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How To Calculate The Value Of A Keyword Along With A (Free Download). In this presentation I will show you exactly how I calculate the value of a keyword and provide you template to do so as well.

How To Calculate The Value Of A Keyword Along With A (Free Download). In this presentation I will show you exactly how I calculate the value of a keyword and provide you template to do so as well.

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  • 1. blo gt o m e m http://blo gto m/calculate-value-keywo rd-free-do wnlo ad/ How To Calculate The Value Of A Keyword Along With A (Free Download) Free Tools Mentioned In T his Blog Post: Keyword Value Calculation Spreadsheet Buyer And Trigger Keyword List. Both of these tools can be download by joining the Blog To Media Email List at the bottom of this Post. Later on this post I will show you exactly how I calculate the value of a keyword and provide you template to do so as well. Bef ore we do that though we need a good understanding of why this is important and how it works. Search engine marketing is a big part of being successf ul online. Search engine marketing is a way to sale or get the word out about your products via search engines. In a traditional sense search engine marketing works the same way as other f orms of advertising except it is online. It works like this: 1. Search engines are used to get targeted traf f ic 2. You provide content that helps that targeted traf f ic get what they need 3. You convert that traf f ic into prof it When you work with search engines you have your two types of traf f ic. Organic Search Traf f ic Paid Traf f ic
  • 2. Paid traffic is exactly what it sounds like, traf f ic you pay f or. T his is typically done with pay per impression (CPM) or cost per click (CPC). How To Use Keyword Research To Get Traf f ic & More Conversions A big part of dominating the search engines is keyword research. It doesn’t matter whether you are creating niche websites or authority websites, choosing the right keywords is extremely important. A matter of f act, I consider it the most important step to get website traf f ic. If I were to survey the majority of my readers one of the top 10 questions I would get would be how to get more traffic to my website. I consider keyword research to be a f undamental part of online success and one of the f irst building blocks of a successf ul blog. Let me just tell you, I learned the hard way. When I f irst started out online I made a lot of mistakes. My Keyword Research Failure Without doing any keyword research I created my f irst authority website and started writing daily f or this website. Traf f ic came and went, but it never increased like I wanted it to. At f irst I thought it was just part of starting a new website. T hinking that I had to be online f or a while bef ore people would start to visit my website. T he harsh lesson that I learned was that….. if no one is searching f or the keywords you’re targeting no one’s gonna come to your website. T hat was the day I started to see improvements in my online adventures. No I did not immediately start making $100 a day but I learned one of the f undamentals of being successf ul online, keyword research! Use Keyword Research To Find Your Target Audience If you want to be successf ul online study keyword research and become an expert at it. All other aspects of running an online business will become easier if you become a keyword research expert. T he main goal with keyword research is f inding keywords that will help you reach your target audience and convert those visitors. Keywords should be directly inline with your business goals and what your website is about because that is what will help you reach your target audience. Getting traf f ic to your website is great, but unless they’re targeted there going to be a lot less likely to purchase your products, join your mailing list, or take action in general. How To Generat e A List Of Keywords For Your Blog Bef ore you begin doing your keyword research it is helpf ul to come up with a list of potential keywords that you think people would search to f ind your website. T his will give you a nice starting point and jump start your the keyword research process. As you do your research you expand on this list. Finally, you narrow down that list to traf f ic getting and converting keywords. When making your initial list of keywords don’t over think it. Just come up with the terms you think you’re most likely to get traf f ic to your website without going into a lot of depth and thought. Keep it simple at this point. We will let the keyword research tools do the hard work f or us.
  • 3. Part of good keyword research is thinking like a searcher. If you wanted to f ind your website in the search engines what would you search f or? T hats a question you need to ask yourself when doing keyword research. T his will help you think like the searcher and come up with some nice keywords. A f ew notes about keyword research. Don’t be afraid to get a little creative with some of your keywords as this might give you a competitive advantage over your competitors. Remember that high traffic volume keywords are not always the best keywords. Sometimes they do not convert as well as lower traffic keywords and they’re also usually much more competitive. How To Calculat e The Value Of A Keyword Keyword research is an extremely powerf ul tool f or a blogger. In order to rank your blog well in search engines you will need a good understanding of how keyword research works. Most bloggers understand this and start researching keywords to target f or their blog. 1. A blogger sees a keyword that gets a lot of traf f ic 2. T hey think they can rank f or it f airly easy And then……..unf ortunately most bloggers stop at this point and begin preparing content and campaigns to start ranking f or the keywords they discovered. One of ten overlooked yet valuable piece of inf ormation to consider bef ore starting the process is calculating the value of the keyword you want to target. Coming up with a value f or a keyword is very important research to do f or your blog. T his can help you determine whether a keyword will be worth it f or you to either try to rank f or in Google, or, run a pay-per-click campaign on it. Why waste time on creating content around a keyword that is not going to provide value and help move your blog f orward? Coming up with a keyword value is actually a pretty simple process. While it may not be exact you can get a pretty good understanding of whether a keyword will be valuable or not. T his works f or both organic search keyword targets and keywords you are targeting with a PPC campaign. In order to value a keyword you are going to need some inf ormation. Traf f ic Volume Conversion Rate Value Per Conversion Cost per click (If you are using paid traf f ic) Traffic Volume – Is the amount of traf f ic you expect to get f rom the keyword. T his can be a tough one because some keywords will drive more traf f ic but will have a lower conversion rate. Keep in mind that the best keyword is not always the one that brings the most traffic. Conversion Rate – the conversion rate ref ers to the percentage of traf f ic that takes a desired action. If you want someone to purchase your eBook you can calculate your conversion rate quite simply. If you have 100 visitors and 30 of them buy your eBook you have a 30% conversion rate or 30/100.
  • 4. Value Per Conversion – T he value per conversion is how much you make on each conversion. If your eBook is going f or $7.00 than your value per conversion would be $7.00. Creating your estimations can be a little bit tricky at f irst but with time you can f ine tune your assumptions and have a realistic value f or each keyword that you want to check. At f irst, you may have to estimate the amount of traf f ic, your conversion rate, and more. Af ter a while however, you can track real results and then get a real understanding of the value of each keyword that you track. Some marketers will actually run a PPC campaign just to get an idea of the value of a keyword and which keywords convert best. T his will help them decide what keywords to target and whether or not they should try to rank them in the search engines organically or use a PPC campaign. T his method can save you a lot of time and money if you have the f unds available to do it. If not, that’s OK, you can still get the same results by ranking f or the keywords organically and analyzing them then. With this in mind I wanted to put together a simple tool f or other bloggers to use to calculate the value of keywords. You can download a f ree copy of the keyword value calculation spreadsheet to value keywords f or your blog by joining the Blog To Media Email list at the bottom of this blog post. So lets take a look at a f ew examples. In the f irst one we will use an organic search traf f ic example. Keyword Value Calculat ion Organic Search With the f irst example we are selling a $7.00 product that has a potential traf f ic volume of 2,500 visitors. An estimated conversion rate of 40% and a value per conversion of $7.00. Since we are using organic search traf f ic we also have to consider the click through ratio of Google search results. T he ratios provided on the screenshot above are Search rank click thru estimates and are based on research perf ormed by Chitika.
  • 5. In this second example we are going to use the same data but this time we will be using paid traf f ic with a cost per click of $1.15. See the screenshot below. Note: In the two screenshots above the blue text is the inputs that you will put in and the spreadsheet will do the rest of the work f or you. So with very little ef f ort you can get a good idea of how valuable a keyword is. As you start running your campaigns you can monitor things closer and plugin your actual conversion rate, search ranking, traf f ic volume and more. T his will allow you to get an even better understanding how valuable a keyword is. How To Find Prof it able Keywords T he key to f inding prof itable keywords is using trigger words. T hese are the type of keywords that convert well. T hey are also known as buyer keywords. A f ew examples of buyer keywords are: buy cheap learn Discount T hese types of keywords can convert really well because the person visiting your site is looking to buy that specif ic product. Combining trigger and buyer keywords with your keywords can be huge on your conversion rate. Download a list of high converting buyer keywords by joining the email list at the bottom of this post. T his list contains over 100 buyer and trigger keywords that will help your conversion rate and make you more money. Keyword Tools For Keyword Research T here are many keyword tools out their to help dig up keywords, f ind related keywords, traf f ic volume, cost per click, and more. Some better than others. I will list some of the popular tools to f ind prof itable keywords.
  • 6. Scrapebox - Scrapebox is more known as a black hat SEO automated commenting tool. Most people don’t understand the value this tool has f or other purposes. Keyword research is one of those f unctions. With Scrapebox you take a keyword or multiple keywords and it will f ind a list of related keywords. You can take your new list of keywords and repeat the same process until you have a massive list of related keywords. It will even let you remove duplicates, export and more. WordTracker - Wordtracker is a very popular keyword tool to get a lot of results along with competition. Has both f ree (with limitations) and paid versions. Google Keyword Planner – T he Google Keyword Planner is the new version of the previous Google Adwords Keyword tool. Pretty ef f ective tool to get a ton of keywords, related keywords, traf f ic volume, and estimated CPC. Google Trends - While this isn’t what you would think of as a keyword tool it does help you f ind popular searches and how those searches have trended over a period of time. Hopef ully you f eel comf ortable with keyword research now. With the keyword value calculation spreadsheet and buyer keywords list you should on your way to f inding prof itable keywords. If you have any questions with any of this f eel f ree to shoot me an email or contact me here. Sign up f or our email list below to download the keyword value calculation spreadsheet and the buyers keyword list.