04_04_O3B (Other 3 Billion) project


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04_04_O3B (Other 3 Billion) project

  1. 1. O3b Applications for Emergency ResponseWGET-ICT Humanitarian Forum11-12 April 2013David Burr,Director, Product Development
  2. 2. Launch Update• O3b Networks is launching 8 satellites this year • The first 4 will launch in just a few weeks. • Commercial services commencing in Q4 • An additional 4 satellites will follow in 2014• The O3b constellation makes use of: • A Medium Earth Orbit which reduces delay and improves performance while reducing costs • Ka-band frequencies, to provide higher throughput. • A flexible spot beam architecture that allows capacity to be delivered where needed, and to be moved in near real time as operational requirements change.• O3b wants to explore with the WGET community how this ground-breaking service can be deployed to support emergency and humanitarian response. 2
  3. 3. O3b – A revolutionary solution • A different kind of satellite: • The Medium Earth Orbit reduces delay by 75% compared with GEO O3b Networks 8,062 km • Lower cost to build and launch compared with GEO • O3b is the first satellite constellation built with IP and mobile networks in mind • O3bs cost advantage enables the business case for sites that are not possible with GEO • O3bs low latency dramatically improves the quality of voice and data services 36,000 km O3b 150ms 500ms Geostationary Satellites 3
  4. 4. How O3b Works 4
  5. 5. Satellite Overview• Each satellite has 12 steerable antennas • 10 antennas used for customer beams • 2 antennas used for Gateway connectivity • Each beam is independently steerable to any location within +/- 45 latitude • Beams can be stacked at the same location to provide additional capacity • Circular polarization is used RHCP and LHCP• Each Gateway beam is connected to five customer beams • A single satellite supports two groups of this 1:5 configuration • Loopback beams can also be configured to provide localized connectivity up and down in the same beam• Each customer beam is configured with • a 216 MHz Ka-band transponder in the forward direction • a 216 MHz Ka-band transponder in the return direction 5
  6. 6. Satellite Payload • Each satellite has 12 steerable antennas: • 40 cm in diameter • 6 RHCP and 6 LHCP. • Two axis gimbals to control elevation and azimuth angles. 6
  7. 7. Coverage – Where it counts. • 177 countries and 70% of earth’s population are within optimal coverage • Much of the most demanding humanitarian response geography will be served
  8. 8. Beam Coverage • Inner coverage is defined as 0.2o off-boresight. This inner antenna coverage (approximately 50 km in diameter) provides optimal antenna gain for premier Tier 1 services. • Outer coverage is defined as 2.5o off-boresight. 2.5o Outer • This antenna coverage (approximately 700 km in Coverage diameter) provides coverage area for customer services, while also providing sufficient antenna gain. 0.2o Inner Coverage 700 km 50 km Outer Inner Coverage Coverage 8
  9. 9. O3b Value Proposition High Throughput Low Cost Capacity Low LatencyO3b Networks Proprietary 9
  10. 10. What’s possible? If I had access to a large amount of affordable, low latency bandwidth, how would this change remote communications? Could I: implement innovative embrace social media ? technologies? ? (without affecting others or breaking the bank?) access ‘Big Data’ on-site and meet future service ? in real time? ? expectations? 10
  11. 11. Products
  12. 12. Who We Serve Telecom Operators and ISPs Mobile/Wireless Network Operators Enterprise Service Provider Government Service Providers
  13. 13. O3bTrunkCarrier Class Services using Full and fractional beams• High Speed Customer Terminals• Connect via O3b Gateways in strategic locations• Internet transit, leased line and MPLS connectivity 13
  14. 14. O3bTrunk Emergency Response Example• Use O3b Trunk’s fiber grade capacity to restore communications to cities following hurricane outages.• O3b beam can be repositioned to the affected area.• Transportable or prepositioned fixed terminals can provide capacity to major urban wired and wireless networks.O3b Networks Proprietary 14
  15. 15. O3b CellConnectivity to remote cell towers andclusters of towers• High Speed connectivity from the O3b gateway to the customer’s core network via fiber or satellite• Packet based architecture supporting 2G, 3G, 4G networks O3b Gateway SGSN/GGSN Tier 1 Modem BSC Abis Optimizer MSC Tier 1 Terminal at BSC Site Remote Terminals in Customer Beam 15
  16. 16. O3b Cell Emergency Response Example• One of O3b’s partners, Enercom, offers a containerized solution integrating an O3b terminal and a GSM / 3G / LTE base station. GreenLink™ Hybrid Wind/Solar Powered O3b Satellite Earth Station• All equipment ships inside the container For Remote “Off-Grid” Telecommunications • Antennas deployed on the roof • Side panels punch out for air conditioning and cable access • Power options for off-the-grid operation• Stand alone operation or function as a high-site with microwave connectivity to nearby towers energy and communications
  17. 17. O3b Maritime • O3b satellite beams will follow ship tracks on ship’s normal route - Cruise operator provides O3b with normal ship course • Beam tracking updates in real-time if the ship has to change course. - O3b will maintain ship within beam centre - Ship provides lat/lon updates on 2 hour Latency Availability& 160# Ft Lauderdale 100# intervals via in-band Real-Time Ship 150# 90# or out-of-band (ms)& 80# 140# Round& Latency& 70# Track Monitoring Availability& 60# 130# Labadee Trip& 120# Cozumel 50# 40# channel Via O3b 110# 30# 20# Falmouth 100# 10# Customer Portal 0# 10# 20# 30# Minutes& Satellite& into& Pass& 40# 0# 0:00#2:00#4:00#6:00#8:00# 10:00#2:00#4:00#6:00#8:00#0:00#2:00# 1 1 1 1 2 2
  18. 18. O3b Maritime Emergency Response Example• Hospital ships may be deployed to provide medical facilities to support emergency response.• Radio communications with land based personnel is often difficult due to line-of-sight and other issues.• Shipboard O3b stabilized platforms can provide high speed connectivity to shore based teams via the O3b gateway.• Provides access to medical experts where not physically possible• Improves triage• Aids in logistics of supplies, ground and air transportO3b Networks Proprietary 18
  19. 19. O3bEnergy Increasing communication needs in the O&G is being driven by new applications, the regulatory environment and the increasing distance from the shore and depth where such platforms are operating.• Coverage of offshore platforms with high speed connectivity• Seismic Survey ships providing ultra high speed data collection to supercomputers in data• High Speed + Low latency = cloud
  20. 20. O3b Terminal Equipment
  21. 21. 1.8m and 2.4m Antennas Supplied by GD Satcom Antenna Subsystem • 2 x 1.8 or 2.4m Offset antennas used with 5, 10, 20 or 40W BUC/LNB • SMC reflector • Two axes of tracking utilizing a modified polar mount with closed loop tracking. • Tracking rate estimated to be between 1 and 2 degrees per minute. • Slew time to return antenna to home position on completion of tracking cycle < 3 minute. 21
  22. 22. Transportable Terminal for O3b • Dual tracking antennas with seamless make-before-break handover • Able to operate with single antennaMotorized Flyaway Antenna Model 1.5mSF-LT for break-before-make service Model 1.5mSF-LT • 0.75m, 0.90m, 1.2m, 1.8m, and 2.4m size reflectors Motorized Flyaway Anten • Optionally operate over GlobalXpress and WGS Government bands Flyaway Antennas frequency bands and polarizations (co and cross polarization) D • Ruggedized, but not necessarily full MIL-SPEC • Shippable in 2-3 transit cases to be carried by two men • Optional trailer mount • Assembled by trained two-man crew in less than 4 hours F The Strength to Perform 22
  23. 23. O3b Shipboard Stabilized Ka Band Terminals • Orbit is manufacturing 1.2m and 2.2m Stabilized Terminals: Size Data Rates 1.2m 5 – 100 Mbps 2.2m 100 – 300 Mbps • Dual tracking antennas provide seamless handover at end of pass and in case of blockage • 3rd hot-standby spare antenna and spare modem for redundancy • Network demarcation points: Outdoor Units Managed Service Demarcation Point Ant$ Ctrlr$ Indoor Units 2.2m - GigE interface to the LAN in the Shipboard Handover BUC$ Stabilized Tracking ships data center IFL and connectivity Xcvr + Antenna - Internet access at major peering Mod$ LNB$ Ship’s Juniper Modem Coders$ points via O3b Gateways SRX240 Network Router I/F$ - IP/MPLS connectivity to Demods$ Decoders$ BUC$ 2.2m corporate networks Shipboard Xcvr + Stabilized ViaSat High Speed Tracking Modem Antenna LNB$ M&C$ Server$ Ant$ Ctrlr$23
  24. 24. ViaSat 4.5m Trunk Terminal Terminal Types • Dual 4.5m Ka band antenna baseline • 40W BUC or 500W HPAs options • Optional – 7.3m antenna – Site Diversity solution Tracking • Step track over program track High availability option • Third hot-standby antenna for 1:2 antenna redundancy • Redundant modems with IF switch Power Consumption ( 2 Antenna system) • Technical Power- 6.8KVA ( max ) • Utility Power – 7.0 KVA (max) 24
  25. 25. Terminals Positioning- Modem Choice FL TDM/DVBS2 RLs SCPC 100+ Comtech Advanced VSAT Gilat meoEdge SCPC-SCPC VersaFEC/ACM Point to Multipoint SCPC-SCPC DVB-S2 # of Sites LDPC+BCH SCPC-SCPC 20 /ACM DVB-S2/ACM ComTech CDM-625 Point to Point ComTech CDM-760 Point to Point Or Point to Point Point to Multipoint 10 Viasat MeoLink 0 1-15 15-25 Up to 314 Up to 810 25
  26. 26. Deployment Scenarios• Existing Beam Location • More flexibility in capacity and term• New Location • Beams can be steered +/- 45 Latitude• Pre-deploy fixed antennas at known risk locations • Full antenna or foundation only• Deploy transportable terminals• Deploy follow-me beams for maritime vessel supportO3b Networks Proprietary 26
  27. 27. Why O3b?O3b’s Advantages Affordability that makes budgets go farther IP based connectivity, which is agnostic of the last-mile technology whether it is GPRS, 3G, 4G, CDMA, Wi-Max or Wi-Fi for example. High-speed connectivity supporting up to 1.2 Gbps. Low latency… dramatically improving interactive applications. Leveraging world class equipment vendors O3b is changing the landscape for satellite connectivity.O3b Corporate Presentation 27
  28. 28. Contact Information • David Burr, Product Development (the Hague, the Netherlands) - david.burr@o3bnetworks.com; mobile: +31 6 295 06 024 • Jack Deasy, Government Development (Washington, DC, USA) - jack.deasy@o3bnetworks.com; mobile: +1 336-541-0938O3b Networks Proprietary 29