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19 connecting the_unconnected_society_from_the_backhaul_to_the_last_mile-technologies_to_support_humanitarian_operations_and_disaster_affected_communities
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19 connecting the_unconnected_society_from_the_backhaul_to_the_last_mile-technologies_to_support_humanitarian_operations_and_disaster_affected_communities


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  • 1. Connecting the unconnected society Technologies to support humanitarian operations and disaster affected communities Christèle Donadini, Innovation Manager WGET ICT Innovation Forum - 11th of April 2014, Luxembourg
  • 2. Objectives & Scenario 11 April 2014 | WGET ICT Innovation Forum 2 On this Friday morning, Country A was struck by a powerful earthquake. An hour later, a tsunami washed over the coast with water levels reaching over 30 feet high. Since the initial earthquake, there have been more than 50 aftershocks. Approximately 250.000 people are affected and terrestrial communication infrastructures are dispersed and not working. How innovative and managed solutions can be utilized to connect the affected population and support humanitarian operations after a disaster
  • 3. STEP 1 Get visibility on the extent of the disaster 311 April 2014 | WGET ICT Innovation Forum
  • 4. Timely information to efficiently manage & coordinate rescue activities 4 Rapid transmission of satellite imagery and data is vital for catastrophe response and relief 11 April 2014 | WGET ICT Innovation Forum European Data Relay Satellite System • Using traditional methods of satellite data transfer, the re-tasking of the space assets may be delayed for up to hours before the satellite is flying over a ground station. • Similarly the data download can be delayed significantly due to missing contact with the spacecraft. Losing valuable time in a critical situation. Earth Observation Satellites Imagery
  • 5. European Data Relay Satellite System (EDRS) 5 • Bi-directional data transfer between EO satellites and ground stations: - Downlink of data from the LEO sat / spacecrafts / UAVs to the ground - Transfer of tasking messages between the ground and the spacecraft • Optical laser Inter Satellite Link (ISL) technology with up to 1.8 Gbps relay capabilities • Additional relay service in Ka-band to cater for all types of EO satellites and UAVs • Data reception through EDRS ground station network or directly at customer’s processing / archiving centres  very low data latency (in minutes, rather than hours) • Future extension of the system with 2 further nodes to provide complete global coverage and long-term system redundancy beyond 2030 SpaceDataHighway offering near-real time telecommunication service between spacecraft &/or high altitude airborne platforms and the ground 11 April 2014 | WGET ICT Innovation Forum
  • 6. Response maps of devastated areas & Common operating picture 6 • Satellites constellation: Pléiades, TerraSAR-X & TanDEM-X, SPOT family, DEIMOS, FORMOSAT… • Change analysis using new imagery and archive data over the area • Images being made available to aid organisations and authorities within the framework of the International Charter on Space and Disasters* *space agencies all over the world to acquire and deliver data to those affected by natural or man-made disasters Recent high quality satellite images Encapsulated & portable geospatial server • Complete imagery server on a USB drive • Preloaded and/or Reconfigured in the Field for Dynamic Mission Response • Act as a syndicated server to allow co-workers on the same network to share the imagery services • Web-based platform handling archive and retrieval of hundreds of different types of unstructured data • Platform to allow people in a disconnected environment to extract content from the core database and take it into the field for update or addition GATOR (Geospatial Appliance Targeted for Operational Response) Disconnected access to post-disaster satellite imagery to help prioritize response efforts on the ground 11 April 2014 | WGET ICT Innovation Forum
  • 7. STEP 2 Quickly enable rescue teams to communicate 711 April 2014 | WGET ICT Innovation Forum
  • 8. Quick deploy satellite communication solutions 8 VSAT solutions e.g. Terralink Companion SatPhone solutions • Transportable pick and go VSAT system to provide broadband connectivity service anywhere (worldwide Ku-band satellite capacity) • Lightweight 1,2m flyaway (manual tracking) IATA compliant case • Fully integrated “office-in-the-field” inc. Satellite modem, firewall, router, voice gateway, WiFi network, Phone sets • Pay-as-you-go complete service offering (HW, connectivity and 24/7 support and training) Managed satcom solutions for land-based operations to communicate, inform, transmit vital information and enable rescue actions independently of terrestrial networks • Voice calls, messaging and low bandwidth data services beyond the coverage of traditional terrestrial networks • Handsets - Satellite only Iridium, Thuraya, Inmarsat - Thuraya SatSleeve to transform smartphone into satellite phone • Value-added services designed to optimize the performance of the basic satellite connectivity - Universal Card prepaid service for IsatPhone Pro and Iridium handhelds - SkyFile® Mail with Iridium’s RUDICS platform to reduce connection times by more than 50% - The Source to manage and control end-user accounts online. 11 April 2014 | WGET ICT Innovation Forum
  • 9. Stand alone resilient cellular solution • Deploy Stand alone Resilient Cellular Solutions (“GSM Bubbles”), totally independent of public operators networks • “Open” solution - User can keep their own personal mobile number and handset • Create locally a White List access to allow rescue teams to communicate (incoming and outgoing calls, SMS and Data services (EDGE)) • Direct communications between terminals within the “GSM bubble” • Interconnection between “GSM bubbles” in different areas • Small hand luggage (9kg) 9 Dedicated cellular network coverage allowing all GSM mobiles the reach and reliability of satellite communications within minutes anywhere around the world 11 April 2014 | WGET ICT Innovation Forum
  • 10. High Altitude Pseudo-Satellite Zephyr Concept • An ultra-light and low cost solar electric aircraft • 23m wingspan, 50kg • Operating altitude 50.000 – 70.000 ft • Persistence - measured in months or years • Wide Area – 1000 km diameter, 700.000 km2 footprint • Zephyr 7 - World’s Longest flight ever unrefuelled (14 days, 22 min, 8 sec) in 2010 • Reflown completely successfully in 2013 in an Airbus DS campaign 1011 April 2014 | WGET ICT Innovation Forum Communication Payload Capabilities • Flight Proven Communications Relays - Combat search and rescue VHF/UHF cross-band transceiver - 2 channel HF combat net radio relay (AN/PRC) • Proposed Communication Payloads - TETRA DMO repeater/gateway - TETRA base station for up to 100 users in a 10.000 km2 footprint - LTE400 - Mobile IP node Launch local persistent & autonomous aerial platform operating as communication repeater or stand-alone system
  • 11. STEP 3 Create situation awareness to coordinate rescue operations 1111 April 2014 | WGET ICT Innovation Forum
  • 12. M2M services for global location & monitoring Improve effectiveness of rescue operations while ensuring security of emergency responders & assets 12 • Location, messaging and alert services with geofencing capabilities • Back Office Application (BOA) to view locations, messages to and from devices in the field, manage the alert mechanism and the first responder community, remotely configure and manage devices and groups • Link to sensors for management and monitoring from a single back office interface  immediate knowledge of the position and physical status of the assets under observation 11 April 2014 | WGET ICT Innovation Forum Personnel & Vehicle Tracking Other assets e.g. Secure Container Tracking • Easy mounting within 20 seconds • E-identification & sealing (Android App) • Access Control on level of individuals throughout all phases of the transport • Worldwide Tracking & Tracing and integrity monitoring with real time alerts and event triggering
  • 13. Remote Medical Solutions 13 Tele-diagnosis & Triage • Massive flow of injured people • Data (inc. GPS position, pictures of wounds, bio data...) sent to a Medical Command & Control Centre in order to make decision on prioritisation of intervention and / or casualty evacuation • Improve triage efficiency and effectiveness TransHospital • Container and tent based system including the full spectrum of medical services from initial first aid stations to fully qualified hospitals, along with infrastructure and support facilities such as power supply, dining, sanitary and communication equipment - Mobile Rescue Station for first aid - Mobile Rescue Centre for primary surgical care - Field hospital with extended medical and surgical services Exchange of medical information to improve co-operation between the organisations / medical personnel involved and enhance casualties’ survivability 11 April 2014 | WGET ICT Innovation Forum
  • 14. STEP 4 Restore communication links for affected communities 1411 April 2014 | WGET ICT Innovation Forum
  • 15. Provide affected communities with voice and data communications • Rapid Deployment Module easily transportable and rapidly deployed to deliver internet and telephony services - Telephones installed inside and outside the module - PCs installed inside with internet connection • Access to the Internet service and/or conferencing systems from the Rapid Deployment Module or from a personal device connected either to a cable or via the WiFi in accommodation areas • Personal account to access the services + online credit purchase to load communication credits • Dedicated customer care centers and in-theatre engineering teams 15 Enable affected population to first contact loved-ones to reassure them and then help victims to move forward by staying connected to the rest of the world 11 April 2014 | WGET ICT Innovation Forum Rapid Deployment Module IDEAS-BOX • Libraries without borders NGO established in 2007 working in culture & knowledge-base development • IDEAS-BOX - Portable cultural media kits for refugee populations • Modules - CONNECT: satellite and/or 3G connection, local server, intranet & internet access via tablets - LEARN: 250 books & 5,000 ebooks, 50 e-readers, off-line content - PLAY: Movie module (screen, 100 movies, documentaries, cartoons…), board games, pencil, pens, art supplies, theater…… - CREATE: creative open lab, journalism (HD cameras, publishing SW…)
  • 16. Autonomous Energy Solution • Smart Autonomous Green Energy System (SAGES) • Building blocks - Green energy production (solar panels, wind turbines…) - Storage (short term with Lithium-ion batteries, long term with hydrogen electrolyser) - Release (from the batteries or fuel cell electricity production using stored hydrogen) • Self learning and predictive algorithms for energy management - System efficiency optimization - Remote secured supervision - Configuration tool • Supply local equipments with power between - Isolated / off-grid sites: 1 to 5kW - Back-up unit to electricity grids: 1 to 15kW - Mobile standalone energy unit (deployable or embedded in vehicle): few hundred watts 16 Produce, store and deliver electricity anywhere and anytime 11 April 2014 | WGET ICT Innovation Forum
  • 17. ...and much more 1711 April 2014 | WGET ICT Innovation Forum
  • 18. 18 ...within the SatCom division of the Airbus Group... 11 April 2014 | WGET ICT Innovation Forum
  • 19. ...and companywide 19 Wings of Help (Turkey – 2012 & 2013) • Airbus Helicopters - Ecureuil helicopter to the Philippine Red Cross to assess the stricken areas and prioritise allocation of resources - Flight hours with Ecureuil & Dauphin helicopters on behalf of Medecins sans Frontières, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Doctors without Borders and the Crisis Center of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs • Airbus foundation - Coordinated the humanitarian flights to deliver food, water purification materials and medical supplies - A340 test aircraft – 14 November - Philippine Airlines A321 – 15 November - Philippine Airlines A330 – 28 November Philippines – Typhoon Haiyan Tropical Storm Manuel (Mexico – Sept/Oct 2013) 11 April 2014 | WGET ICT Innovation Forum
  • 20. Thank you for your attention 2011 April 2014 | WGET ICT Innovation Forum Per Rune Iversen Astrium Services – Business Communications Sales Director Global UN Accounts Astrium Services Enterprises AS Lysaker Torg 45 – N-1327 Lysaker – NORWAY T: +47 22 58 20 50 M: +47 900 88 333 E: Christèle Donadini Astrium Services – Chief Technical Office Innovation Manager Astrium Services 12, rue Pasteur – BP 76 - 92152 Suresnes cedex - FRANCE T: +33 1 77 51 14 35 M: +33 6 29 43 14 78 E: