Q. How do I contact support?      Answer: WhatCounts is a customer focused organization. Your current account team and    ...
our clients to outsource the entire process. As a technology innovator, WhatCounts has always been      on the leading edg...
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FAQ- WhatCounts Acquires Blue Sky Factory


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FAQ- WhatCounts Acquires Blue Sky Factory

  1. 1. Q. How do I contact support? Answer: WhatCounts is a customer focused organization. Your current account team and support person will be joining the WhatCounts team so please continue interacting with that team member as you have been. If you need to open a ticket please use help.publicaster.com or call 866-216-2583.Q. How do I contact billing or accounting? Answer: WhatCounts will honor all current contracts, pricing, and Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Invoices will be mailed from WhatCounts starting in August and we do have full access to contracts, past billing, and current pricing. Our team is prepared to answers questions related to billing, accounting, and statements. If you have a question or need assistance please call (866) 216-2583. The accounting team of Blue Sky is joining WhatCounts so besides a logo change, you should experience no difference in accounting.Q. How do I contact the management team? Answer: WhatCounts is a private, profitable, growing enterprise. A unique quality of our company is that our clients have direct access to the management of the organization. Our team is not only available; we want to hear from you. Please do not hesitate to contact anyone within our company anytime. The President and company founder (Allen Nance) can be reached at amn@whatcounts.com. The Vice President of Services (Doug Broujos) can be reached at dbroujos@blueskyfactory.com. Our Chief Technology Officer (Steve Verlander) can be reached at sverlander@whatcounts.com. Our Vice President of Technical Services (Mike Lynch) can be reached at mlynch@whatcounts.com. Our Chief Operating Officer (Mark Pigott) can be reached at mpigott@whatcounts.com.Q. Where do I login to Publicaster? Answer: WhatCounts will be maintaining the current Blue Sky Factory email marketing infrastructure and data center (in addition to our previous data centers). You can access the email messaging platforms using the same web addresses (URLs), user names, and passwords you used before. You should experience no difference in platform access.Q. Why did WhatCounts acquire Blue Sky Factory? Answer: WhatCounts is focused on the email marketing industry and utterly passionate about helping customers use technology to market and communicate more effectively. This acquisition is a continuance of our strategy to assemble global resources including: people, technology, and expertise to support marketing professionals’ use of technology to reach current and prospective customers. Blue Sky Factory’s business is a perfect fit within the WhatCounts organization and we believe that you will experience immediate benefits including: focus on supporting Marketing, direct access to Technical Support and enhanced Client Services including: Strategy, Creative, and Best Practices.Q. Will any of the Blue Sky Factory’s team members join WhatCounts? Answer: Yes. A team comprised of development, operations, services and support personnel have all joined WhatCounts and will remain in a Baltimore office. These employees have an intimate knowledge of the Blue Sky Factory technology, customers and applications, enabling continuity and making the transition to WhatCounts as seamless as possible.Q. Who is WhatCounts? Answer: WhatCounts, a private company founded in 2000, is the new leader in email marketing with a presence on four continents and emails being delivered in over 35 languages. Over the last decade, WhatCounts has partnered with many of the world’s leading organizations to drive successful email marketing programs by delivering a robust lifecycle marketing platform that can be deployed as a SaaS (software-as-a-service), a Broadcaster (appliance in a remote data center), or as a Managed Service (a dedicated system in our data centers). Our clients have come to rely on our dedicated account model which ensures that they always interact with a knowledgeable team. Through our campaign production services, our team designs, builds, optimizes, tests, deploys, and monitors millions of targeted email marketing programs through a full-service framework, allowing
  2. 2. our clients to outsource the entire process. As a technology innovator, WhatCounts has always been on the leading edge of the email marketing industry. Product differentiators include fully integrated social media and fully supported video-enhanced email. We are proudest of the return on investment realized by our customers with some customers realizing over $200 in email-driven revenue for every $1 of investment. More information is available at www.whatcounts.com or by calling 866-804-0076.Q. Where is WhatCounts located? Answer: WhatCounts is headquartered in the international city of Atlanta, Georgia; home of the 1996 Olympics and busiest airport in the world. WhatCounts supports a global footprint that stretches from Sydney, Australia to Atlanta, Georgia. Our support team, consultants, and technology are actively involved in delivering billions of targeted personalized marketing messages on 4 continents and 35 languages around the world.Q. Will WhatCounts continue to support Publicaster? Answer: WhatCounts is 100% committed to continued support of the Publicaster application. We have acquired the software, hardware, IP addresses, and databases associated with these systems to ensure that you can continue to access them without interrupting your current business process. WhatCounts does support other applications and these solutions will also be made available to your team as we help you leverage technology to market and communicate. Our plan is to merge Publicaster and the WhatCounts platforms into a single new release in 2012.Q. What network or data center changes should I expect? Answer: WhatCounts acquired the entire Publicaster infrastructure including: software, hardware, IP address, and databases to ensure that you can continue to access them without interrupting your current business process.Q. What services does WhatCounts provide? Answer: WhatCounts is a full-service solutions provider. Our team has over a decade of email marketing experience with some of the world’s largest companies and associations. In addition to running complex databases and systems that deliver billions of targeted email marketing messages WhatCounts also provides: strategy consulting, creative design, campaign management, segmentation, as well as technology integration solutions. WhatCounts understands that the “people behind the platform” are what drive successful email and technology enabled marketing campaigns.