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Learn to make money online, and do it without spending a single dime of your own money!

Learn to make money online, and do it without spending a single dime of your own money!



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    How to-turn-money-into-more-money How to-turn-money-into-more-money Document Transcript

    • HOME MAKE $10 NOW! WWWEBMASTERING HOME BLOG ARCHIVE CONTACT MEwwWebmastering Blog How to Turn Money Into More Money - The Modern Online Alchemy By Wayne Goodwin IRONY About Making Money Online and How To Turn Money Into More Money WARNING: There is a lot of information in this article, but it is all very useful. I hope you learn something, and if you stick around from start to finish you can easily make $30 in the next hour, and as much as $190 if you follow the links at the end of the article as well. Take a look online at all the “scams” and advertisements out there. There is no question; people are VERY interested in making money online. As more and more people face unemployment, or even general dissatisfaction with their current employer, they turn to the Internet to find new sources of income. The most common story I hear is that of someone browsing through a vast sea of online money making opportunities, only to find that many are pure scams, or just not worth the time needed to turn a respectable profit. The truth is that the information really is out there, but it’s hidden behind false promises of overnight riches and instant results. The fact is that it’s just about as likely to become filthy rich overnight online, as it would be to walk into work tomorrow and be told that you’ve been promoted from hourly worker to President of the company with an enormous corporate salary and expense account. Results and success take WORK. It’s true in the traditional job market, and it’s true for the online world as well. THE QUESTION: How Do I Turn Money Into More Money? So the question is, how do you ACTUALLY start making money online? It is possible; countless numbers of individuals do it every day, and the experienced entrepreneurs that know what they’re doing boast incomes of thousands of dollars DAILY. The answer to that question, in my experience, comes in two parts: converted by
    • First, you can make a decision to EDUCATE yourself. The knowledge is out there, and honestly thebest way to get a leg up is to find someone who ALREADY knows what to do, and learn from them.Even if you can’t directly work with them or become their apprentice, you can STUDY them. Find outwhat it is that they are doing right, and replicate their actions. If you put in the TIME and EFFORT,you can learn everything you need to know to make an ample income online. Beware, however, thatjust like building a business, this will take time, and serious dedication to your education.My second answer is slightly more interesting. This is the answer I’ve come up with for people whoare NEW to the online world and really just aren’t sure that money can actually be made using theInternet. Most people just don’t have the free time or interest to learn the ins and outs of onlinebusiness that are the roots of money making opportunities. Because of this, FREEBIES are the verybest way for ANYONE to get started with making money online.What Are Freebies, and How Do I Use Them To MakeMoney? “Freebie†websites are nothing more than advertising brokers. Without getting into a full lecture on marketing, we’ll take a closer look at what this means.Think about the last time you went to a movie. If you arrived in the theatre before the feature filmbegan to play, what was on the screen? Advertisements. The last time you watched a TV show;what was playing in between acts? Advertisements. When last you were driving down the highway;what did you see standing tall on poles for every driver to see? Advertisements.Advertising and Marketing are huge businesses that support our economy by making customersaware of products and services that they otherwise may not have been aware of. Because of this,companies pay VAST amounts of money to have their products and services advertised purely in thehopes of bringing in new customers.Now that you’re thinking about the value of advertising, let’s talk about Freebie websites again. Allthey happen to be are ad agencies that seek out partnerships with companies like Netflix, DirectTv,GameFly, VistaPrint, and MANY MORE. They reach out to these companies that are interested innew customers, and strike up a business deal in which the broker (the Freebie site) earns aCOMMISSION for each and every new customer they bring in for the company.Well, now we know how the Freebie sites are making money, so let’s take a look at HOW you canuse them to earn money as well.One of the smartest moves a business can make to decrease their operating costs is toOUTSOURCE various jobs. Freebie sites are no strangers to this concept, and they in fact RELY onoutsourcing to help them bring in new customers. When you sign up with a Freebie site, youbecome an AFFILIATE. This means that you can now go out and promote the products and servicesthat they advertise, and earn a commission for each new customer!Let’s take Freecreditreport as an example. Yes, it’s that company with those annoyingly “catchy”ads on TV with the young rock band spokesmen. Now obviously they offer a free credit report, whichis true, but in fact the free report is available only if you sign up for a trial account. Once the trialends, you become a full customer, paying about $10 per month for their credit reporting andmonitoring services. Now, you can cancel the service before the trial ends and pay nothing, but we’llget to that later. For now let’s examine the economics behind the company’s advertising efforts. converted by
    • As an example, presume you become a customer with Freecreditreport, and you stay a customerfor 12 months. That’s $10/mo times 12 months, for a total of $120 that the company makes off ofyou each year. With monthly services like this, a customer is valued at their projected long-termvalue. Companies of course have their own methods of calculating this, but for our sake let’s just saythat Freecreditreport has found out over time that on AVERAGE, each customer they get to sign upfor their services is going to remain a customer for 6 months. That means that each new customerhas an average value of $60 ($10/mo x 6 months). In light of this information, the company would beprepared to pay as high as $59 for a new customer, because they would still be averaging $1 profitper customer.Now obviously a company is going to aim for a higher profit than in the example, but the point is thatcompanies are out there, EVERY DAY, paying good money for new customers. So to continue ourexample, let’s say that Freecreditreport is currently paying a Freebie Broker $35 for each newcustomer that they bring in for Freecreditreport. Now that broker can go out and advertiseFreecreditreport in order to bring in new customers, but that advertising comes at a cost. They haveto buy billboard space, newspaper ads, TV commercial spots, online ads, etc. As you can see, bythe time they actually gain a new customer, a significant amount of money would have already beenspent on the advertising that was used to gain that customer, thus reducing the profits the Freebiebroker will realize from their new customer commission payout.Remember when we talked about Outsourcing? Freebie brokers LOVE it. They outsource theiradvertising efforts to others in order to keep as much of their commissions as possible. Let’s say foreach $35 in commissions earned, the freebie company realized they were spending $25 inadvertising. As you can see, their profits are significantly reduced to only $10.Now imagine that instead of spending money on advertising, the Freebie Broker simply outsourcesthe work to affiliates and offers them a commission of $15 for each new customer. Now the FreebieBroker would be earning $20 of the $35 commission paid to them by Freecreditreport, instead of just$10 in the example where they handled the advertisement themselves. As you can see, outsourcingnot only saved them a lot of work, but it also resulted in greater profits!In case you haven’t noticed yet, advertising is nothing more than a funnel of cash flow. The cashstarts at the top, with the Company who is interested in new customers. When a Freebie Brokerbrings in a new customer for the company, the cash flows down and the Broker profits. When theFreebie Broker OUTSOURCES the work to an affiliate, again a percentage of the originalcommission flows down into the hands of the affiliate.Well by now it should be obvious that making money online is as easy as making sales ofproducts/services on behalf of a Freebie Broker, and then collecting commissions for those sales asan affiliate. But what if SALES isn’t something that comes easy to you, or you have no interest inbecoming an affiliate who is constantly promoting and advertising? That’s okay too, and if you’vemade it this far into the article, congratulations!We’re about to discuss the REAL “secret” this article is all about, which is earning money online forFREE, and then turning that money into MORE MONEY. Hopefully you’ve already learnedsomething by reading through this post, and now your patience is going to PAY off. We’ve alreadytalked about how the Freebie Brokers INCENTIVIZE affiliates by offering them COLD HARD CASH inexchange for new customers. Now let’s talk about how the CUSTOMER can actually benefit from converted by
    • this cash flow as well.Now after reading about how advertising works, many may wonder why a company doesn’t just paypeople to become customers. After all, the company is paying good money for new customers; whynot just incentivize the customers directly? A lot of AFFILIATES that work for Freebie Brokers haveasked the same thing, and in fact put into practice. After Freebie brokers became common online, anew trend started in which the affiliates would actually offer a percentage of their sales commissionsto new customers in order to increase sales. In other words, an affiliate who is expecting to make$15 for a sale of the Freecreditreport offer would be prepared to offer a new customer $7 (about half)of that commission in order to facilitate that customer sign up. Now you see the full picture of cashflow from the very top where it starts with the company with a service or product. The money flowsfrom the company, to the Freebie broker, then to the affiliate who is out making sales, and finally apercentage even reaches the customer thanks to the affiliate who is using incentivized marketing.That’s it. That’s the “big secret”. Now we know that just as salesman benefits from the sale ofproducts and services, the CUSTOMER can actually benefit financially from the advertising businessas well. The only real question that remains as a customer is: HOW DO YOU DO IT? Many peopleEVERY DAY sign up as new customers with Freecreditreport, not realizing that they could beMAKING MONEY at the same time. It’s all about finding an affiliate that participates in incentivizedmarketing.The bad news is that it isn’t always easy to find that affiliate, but the good news is that if you’rereading this, you’ve already found one. Not only do I actively participate as a Freebie affiliate, I alsohave years of experience and education in the field that enables me to help others. What I want toaccomplish today is to pay YOU, the customer, for signing up for a COMPLETELY FREE service.Then once you have seen the process in action for yourself, I am gong to show you how to take yourprofits and TURN MONEY INTO MORE MONEY. And in case you’re wondering, no, you won’t haveto write blog posts like me, advertise like me, or anything like that. If you can follow directions, thenyou can make money with me without ever spending a single dime of your own cash. Let’s now takea closer look at the actual Freebie websites so you can get a feel of how they operate. Then you canget started and actually generate some cash for yourself today!Now that I’ve spent some time educating and discussing principles, it’s time to get down to the realnitty-gritty. There are a lot of different Freebie Brokers out there, and because of that there are also alot of different offers. To begin, let’s just take a look at some offers from a few different Freebie sites.As you can see, Freebie brokers are partnered with a wide variety of companies. This enables themto offer a huge selections of products and services to customers all in one place. When a customersigns up for an offer, that customer is granted CREDIT on the Freebie site, and this credit can intime be used to cash out. Let’s look at a basic Freebie site PRIZE page. converted by
    • The prizes page is just where the Freebie company shows what commissions they offer to affiliatesin exchange for new customers. Almost all Freebie sites offer CASH as the primary payout, butothers also offer different options like iPhones, iPods, Game Systems, iPads, etc. If you’ve everseen an ad online that says something like “Get an iPad FREE!” and thought it was a scam, youwere wrong. Freebie sites do actually offer a way for affiliates to earn cool prizes. Now to be fair,99% of the people out there offering “Free iPads” aren’t telling you the full story, so of course itstinks just like a scam.So now that you’ve gotten a closer look at real Freebie product/service offers and the prizes theygive out to affiliates, let’s focus again on how YOU, the CUSTOMER can actually start makingmoney TODAY. It’s as simple as signing up for your first freebie site, completing a qualifying offer,and then collecting your cash!Now when you sign up for a freebie site, you’ll notice that each product/service carries a CREDITvaluation. For most Freebie sites you have to earn 1 credit, and this will earn you what is known asGREEN status. All this means, is that you will have completed enough offers to cash out. Once youare green, you stay green, and we will talk later about how you can use this to make even moremoney.For your first Freebie site, we will start with one of my favorites, which is One. ZipNadaZilch.ZipNadaZilch is the specific Freebie Broker, and One.ZNZ is an easy ONE CREDIT/ONE OFFERsite. That means that once you sign up, you just need to go to the OFFERS page and completeonly ONE offer that is worth ONE CREDIT. Once you complete the sign up, your account will begreen, and you will be eligible for payment!Whenever a new customer signs up at One.ZNZ, I will receive a notification that let’s me know, andshows me their current status.As you can see above, this would be a new customer sign up that has not yet completed an offer. converted by
    • In this picture you can see my notification center showing me a customer that has completed theiroffer requirements and is now GREEN.Once I see this in my account, I will contact you at the email address that you signed up with. Atthat point I will just be asking you what your PayPal payment email address is so that I can sendyour money to you. All payments issued from ZNZ are through PayPal, and this is my preferredprocessor. With PayPal I can send you the money instantly, and I highly recommend that you applyfor PayPal’s FREE debit card, which will give you instant access to your PayPal funds instead ofwaiting to transfer them to a bank account.Now that you know how everything will work once you sign up, let’s talk about MONEY. AtOne.ZipNadaZilch, I earn a $20 commission for each customer that signs up and goes GREEN. Ofthat $20 I will send you $10 via PayPal.This payment is in exchange for your sign up as a customer. Now for the coolest part of all of this:You can actually spend $0 and still go green at One.ZNZ. This is key for people who have no moneyto invest, or no interest in spending money online. At One.ZNZ you can choose a completely freeoffer and complete the credit requirements. I highy suggest a Free Credit Report offer that is worth 1credit. That way you can go green WITHOUT spending a single dime of your own money. The keything to remember here is that you are signing up for a free TRIAL. That means that if you remain acustomer after the trial period you will be charged the regular monthly rate. It is very important thatyou read about the offer you sign up for and understand what it is offering. Now as stated before, youCAN cancel a free trial before it ends, and avoid paying anything at all. When you sign up for a freeoffer, just make sure you write down the date you need to cancel by, the phone number to call (oremail), and then don’t forget to call and cancel.That pretty much covers everything you need to know to get started and complete offers withoutbeing caught by any surprises. So let’s get started with One.ZNZ, and then I will show you how totake the $10 I pay you for your GREEN to make even more money on other Freebie websites!Step 1: Sign up at – Just click to sign up. The web page you are taken to willindicate that user # 212241 is referring you, which is my reference number at One.ZNZ.Step 2: Completing an offer - Once you finish the registration process, click on the OFFERS tab.Once on the offers page, simply locate a FREE offer worth ONE CREDIT. Click on the offer andfollow all directions, making sure that you write down information about the offer so that you cancancel it before the trial ends. Once you complete the sign up for the trial offer, head back to yourOne.ZNZ OFFERS page. About 5-10 minutes after you complete your trial sign up, you should seethat your account is now GREEN!It CAN take up to 24 hours for a credit to GREEN, but in my years of experience it has never takenmore than an hour. If it doesn’t show up right away, just be patient, but feel free to contact me and Iwill help keep an eye out to let you know as soon as you do go GREEN. converted by
    • Now I will admit that I’m not at my computer 24/7, so if you wish to speed up your payment of $10,please CLICK HERE TO CONTACT ME. At that page you find several different ways to get in touchwith me directly and let me know that you’ve gone green at One.ZNZ. When I receive your message Iwill log in to confirm your GREEN, and then send you $10 to your PayPal payment email address.CONGRATULATIONS ON FINISHING YOUR FIRST FREEBIE!Now that you’ve finished your very first freebie, I hope you’ve seen how easy it really can be to makemoney online. Now I want to help you turn that money into more money, as well as teach you somemore interesting aspects of Freebie websites.The coolest part about sharing this information is that I was once exactly where you are. But yearsago, it was damn near impossible to find all of this information in one place. Everywhere there werepromises of vast riches and wealth. The truth is that freebies ARE a great way to make some FASTCASH online, but you are not going to be able to do offers in exchange for money forever.Eventually you will run out offers that you can do, since you can only sign up for each offer once asa new customer. At that point however, I highly suggest that you venture in to the affiliate world.Once you are green on a Freebie site, you will stay green, and this enables you to act as an affiliateand earn even more money. Instead of completing offers, you can go out and find people to sign upunder you and complete an offer. One.ZNZ will pay you $20 for each new sign up you bring in thatgoes GREEN. Now, it is completely up to you how you go about this, but I offer half of thecommission to my customer as a thank-you for their time and sign up. There is no industrystandard, and actually no requirement that you pay ANY of your commission to your customers. I dorecommend Incentivized Marketing as the best strategy, but you are free to keep the entirecommission if you want. Just be aware it is much easier to get sign ups when you offer a percent ofthe commission to your customers. If you ever come across someone who you know could use oneof the products/services that are offered on the Freebie sites, you can tell them to sign up under you,and you’ll earn a commission!Now that you know how you can make money AGAIN AND AGAIN with any Freebie site you goGREEN on, let’s move on to another Freebie site that you can complete for COLD HARD CASH!This next one is called iPods.ZNZ, and for this site I offer a $20 payout for anyone that goesGREEN!Step 1- You can CLICK HERE to sign up at iPods.ZipNadaZilch.comSince you’re already signed up at One.ZNZ, you can actually extend your account to iPods.ZNZ veryeasily without having to re enter all of your information again.Step 2– Once you’re registered, head over to the offers page and take notice.Things are a little different this time. Because this site pays out more, you will have to do a littlemore to go green. On this site, there are fewer offers that offer the 1 CREDIT you need to goGREEN. Instead, you will see offers that are worth .10, .25, .50… etc credits. Obviously you will justneed to complete enough offers to earn 1 credit to go GREEN. Just take a look around at the offersand you can easily find the lowest cost route to go GREEN.Don’t forget you can CONTACT ME to speed up payment, as I’m not logged into the Freebie sites24/7. Thanks for your patience! Please also feel free to contact me with any questions you mayhave, and I will be happy to help! converted by
    • Now is when you learn the power of investment. I want to teach you how to turn money into moremoney, because with that skill you will never have to be poor or in need of money ever again. Afteryou complete ONE.ZNZ you will be $10 richer than when you began, and without having spent anymoney at all.At iPods.ZNZ you will likely have to spend a little cash on offers to go GREEN, but I want you tospend less than $10. This is very easy to do, and you should be able to get the 1 credit worth ofoffers in about 3 offers.In reviewing the website now, I see:a free offer worth .20 credita $1.99 offer worth .35 credita $1 offer worth .20 creditand another $1 offer worth .25 credit.For those four offers you would have spent only $3.99 to earn the 1 credit needed to go GREEN.That means you still have $6 left from your $10 One.ZNZ profits, and you will now receive the $20PayPal payment for going GREEN on iPods.ZNZ.That means you are now sitting on $26 instead of just $10, and you did it without spending any ofyour own money! I hope now you are seeing the real power of Freebies and reinvesting your moneyto make more money. You simply start with an easy Freebie site that you can go GREEN on forfree, and then use the payout you get for going GREEN to pay for any offer purchases on anotherFREEBIE site. At this point I am going to conclude this article and leave you with a few links to otherFREEBIE offers that I pay for GREENS on. Thank you so very much for reading and participating! Ihope to be sending you lots and lots of money soon 0 Only 1 Credit Needed to Green!Only 1/2 Credit Needed to Green! ~ 3 Offers Needed to Earn 1 Credit!~ 2 Offers Needed to Earn 1/2 Credit!Payout for Green: $10 Payout for Green: $20 converted by
    • Only 1 Credit Needed to Green! Only 1 Credit Needed to Green!~ 3 Offers Needed to Earn 1 Credit! ~ 4 Offers Needed to Earn 1 Credit!Payout for Green: $20 Payout for Green: $30 If you absolutely LOVE freebies and have an interest in3 Credits Needed to Green, recommended working fromonce you have Freebie experience. home, I highly~ 10 Offers Needed to Earn 3 Credits to recommendGreen. checking out the U.S. Home Work Force. They offer a completely FREE training program to help you learn to market Freebies as a Part orPayout for Green: $80! Full Time job from home. With their process and training you can generate from $20-$150 in pure profit on complete autopilot for each referral you earn. Plus, if you cross promote your ZipNadaZilch Freebie sites to your referrals, you can easily generate another $300+ per referral!Thanks for stopping by!Wayne Goodwin You can click here to contact me if youre interested in working with me!Thanks for reading this post about How To Turn Money Into More Money! converted by
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