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Movie favorite class_english_wha2

  1. 1. Movie Favorite Alumno: MIGUEL ANGEL GARCIA WHA Grupo: ITI 4-3 Especialidad: TECNOLOGIAS DE LA INFORMACION Clase: INGLES 4 Maestro: Jaime Jesús Delgado Meraz
  2. 2. The Protector (2005) Director: Prachya Pinkaew Writers: Napalee, Piyaros Thongdee, and 3 more credits Stars: Tony Jaa, Nathan Jones and Petchtai Wongkamlao | See full cast and crew 108 min - Action | Crime | Drama - 8 September 2006 (USA)7.0 Your rating: -/10 Ratings: 7.0/10from 19,673 users Metascore: 52/100 Reviews: 208 user | 100 critic | 22 from
  3. 3. Mini Biography:Panom Yeerum was born on February 5, 1976, in the northeastern province of Surin, Thailand. His parents were elephant herders. Panom watched martial arts films as a young kid and began to emulate some of his idols, from Bruce Lee to Jackie Chan to Jet Li. After seeing the Thai action film Kerd ma lui (2004) ("Born to Fight"), Panom met and studied martial arts and stunt work as a teen under the director of that film, Panna Rittikrai. Panom went to university where he studied a variety of martial arts, from tae kwondo to judo. It was not long before Panom would get work, doubling for Robin Shou and James Remar in Mortal Kombat: Aniquilación (1997), and when his demo reel was seen by director Prachya Pinkaew, the film Ong-Bak: El nuevo dragón (2003) was created for Panom, who is now going by the name of Tony Jaa in hopes of bringing his style of action to international audiences.
  4. 4. About The Movie"The Protector" is the highly anticipated full bodied action film starring International Martial Arts superstar, Tony Jaa ("Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior"). His world shaped by ancient traditions, a young Thai fighter (Jaa) is called to defend his people and their honor after outsiders ruin all that is sacred. Fueled by desire to protect a way of life and avenge the wrong done to his family, he will bring the fight to their city.ONG BAK made Tony Jaa a star, THE PROTECTOR will solidify his place among theaction-hero elite. THE PROTECTOR reunites Jaa for the third time with thewriter/director/producer of ONG BAK Prachya Pinkaew. In this relentless, fastpaced action film spiced with Muay Thai moves, Khams (Jaa) life is turned upsidedown when a notorious Asian gang steals his familys prized elephants, which wereto be offered as a token of devotion to His Majesty the King of Thailand, andsmuggles them to Australia. Kham must travel to a foreign land to unravel aconspiracy that will reach into the highest levels of the Australian government.With the help of a disgraced Thai-born police detective, he must reclaim hisbeloved animals and stay true to his heritage against almost impossible odds.
  5. 5. THE IMPORTANCE OF ELEPHANTS IN THAI CULTURETony Jaa remembers, “Ever since I was a child I have lived my life in harmony withelephants. They really are wonderful animals. Where I come from in Surin, Iactually have two elephants – named Leaf and Flower. Most people think that wetreat elephants like large pets, but truthfully, they are more than pets, they arefamily. They are strong, friendly and caring. For me, the chance to show to theworld how precious these giant animals are is extremely rewarding. One of mybiggest ambitions is to eventually open a sanctuary for all elephants that are eitherabandoned or their owners no longer have the money to take care of them.”The film stresses the cultural relationship between man and elephant. Theelephant is a symbol of Thailand, just as Muay Thai is a Thai symbol.Director Prachya Pinkaew explains that his film is a reminder. “It’s there to helpThai people think of their homeland. When we produced ONG BAK, it was allabout Muay Thai and the things which Thai people respect or hold in high regard.This time round its all about culture. Of course, Muay Thai is a part of our culturebut this is about the elephants and how, long ago, both elephants and Muay Thaiwere intermingled with each other and in turn were a part of our kingdom’sheritage.”
  6. 6. THE MARTIAL ARTS IN THE PROTECTORMartial Artist and Choreographer Panna Rittikrai says, “Basically, the underlying concept is similarto ONG BAK in that there are ‘no wires, no CGI and no stunt doubles’ however there is one bigdifference: the budget. This time we could let our imaginations fly, anything that we thought of ordreamt up we could make happen. We realized that the audience would have high hopes for THEPROTECTOR both in terms of the storyline and the action scenes and we were not going todisappoint them.”Rittikrai continues, “We did a lot of research into an ancient form of Muay Thai used by a veryspecial band of soldiers known as the ‘Jaturungkabart’. The Jaturungkabart were soldiers whowould stand at each leg of a royal elephant and whose task it was to protect the King, who wouldbe sitting upon the elephant, whilst in battle. These soldiers were extremely skilled in martial arts;they were unsurpassed in their time. I found these ancient soldiers and their techniques to befascinating and decided that they should be brought back to life which is why many of theirtechniques have been incorporated into THE PROTECTOR.”In THE PROTECTOR Tony Jaa performs a lot of Muay Thai moves that he didn’t do in ONG BAK.Pinkaew says “For his part, Tony Jaa will show a side of Muay Thai that was not seen. The audiencewill have a chance to see combat between Muay Thai and ‘K1’ style fighting, but this time thepreparation has been much longer, harder and more intense than for the previous film, creatingnew moves as well as reviving some moves that had been previously lost.”