends a request through the trusted Verizon network. In the request a unique identifier, the PrecisionID, is transmitted. The PrecisionID is the key to unlocking data with precision; without sharing the identity of the user. Ultimately, this enables our partners to effectively serve ads and retarget relevant mobile advertising in a privacy safe way. UseOurDataFor Clients can unlock the power of Precision to reach precise audiences across devices, mobile operating systems and applications. Through Precision’s mobile retargeting capabilities, clients can segment and deliver customized content in any type of mobile display campaign including banners, in-app advertising and video. Precision Market Insights unlocks addressable ad solutions and data- driven marketing to help you achieve your unique advertising goals. With scale, transparency and ‘privacy by design,’ Precision Market Insights delivers results. Precision Market Insights provides the following benefit for brand advertisers: • Driving higher engagement with your target audience • Extending your campaign’s reach • Achieving ROI goals Precision Market Insights provides the following benefit for direct response advertisers: • Driving lower funnel conversions • Achieving ROI goals PrecisionMarketInsights:ABuyer’sGuide
  39. 39. <77><76> Mobile partner International partner ProfoundNetworksData101 Profound Networks engages in Internet scale monitoring and analysis of publically available corporate networks and creates actionable data assets for competitive advantage in the telecom and IT verticals. DescriptionofDataTypes • Network Growth: Target Companies growing their online network at specific rates. • Device Count: Segment companies by # of devices on their public network. • eCommerce: Target companies using specific eCommerce platforms. • Web Analytics and Tracking: Target companies leveraging specific Website and Tracking platforms. • Advertising: Target companies monetizing traffic with specific Advertising platforms. • Social Networks: Target companies that have built a presence on Social Networks. • Hosting Provider: Target companies by their website hosting provider. • Cloud Provider: Target companies by their Cloud Provider. • Content Management System: Reach companies by specific CMS platform. • Email Provider: Target companies by their email provider and server being utilized. • SSL Vendor: Segment companies by their SSL provider. • SIC Code: Select Industry Vertical by SIC Code. • Annual Revenues: Target Companies by their Annual Revenues. • Other Verticals can be provided upon request. CollectionMethodology Profound Networks developed a platform to compile and analyze in excess of 3 billion routable IP addresses and their corresponding DNS and networks attributes on a quarterly basis. In addition to comprehensive IP mapping, analysis of 200 million Domains is also conducted each quarter. UseOurDataFor There has been a tidal wave shift of technology assets into the online space. Leveraging this empirical technology infrastructure data in the digital arena is available now for the first time. With this being said, Profound Networks’ data is best leveraged when it comes to targeting the ‘digital footprint’ side of the business. Strategies include targeting businesses by network size, network growth, server architecture, eCommerce platform, analytics…and more. Profound’s data also identifies service providers, hardware and software installs and the various vendors, which opens the door for unprecedented competitive targeting for companies in the Telecom and IT space. Profound Networks: A Buyer’s Guide Mobile
  40. 40. <79><78> Mobile partner International partner RelevateData101 Relevate is a builder of insightful data for brands with a focus on accuracy, time to market and value to the consumer. BlueKai partners with Relevate with 2 of its most successful products, Exact Auto and Relevate New Movers. Relevate’s unique content addresses multiple segments from Retail and CPG to Automotive, Insurance, Financial Services, Telcom, Travel and Healthcare. DescriptionofDataTypes New Movers can be categorized by age, household income, home value, and lifestyle attributes from gardening to cooking, as well as purchase behavior. Exact Auto has conventional category and brand data, as well as unique categories based on lifestyle, such as: “moms and kids - mini- vans”, “wealth or wealth wannabes - luxury brands”, and “outdoors and heavy load – trucks”. Data by make and model, age, income, purchase year and decision dates based on purchase year are also available. CollectionMethodology Relevate’s New Mover data is built from the ground up, and is based on deed filings and mortgage filings, wrapped with new connect and installation information. This data is then corroborated against multiple consumer data sets to ensure the users are indeed new movers, versus persons that are just making installations. This data is built weekly and often pre-dates other move changes including USPS. Exact Auto data comes from dealers, service centers, and co- registration data and is NOT modeled. All data is cleaned and updated with daily dealer lot information, for example a dealerships inventory used as a trigger to cross-reference VIN numbers to define what is in a person’s driveway. UseOurDataFor New Movers have a high propensity to spend on new cars, insurance, home security, home lawn care, new technology: computers, home entertainment, insurance, banking, pharmacies, telcom, cable, and more. Shopper frequency opportunities from grocery to drug stores are all increased in the first 6 months. Exact Auto data: make, model, year for insurance, warranty, and more, can successfully be used to market competitive brands and categories, seasonal specials, aftermarket, gas/fuel offers, aftermarket accessories, and car maintenance items. Relevate: A Buyer’s Guide Mobile
  41. 41. <81><80> Mobile partner International partner Targeted VictoryData101 Targeted Victory (TV) is a leader in online advertising, email marketing, and integrated data management for political candidates and causes. Along with our technology services, we provide strategic digital campaign management and comprehensive web design and development services. We provide all of our clients with a custom strategy to best achieve their organization’s goals, incorporating a combination of our core services and others that fit your needs. DescriptionofDataTypes Get Out the Vote + Persuasion Model: • Individuals who are off-year general election voters with GOP partisan affiliations (i.e. primary voters) Get Out the Vote Model: »» Individuals who are off-year general election voters with GOP partisan affiliations (i.e. primary voters) Persuasion Model: »» Individuals who are off-year general election voters with no or mixed partisan affiliations Absentee Ballot/Early Voters: • Voters who previously did Absentee Ballot/Early Vote and/or voters with profiles similar to previous AB/EV voters (i.e. age ranges, gender, income, general election votes, and geography) »» General Election »» Primary Election Political Donor Model: • A model run on algorithms to predict new donors based on previous contribution history to political campaigns and causes CollectionMethodology Data is collected from the voter file, national presidential campaigns, and consumer spheres. We then model this data on algorithms to offer depth and detail to inform decision-making in politics for select clients. UseOurDataFor Targeted Victory’s data: used for political purposes only; only for use by select (approved) clients. TargetedVictory:ABuyer’sGuide
  42. 42. TransUnion: A Buyer’s Guide <83><82> Mobile partner International partner TransUnionData101 TransUnion combines data, advanced analytics and industry-focused experience to help institutions make more informed decisions at every stage of the consumer lifecycle. Through this powerful combination of information and insight, institutions can improve marketing, manage risk and strengthen relationships with existing customers. In the small business space, TransUnion has expanded its solutions to digital marketing including the ability to identify, segment and market to small business contacts online. DescriptionofDataTypes TransUnion can help institutions identify individuals online by appending small business owner characteristics to their Internet profiles (cookies). Several small business segment values are available including: • Geography – Attribute segments represented by small business owners in specific states. • Industry Verticals – Attribute segments represented by industry verticals for specific small business marketing campaigns. Examples include: »» Business/Professional Services »» Healthcare »» Personal Services »» SOHO • Sales Revenue – Examples include: »» $0 - $250,000 »» $500,001 - $1,000,000 »» $3,000,001 - $10,000,000 • Total # of Employees – Examples include: »» < 2 »» 5 - 9 »» 50 - 100 • Title – Examples include: »» Owner »» Executive »» Professional / Medical • Year Company Established – Examples include: »» < 2 years »» 2 through 5 years »» 5 through 10 years CollectionMethodology TransUnion small business solutions combine proprietary core data assets and external small business data via innovative matching logic. The small business data include more than 27 million small businesses sourced from over 70 databases, which are all validated to ensure accuracy and freshness of the data. UseOurDataFor The TransUnion Small Business Digital Marketing Solution can help institutions refine their digital footprint with Internet cookie-based small business advertising: • Improve small business acquisitions through relevant, timely offers in the digital marketplace • Define specific small business targets with deeper granularity and reach • Target small business candidates for tailored invitation-to-apply (ITA) offers • Cross-sell services to expand small business relationships Mobile
  43. 43. TruSignalData101 TruSignal gives you a more precise way to target consumers who look like your existing best customers at scale. A custom and syndicated solutions extend across 1:1 digital marketing channels and advertising platforms – including display and pre-roll video. Based on patented data mining and predictive analytics technology, a TruSignal audience combines data from 40 different sources of verified, offline profile data. Their data helps brand advertisers, direct marketers and their agencies “cut through the noise” of online audience targeting data and deliver highly precise and highly scalable prospecting and branding campaigns. DescriptionofDataTypes Auto Insurance – Prospects who have similar profile characteristics of consumers who applied for and purchased auto insurance through online channels. Applicable to insurance carriers, brokers or aggregators offering auto insurance products. Term Life Insurance – Prospects who have similar profile characteristics of consumers who applied for and purchased term life insurance through online channels. Applicable to insurance carriers, brokers and aggregators offering term life products. Higher Education – Prospects who have similar profile characteristics of consumers who applied for and enrolled in national higher education programs. Mortgage Refinance – Prospects who have similar profile characteristics of consumers who applied for and refinanced their mortgage through online channels. Gives higher weighting to larger loan values, but still within normal Fannie Mae guidelines. Estimated Household Income – An estimate of household income, based upon many profile data factors, including demographics, geography, past purchase behavior, public records, financial information, and census information. Underbanked Consumers – Prospects who have similar profile characteristics of consumers who maintain nontraditional banking relationships. Applicable to money transfer services, short term loans, and prepaid debit products. Political Affiliation – Prospects who have similar profile characteristics of consumers who are known Democrats, Republicans or Independents. Political Donors – Prospects who have similar profile characteristics of consumers who previously donated money to either the Republican or Democratic parties. Estimated Financial Health – An anonymous estimate of consumers’ ability to satisfy their existing financial obligations. These segments were designed for targeting campaigns where financial quality is an important consideration, such as with mortgages, credit cards, insurance, investment services, telecommunications services and auto loans or purchases. TruSignal: A Buyer’s Guide Mobile I nternationa l Canada <85><84> Mobile partner International partner
  44. 44. CollectionMethodology TruSignal aggregates a wide variety of offline consumer profile data from over 40 third party data sources including: financial databases, property records, census, demographics, past purchases, household databases, hobbies, and interests. These data sets are the “raw materials” used to define each TruAudience formula. In an offline process, TruSignal compares samples of target customer data against thousands of third party data attributes using proven regression modeling techniques. The process discovers over 100 unique predictive factors that define a high value “lookalike” consumer, giving you all of the power and precision of many datasets distilled into a single, custom audience. UseOurDataFor TruAudience segments work well for upper funnel prospecting and branding campaigns, where the objective is reaching the “right” consumers earlier in the consideration cycle. We specialize in targeting your most desirable new prospects by combining many different kinds of consumer profile data. TruSignal does not use any in-market or intender data, which is most appropriate for bottom funnel conversion campaigns. TruSignal can even build custom audiences for specific campaigns, based on a historical record sample. The custom development process ensures that we are using all of the right data to profile the audience and it allows us to on-board unique datasets that are specific to a given campaign objective. Historical performance data can be extracted from CRM platforms, campaign landing page pixels or from within an existing DMP. Continued... <87><86>
  45. 45. <89><88> Mobile partner International partner BriefDescriptionofData V12 Group turns offline consumers into targetable audiences by mapping offline demographic, lifestyle, and purchase data into privacy compliant online audience segments, reaching the most relevant online audience for any consumer-focused campaign. Blending accurate and up-to-date offline data with their wide reach to over 80-100M US consumers has increased ROAS for both brand and direct response campaigns alike. DescriptionofDataTypes V12 Group offers over 330+ audience segments to target across nine categories including: Automotive, Buyers, Entertainment, Finance, Sports & Fitness, Lifestyle & Pursuits, Travel, Demographics, and a proprietary set of personality data called PYCO. • Unique & Custom Audiences – Target any one of V12 Group’s 330+ segments or combine several segments to create a custom segment to best fit your targeting needs. V12 Group also offers hard-to-find audience data, including heritage, voter information, and political party affiliation to name a few. • Automotive Data – Target Auto consumers by Make, Model, Class, Budget, Purchase Type, In-Market Predictor, and After-Market Repair Profile. • PYCO – Based on the Carl Jung Psychological Types, PYCO has developed a proprietary algorithm that utilizes a consumer’s name, mailing address and 320 different data points to accurately assign a personality type to 85% of US adult consumers. Together, PYCO and V12 Group provide psychological, digital, demographic, and geographic attributes combined into 16 unique personality segments to illustrate a vivid 360-degree view of individual consumers, beyond just demographics. PYCO Data is used to: Creative Ad Optimization, different messaging for different personality types, and more. CollectionMethodology V12 Group’s multi-channel consumer file is one of the largest consumer databases in the direct marketing industry. The database is an aggregated file built from more than 40 compiled and proprietary data sources which combines postal, email, phone and mobile data, as well as hundreds of selectors to improve targeting including: demographic, geographic, lifestyle, interests, and behavioral data. • 208 million consumer records • 110 million US households • 72 million ePostal records
 and 86 million eZip • 81 million email records • 112 million phone records • Over 260 specific data fields that can be used for targeting • 1,000 census variables (ZIP & CRRT level) • Regular updates for optimal delivery • Multi-source file of response & compiled data UseOurDataFor Advertisers have seen strong performance leveraging V12 Group’s online audience segments across a variety of categories, including: • Travel • Finance • Auto • CPG • Software • Gaming • Home Décor • Entertainment • Niche Lifestyle Audiences V12 GROUP: A Buyer’s Guide Mobile