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How it really happened
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How it really happened


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it is not what you think …

it is not what you think

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Polly bearThat little wench I ought to …… oh hithere I am Polly bear and I am going totell you how it really happened the ohand excuse my language back the thereSo I am going to tell you how the sweetsbroke in to our home I have a husbandnamed Wally and a son named applesorry if I don’t put this in a appropriatelanguage for all the little girl and boysout there but I assure you that I’ll try.So back tot the story, one day ourporage was too hot so I said maybe weshould go train (because we were in theOlympics)So we when out and jogged up to a run
  • 2. GoldilocksWell as a 3rd grader I was ciuuos curious so Iwent in, (thinking it was a abondinedabandoned) so when I went in, I saw a logcabin mansion, a thousand dollar couchwith a huge flat screen with a blue rayplayer playing the wining of the OlympicsWhen the girl bear won, I loved that, it wasamazing! I am also a runner very fast butnot that fast! so then I heard stomach talkto me like a monster I realized I was stavingso I found porage, it, looked like porageanyway.So the kitchen was stainless teal high Tecanyway that atouned astounded me, It saidWally because it was in very fancy writing Icould barley read it but it was too hot Inearly burnt my tongue it was so hot to thenext bowl It said Polly bear hey that wasthe name of the runner on the TVhmmmmm it can’t be, well I tried it, it was
  • 3. too cold my my tongue almost got stuck toit, it was sooo cold but then I realized thatthere was another one so I moved rightalong to that bowl and then what I tastedamazed me the bowl that said apple tastedgood so back to the awesome living roomwere I saw three chairs one big one smallone medium I skip right along to the smallone because I knew right when I ate thatporage that the smallest was me so I satuntil I almost fell asleep then I wonderedthen found the elevator skiped the pooland hot tube with yet another blue ray tv init with I water park slide on it with a tubedesender on top the glass enervator had awonderful view of everything on the secondstory was truly awesome a tv the size of thewall with a movie thater place really then aball pit with a trampilin with a bouncy houselike bounce you place I was starting theywere steeling all of this well the 3rd story therooms I got of to see the top story wasmade of glass I saw a yacht and it was also 3
  • 4. storys and there own island so I went insideof the first room I could not get thepicture out of my head so on to the nextroom it was pink girly and I am tomboy so Iam out theni saw the most normal roomever but found out it was awesome so I amgoing to describe it in the most unflatteringit was blue with a siver staircase going up toa loft with a glass floor a desk with hw Icompleted for him he was on long problemsthat took me a whole page to complete itbut when I found the bed I had to climb althe way to the celling to find that it was acage so I push a button and slept in itpushed other one and then it closed then Iwoke up and ran out the door why I sawthree bears so I got chased Polly bearSo I aw that the girl was in my son’sroom so I started chasing her but shewas fast so I went around her and
  • 5. caught her but she went around me myfamily had caught up and said forgiveher I said no so I will teach her a kindlesson of kindness trying to be as nice aspossibly in my rage so I got her still andtried to calm her down GoldilocksShe tied me up to a tree and stood thereand then she stomped on my foot then Ibargen, it was hard with a broken foot Isaid I will buy you a lock for your housepadlock so only you finger prints can get inbut then I screamed and police came so Isaid they kidnapped me then she gave upand said I’ll give you the ma ma man manmanshio manshion that was a yes but I saidtake all your and wally’s stuff bedroom wiseleave the rest . ooooookkkkkkk she saidvery sad I god the madshion The end
  • 6. Polly s bear goldilocks kristina Epilogue WallyThis is wally and tim (I renamed apple ) I am going totell you what happened next polly lost it and was fat sotim left and I did we were embarrassed she swears anduh I can say the rest now the endWally (apple)timNow the really story well that was the reallystory but she over exasperated yes the girldid break her and sewed but my jealousmom didn’t put in the part but this was helast entry not good I had to write it becauseafter that she was bad really really bad butjust for the effect I did a different font Polly stupid bearAfter that I had a peaty good life I was left alone so I ate and ate andate (goes on and on and on ) well then I trained but gave up
  • 7. I had gain 28 pounds (then she tells you a lot ofmore things) the little devil caused all this it was her fault This is the end of everything of my life see! Polly bear, Tim bear, Wally bear, goldilocks, Kristina