Jeff Bezos


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Jeff Bezos

  1. 1. Jeff Bezos The Next Internet Kingpin?
  2. 2. The Dot Com Bubble • Companies’ stock prices shot up simply by adding “.com” or “e-” to their name. • Tons of startups running into the ground with giant red numbers • Most companies crashed; Amazon didn’t.
  3. 3. Foundation of Amazon • Created business plan on cross- country trip. • Like other dot-com companies, fully expected to operate at a loss for the first few years.
  4. 4. Surviving the Bubble Burst • No agreed-upon one reason for survival, but several factors may have helped: o 1999 patent of “1-click shopping”  Previously, online shopping done in “shopping cart” model, where items were abandoned in carts.  1 Click shopping eliminated “abandoning” and buyer confusion  Patent lawsuit temporarily forced Barnes-And-Noble, who was using a similar system, out of business at Christmas holiday rush o Customer Service: “The competition is watching us, and we’re watching the customers.”  One of the first to encrypt credit card numbers  Built distribution centers with money most companies used to advertise  Amazon had a reputation left standing after bubble burst crashed advertising capital.
  5. 5. Moving On: The New Innovations Making Startups Easier than Ever • Elastic Compute Cloud: o Sells server power o Very economic: Amazon normally only uses 10% of potential server power (other 90% reserved for spikes) • Fulfillment: o Sells unused warehouse space o Automates everything: As soon as buyer orders are sent, warehouse automatically ships
  6. 6. New Innovations cont. Task Distribution Management • Amazon Mechanical Turk: o Some tasks are just better done by humans instead of computers (image recognition, etc.) o People post these tasks on AMT and other people complete these tasks, sometimes for money. The Original Mechanical Turk: A chess o Rewards really not that playing “machine” secretly operated by a large: ~10 cents hidden person inside. It’s how Amazon’s Mechanical Turk produces human-like results; because work is done by unseen humans (the users)!
  7. 7. The Fight for the Web 2.0 • Web 2.0 is about platforming: providing the basic layer for website-building. • Google has been leading this, but: • ECC, AMT, Fulfillment have attracted big customers: Microsoft, Linden Labs, etc. • So the Big Question is: Will Amazon be the New Microsoft?
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