Whale sharks
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Whale sharks



This was for my school project!

This was for my school project!



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Whale sharks Whale sharks Presentation Transcript

  • Whale Sharks By Rachel Church
  • Where do they live???? They live in warm water. They live in the deepest part of the ocean. They can be found in Mexico, Australia and Philippines but can also be found in other countries and provinces. They live in warm and tropical oceans . One Whale Shark travelled from Mexico to the Pacific ocean of Tonga which was 8,600 miles.
  • What Whale Sharks eat??  Whale Sharks perform an important job by eating sick and weak animals.  They eat Crab and Jellyfish.  Whale Sharks are carnivores so they eat meat.
  • What are the Whale Sharks Relatives???  Whale Sharks relatives are the Nurse Shark and Leopard Shark. Leopard Shark Nurse Shark
  • How many eggs can a female Whale Shark carry?? A female whale Shark can carry up to 300 eggs. A Whale Shark baby is called a pup Whale Shark pups are 2 feet long when there born Not all the pups are born at the same time
  • Did you know??? That Whale Sharks are harmless to divers That a Whale Shark is the biggest shark in the world it can be 12.65 meters long and weighs more then 47 thousand pounds. A Whale Shark can live up to 180 years That Whale Sharks swim slow with their mouth open A Whale Shark can fit two humans bodies into its mouth That Whale Sharks have 3,000 tiny teeth
  • Inside the body!! Whale sharks are cartilaginous fish, instead of having a skeleton made of bone they have a skeleton made of cartilage, a tough flexible tissue.
  • Quiz answers  #1. They can carry 300 eggs  #2. A Whales Shark relatives are a Nurse Shark and a Leopard Shark  #3. The part of the name that describes how big it is the Whale part  #4. The place the whale shark came from was Mexico  #5. Whale Sharks live in the deepest part of the ocean  #6. Whale Sharks eat Crab and Jellyfish  #7. A Whale Shark has 3,000 teeth The underlined ones are the answers.