08_Public Safety today and tomorrow LTE now and beyond

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  • 1. YOUR MOMENT IS NOWLTE Now and BeyondTravis Heneveld, Michelle Johnson, Hemang Patel, Srini Rao Motorola Solutions Inc
  • 2. LTE System Architecture Agency 1 LTE Core Agency 3 Agency 1 Application Agency 2 NMS Device Servers Manager Application Agency 1 AVL, (CAD, Servers Video) Application (CAD, AVL,HSS/ Servers Video)PCRF (PM, CAD, EPC AVL, Video) Site 1DNS/DHCP PGW/ MME Firewall NTP SGW Site N E-UTRAN
  • 3. AGENDA – LTE and Applications• What is Long Term Evolution (LTE)?• How does this support public safety versus say E-UTRA or 4G• Identify how LTE will affect/support public safety?• What are the practical applications• What is the future of LTE and next possible steps• Will LTE be the standard in 5 years time (where should we beinvesting) 3
  • 4. What is Long Term Evolution (LTE)? LTE is the 4G Wireless Broadband technology built on 3GPP standards and is being deployed worldwide. LTE enables mobile data (Intranet, CAD, Location), Streaming Video and back-up Voice (PTT, VoIP) Can be deployed as a complimentary data and secondary voice solution to the current Mission-Critical P25 deployments Provides high downlink (~18 Mbps) and uplink (~9 Mbps) throughputs per site (5 + 5 MHz) Coverage ranges from 1 – 100 sq miles (dependant on spectrum, throughput, antenna height, device type, and terrain) It provides economies of scale with large number of Carrier LTE deployments across the world
  • 5. Public Safety LTE Difference Built on 3GPP LTE Standards Provides ruggedized and multi-band devices for Public Safety Additional levels of network security LTE optimized Video Application Provides additional levels of prioritization for agencies Connectivity to existing Mission Critical Voice Networks
  • 6. IMPROVING OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY AND OFFICER SAFETYOperational Efficiency: • Mobile office, in-field productivity • Resource management with location and dispatch of resources • Content rich Images and database lookups from Vehicles and Handhelds •Interoperability across multiple agenciesSave Lives (Officers and People): • Bi-directional vehicular video • Officer and Vehicle location • Multimedia Command and Control • Secondary Voice Communications • Faster messaging between officersMotorola Solutions Inc 6
  • 7. PS-LTE Applications Service Area Service Description • Priority Management (maps users and applications to LTEPriority Management priority based on jurisdiction, agencies, user role etc.)Legacy IP (CAD, http, ftp, etc.) • Customer’s existing IP applicationsMapping/Navigation • Commercial and PS optimizedSituational Awareness • PS Collaboration ToolsPremier One • CAD/Records/Jail for Public Safety • Motorola Push To Talk – interoperates with LMR systems forPTT PTT applications, provides PTT for LTE-only usersRtVI (Real-Time Video Intelligence) • Live Video streaming applicationMVPN • Mobile Virtual Private Network (RadioIP, NetMotion)Motorola Solutions Inc 7
  • 8. Thank YouTHANK YOU