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  1. 1. Collège Le ClergeonPresentation of our secondary school
  2. 2. General presentation of our school • Our school, named after a nearby mountain, is in the French Alps, in the south east of France.
  3. 3. General presentation of our school The school is situated in Rumilly. There are about 900 pupils and 80 teachers. The headmaster is Mr Méline. The school has 2 playgrounds, one gymnasium...
  4. 4. General presentation of our school • There are two computer rooms , a library where there are lots of great books, one school restaurant, a great auditorium, 4 science rooms, 3 art rooms and 2 music rooms. The school has many musical instruments !
  5. 5. School schedules • In the morning, we begin at 8 am and we finish at midday or 12.15 pm. We have one break in the morning between the 2nd and the 3rd lesson. • This break lasts 15 minutes.
  6. 6. School schedules• In the afternoon , we start at 1.35 pm and we end at 3.30 or 4.30 pm.• When we do not have lessons, we have to study as quietly as possible in the study room.• Each lesson lasts about 50 minutes which is quite long sometimes !
  7. 7. Sciences
  8. 8. Sciences• Biology, Chemistry, Physics are studied three times a week.• In the science room we often do experiences with some chalk for example.
  9. 9. School for special needs pupils ( SEGPA) gardening section• SEGPA is a special class. They have gardening education.They can create a vegetable garden but the gardening section is not finished yet.
  10. 10. School for special needs pupils ( SEGPA) cooking section• SEGPA are pupils who have difficulties in class but they do various activities. Among these activities, there is the cooking section which is pedagogical. Pupils cook and serve the school staff in an experimental restaurant.
  11. 11. Insertion classThe insertion class is a special class for the3ème pupils (year 10) who are about 15 yearsold. The class is composed of about 10students. They go to school on Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday. The rest of theweek, they have a work placement. Theydiscover a lot of professions.
  12. 12. Modern languages studied at school • The most popular language studied at school is English. We can start German and English at the same time in year 7.
  13. 13. Modern languages studied at school • Then, we must also study a second modern language in year 9 : Spanish, German or Italian. You can also choose the option called « Euro English » with two extra hours in English.
  14. 14. Physical education• In P.E, we do a lot of sports : badminton, basketball, running, skiing...• The 6e classes have 4 hours but the other classes have 3 hours a week.
  15. 15. Physical education• In autumn, we had to run to keep fit and athletic.
  16. 16. Physical education
  17. 17. School restaurant •The menu is composed of a starter, the main course, cheese or a yogurt and a dessert. The food is balanced. •The potatoes and the veal are delicious but the queue for the restaurant is very long !
  18. 18. Pupils games roomIn the pupils games room there are twofootball tables, one computer game, books,tables and armchairs. We go there because itis cool and relaxing. We can do what wewant and there aren’t any teachers to lookafter us and tell us to work !
  19. 19. See you soon !