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Highlights of 5 years of TU Delft OpenCourseWare
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Highlights of 5 years of TU Delft OpenCourseWare


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Presentation of 5 years of TU Delft OpenCourseWare

Presentation of 5 years of TU Delft OpenCourseWare

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Highlights of five yearsTU Delft OpenCourseWare12-10-2012 ir. Willem van Valkenburg Delft University of Technology Challenge the future
  • 2. 15 October: Start of OCW200720082009201020112012
  • 3. 20072008 Spring: Start bureau OpenER2009201020112012 April: Anka elected in Board of Directors OCW Consortium
  • 4. Oct: 21 courses from 6 master programmes200720082009201020112012
  • 5. Apr: Anka re-elected in Board of Directors OCWC2007 Sept: TU Delft courses translated into Chinese20082009 Oct: launch of VO-portal201020112012
  • 6. Jan: Sofia Dopper & Willem van Valkenburg project leaders OCW200720082009 Mar: launch of new website2010 Jun: OCW workshop for IDEA2011 League partners2012 Dec: Dutch Special Interest Group OER starts
  • 7. May: Anka elected as President of the OCWC200720082009201020112012
  • 8. Jun: 50th course published: Introductiecursus TB20072008 Aug: Delft Design Guide and2009 Sanitary Engineering finalist2010 of OCW People’s Choice Award20112012
  • 9. Oct: Start of OpenCourseWare Europe project200720082009201020112012
  • 10. Nov: OCW Seminar 20112007200820092010 Nov: OCW Ambassadors2011 announced2012
  • 11. Dec: ICTO-plan accepted Personalisation Collaborative &2007 Period: Active Learning Mobile 2011-20142008 Systems &2009 Resources2010 TU Delft distance Next-generation2011 & online Classroom Education2012 Massification Face to face Virtual
  • 12. Mar: Open Education Week20072008 Mar: Trend report OER2009201020112012
  • 13. Apr: Sanitary Engineering awarded for OCW Excellence200720082009201020112012
  • 14. May: Anka #19 most creative people in business 2012200720082009 Jun: Paris Declaration on OER2010 • Foster awareness and use of OER • Facilitate enabling environments for use of ICT • Reinforce the development of strategies and policies on OER2011 • Promote the understanding and use of open licensing frameworks • Support capacity building for the sustainable development of quality learning materials2012 • Foster strategic alliances for OER • Encourage research on OER • Facilitate finding, retrieving and sharing of OER • Encourage the open licensing of educational materials produced with public funds
  • 15. Aug: TU Delft @ Llowlands20072008 Sep: Imagine the Future of2009 Learning201020112012
  • 16. Sep: Start of STUMBLE Essentials: Naslagwerk. Onderwijsmateriaal (tentamenstof) Struikelvakken TU Delft als OpenCourseWare Additionals: Verbreding/verdieping/aanvulling. Aanvullend Ondersteunend (onderwijs)materiaal TU Delft & Niet-TU Delft2007 Guidance: Begeleiding op maat. F2F/online bijles TU Delft & Niet-TU Delft2008 Extra’s: aanvullende diensten & bronnen Eventuele aanvulling20092010 Oct: Report OER-Hollands2011 landschap2012 Nederlandse hogescholen en universiteiten nemen ook stappen op het gebied van open educational resources (OER), open leermaterialen die online vrij beschikbaar zijn voor (her)gebruik.
  • 17. Oct: 93 courses published200720082009201020112012
  • 18. Oct: Launch of OCW More200720082009201020112012
  • 19. Dec: Trainee Gijs Houwen will join the OCW team2007 Focus on use and re-use 1. Stumble Courses2008 2. Prepare International Students2009 3. Use in Developing Countries 4. Source of Reference2010 5. Extracurricular education2011 6. Online Masters2012
  • 20.