Hostgator cPanel - An Overview


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Hostgator cPanel - An Overview

  1. 1. http://WhatIsHostgator.orgAn accompanying video for this presentation:
  2. 2. Web Hosting is an excellent web- hosting company Web Hosts “host” customer websites on compute servers Web Host provides customer with  24/7 uptime (ideally)  Good internet connectivity  Sufficiently fast computer hardware  Good software, configurability and services 2
  3. 3. Control Panels Web hosting companies have to strike a delicate balance Provide customers with significant control and configurability Maintain security “Control Panels” have evolved to provide this functionality Secure yet easy-to-use interface that provides good control and configurability 3
  4. 4. Hostgator‟s cPanel Hostgator uses a control panel called cPanel cPanel is provided by a third party cPanel is a great control panel It provides access and control to numerous components on the computer server It‟s easy to use and secure cPanel has been around a long time and is considered best control panel by many 4
  5. 5. Accessing Hostgator‟scPanel Usually access cPanel by tacking on „/cpanel‟ to the end of your domain Login with your Hostgator-provided username and password Main cPanel page provides primary interface to all control-panel functionality Various different panels and icons provide access to the different cPanel capabilities 5
  6. 6. Top and Left Sidebar Top area  Provides tools for researching and registering additional domain names  I prefer to register all of my domains at – so I don‟t use the top area Left Sidebar  Announcements  Offers (advertisements)  Website status and information 6
  7. 7. Special Offers & Links Special Offers  A handful of offers from companies that are partnering with Hostgator  iPayment, Cloud Storage, etc. Hostgator Links  Hostgator links related to your account  Billing System  Knowledge Database  Chat & Ticket System  … 7
  8. 8. Preferences Change Password Update Contact Info Somewhat Out of Place  Getting Started Wizard  Video Tutorials 8
  9. 9. Mail (Email) Create email accounts for your domains Access your email accounts from the web Reduce spam with Spam Assassin Forward one email address to another Forward all unknown email addresses at your domain to a default email address Create “auto-responders” that automatically reply to certain addresses 9
  10. 10. SEO and Marketing Tools SEO = Search Engine Optimization  Increasing likelihood of your website pages ranking well in search engines (e.g. google) A separate “SEO Tools” account provides services for improving SEO Easily create sitemaps  Tell search engines what pages your site has Link Building, SEO Tips, etc. 10
  11. 11. Files Section Perform Backups Access files on the Hostgator server via “File Manager” Monitor disk-space usage Create a “Web Disk”  Makes your top-level directory at Hostgator look and act like a disk on your local computer Create and manage FTP accounts for your domains 11
  12. 12. Logs Section Traffic and “error” logs from your web server (apache) Graphs of the bandwidth used by your websites  Broken out by website & traffic type Two popular tools for analyzing log files  webalizer  Awstats Support for integrating Google Analytics 12
  13. 13. Security & DomainsSections Create password protected directories on your website  This can be done in other ways also… Create subdomains for your domain  e.g. Add additional domains to your account Redirect one domain name to another Configure DNS handling 13
  14. 14. Databases Section Databases are an important capability provided by a web hosting company  Provides fast and efficient storage and retrieval of information  Used by many web applications, e.g. WordPress Hostgator uses MySQL as primary database Panel provides various database functionality  Create users  Inspect and modify data  etc. 14
  15. 15. Software & Services Section Easily install numerous web applications  QuickInstall ○ Custom-designed Hostgator installer  Fantastico De Luxe ○ Popular third-party installer Customize PHP configuration Ruby on Rails & Ruby packages (gems) Perl modules 15
  16. 16. Advanced Section Custom apache (web server) configuration Image manager and manipulator Custom “error pages”  Probably want to use this or you may end up with a standard Hostgator error page (advertisement) Cron Jobs  Computer programs that are set up to run periodically (e.g once a week, once a day, etc.) 16
  17. 17. Conclusion Hostgator‟s cPanel is an excellent control panel that provides great functionality Lots of parts – Don‟t be overwhelmed  Much of it you won‟t use often  Some of it you‟ll probably never use  Thing to remember ○ It‟s there when you need it ○ It does its job very well 17
  18. 18. 18