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Programme Management Limited Company Profile

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New brochure 240311

  1. 1. Programme Management Limited<br />Bracken House, One Friday Street, EC4M 9JA.<br />08454 137<br />pml<br /><ul><li>Facilities Management
  2. 2. Planned Preventative Maintenance
  3. 3. Construction Management
  4. 4. Building Services Management & Installation
  5. 5. Fit-out Works
  6. 6. Refurbishment Works</li></li></ul><li>Our Core Team<br />Gerard Beare - General Manager <br />Projects<br />A very experienced Mechanical and Electrical Engineer, Gerard specialises in complex building service installations. With over 25 years in the industry he has, for many years, managed a multi-disciplined team of engineers on major projects, and now leads our Projects / Construction Management Team.<br /> <br />John Francis C.Eng.M.I.C.E. <br />Chairman<br />A Civil Engineer with over 40 years experience in all aspects of Construction and Facilities Management, John has secured the procurement and delivery of projects of all sizes, from small office fit outs to, most recently, the Construction of the Dubai Metro System.<br /> <br />James Gates—General Manager<br />Business Development<br />James joins PML after spending many years delivering large complex FM contracts to a multitude of industry sectors. His consultative approach enables him to focus on the specific needs of our clients, delivering a unique service package every time. The relationships forged continue through the contract lifecycle ensuring our clients receive the service levels agreed and that PML preserve our 100% contract retention rate.<br /> <br />David Robbins M.C.I.B.S.E. <br />Managing Director<br />Originally trained as a Mechanical and Electrical Services Engineer, and with 30 years of experience in both the building refurbishment and building services areas of the construction industry, David oversees the operation of the Construction Department and the Facilities Management Department.<br /> <br /> <br />George Mason—General Manager<br />Facilities Management<br />George joins PML after many years of working with Multi National TFM providers. His experience will help to develop our FM offering and enable us to provide our customers with a high level of service providing a quality solution across all Sectors.<br /> <br />“Our people are our most valuable asset” – John Francis, Chairman, PML.<br />
  7. 7. Introduction <br />Programme Management Ltd (PML) is a team of professional Project Managers with extensive experience in Projects, Construction and Facilities Management (FM). Formed in 2004 around a core team who originally worked for one of the largest Japanese Construction companies, the Obayashi Corporation, PML brings together an impressive range of expertise and skill, providing clients with tailored services of exceptional quality. <br />PML is committed to providing customers with high quality and individually tailored solutions, meeting economic, safety and efficiency requirements. Our expertise in Facilities Management and Construction Projects enables us to consistently meet PML’s key objectives which are to effectively identify and then resolve customers’ problems. <br />With extensive experience in budget preparation and procurement, as well as an impressive record of completing projects to time and budget, we have consistently provided our London based and international clientele with a service that is second to none. <br />
  8. 8. Facilities Management<br />PML’s Facilities Management Department, headed by George Mason, is a growing team of skilled professionals with significant experience in hard and soft Facilities Management (FM) services. Delivering both Whole Building and Part Building contracts, the FM Department is committed to identifying and understanding clients’ individuals needs – and to providing a high quality and cost-effective service which meets these requirements. <br />Construction Management <br />The Construction Management Department is managed by Gerard Beare who heads up a team of well experienced and highly motivated individuals who together form our project teams. <br />Our philosophy is to be aware of and plan for every reasonable eventuality. We assess each project individually; each having particular features, needs or operational constraints. Our experience has taught us that in the majority of situations any problems that arise have invariably been encountered on previous projects and can therefore be avoided subsequently. <br />
  9. 9. Case Study - Facilities Management – Whole Building<br />Location : <br />River Plate House <br />7 - 11 Finsbury Circus <br />London <br />EC2M 7DH <br />Client : <br />Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd <br />Contract Value: <br />£2,000,000 p.a. (approx.) <br />Services Provided<br /><ul><li>Routine and planned preventative maintenance of all mechanical and electrical services.
  10. 10. Daily office cleaning and specialist cleaning services.
  11. 11. Provision of the building access control and security service, including the employment of all security staff.
  12. 12. Waste control and removal, including secure waste and recycled waste disposal.
  13. 13. Provision of all wash room and toilet supplies.
  14. 14. 24 hour 365 day manned site with specialist emergency call out provision and maximum 2 hour response time.
  15. 15. Reactive and minor repairs provision including a 24 hour “handy man” service.
  16. 16. Manned help desk facility during office occupied hours. </li></li></ul><li>Case Study - Facilities Management – Part Building<br />Location : <br />4th Floor <br />155 Bishopsgate<br />London EC2M 3YX <br />Client : <br />Norinchukin Bank Ltd <br />Contract Value: <br />£140,000 p.a. (approx.) <br />Services Provided<br /><ul><li>Routine and planned preventative maintenance of all Mechanical and Electrical services installed by NBL, including UPS and emergency generator services, computer rooms, print rooms, meeting rooms and tea stations.
  17. 17. Daily office cleaning and specialist cleaning services within the NBL demise area.
  18. 18. Waste control and removal, including secure waste and recycled waste disposal.
  19. 19. 24 Hour 365 days a year call out provision with a maximum 2 hour response time.
  20. 20. Reactive and minor repairs provision, as and when requested and required. </li></li></ul><li>Case Study - Facilities Management – Part Building<br />Location : <br />3rd Floor <br />Devon House <br />St Katherine’s Dock <br />London <br />Client : <br />NTT Europe Limited <br />Contract Value: <br />£110,000 p.a. (approx.) <br />Services Provided<br /><ul><li>Routine and planned preventative maintenance of all Mechanical and Electrical services installed by NTT, including UPS, computer rooms, general office areas and meeting rooms.
  21. 21. Daily office cleaning and specialist cleaning services within the NTT demise.
  22. 22. Minor project works which included the creation of 4 additional meeting rooms, redecorating and upgrading staff kitchen areas, meeting rooms and the main board room.
  23. 23. Reactive and minor repairs provision, as and when required.
  24. 24. Emergency 24 hour 365 days call out provision with a maximum 2 hour response. </li></li></ul><li>Case Study – Project<br />Location : <br />Bracken House <br />London EC4M 9JA <br />Client : <br />Obayashi Corporation <br />Contract Value: <br />£1,500,000 <br />The Project <br />The project consisted of the fitting out of the 5th floor centre plate and the 1st and Ground floor wings. The works involved mechanical, electrical and plumbing works in addition to partitioning and decoration. All works were required to be carried out to a high standard and to match the existing décor within the building. Following on from these works, PML’s services were further utilized when the ground floor was developed further with the construction of a boardroom, reception area, video conferencing suite and adjacent meeting rooms with specialised finishes and feature lighting. <br />The Achievements <br /><ul><li>The project was completed on time and with a minimum of disruption to the incumbent tenants
  25. 25. Co-ordination of the activities of the various contractors, furniture suppliers, and the removal operation so as to cause minimum disruption to MHCB’s business activities
  26. 26. The successful completion of the new boardroom and adjacent facilities. </li></li></ul><li>Case Study – Project<br />Location : <br />Lombard Street <br />London EC3V 9AJ <br />Client : <br />Takenaka Europe <br />Contract Value: <br />£6,000,000 (approx.) <br />Project Details <br />The Project involved complex planning and programming of the replacement and upgrading of mechanical and electrical plant and services in this office building which covers six floors, housing some 200 persons; approximately one third of its capacity. <br />The PML team was involved in the management of the design process and the production of tender documents for the specialist subcontracts. The construction phase, which PML were pleased to project manage on behalf of the Client, commenced in July 2009. <br />Project Achievements <br /><ul><li>Working in conjunction with Takenaka to establish a cost plan which is acceptable in terms of the Client’s budget and which enabled the necessary works to be carried out to the highest standards. </li></li></ul><li>Case Study - Construction Management <br />Location : <br />Totteridge Green <br />London N20 <br />Client : <br />Wrenspire Projects Ltd. <br />Contract Value: <br />£14,000,000 <br />Project Details <br />The Project involved the completion of construction works, building fit-out and final decoration of a prestigious 18,500 square foot dwelling including the installation of a swimming pool, bowling alley, gymnasium, sauna, pavilion and 6 hole PGA Standard golf course. As would be expected, the highest quality of materials and standard of finish was required, and achieved. <br />Project Achievements <br /><ul><li>At the time that the Wrenspire/PML team took over the Contract, it was running some 12 months behind programme and the Works had a number of significant defects, both apparent and latent, that required resolution. We were able to resolve the various problems to the Client’s and Architect’s satisfaction and to successfully complete the Project
  27. 27. The project necessitated complex and sophisticated electrical and HVAC controls and installation which were carried out under the direct control of PML’s M&E Site Manager.
  28. 28. PML’s full-time on site Building Manager was able to oversee all remedial works and then to continue to completion to the highest quality by the various trade contractors. </li></li></ul><li>Case Study - Building Services Management and Installation<br />Location : <br />River Plate House <br />7 - 11 Finsbury Circus <br />London <br />EC2M 7DH <br />Client : <br />Obayashi Corporation <br />Contract Value: <br />£1,928,000 - M&E Works Element <br />Service Provided: <br />In conjunction with the leaseholder, Mizuho Corporate Bank Ltd., PML formulated a Forward Maintenance Plan for 2008-9, including cost planning and compilation of budget. <br />The Works comprised seven identified packages, and included: <br /><ul><li>Replacement of the existing BMS;
  29. 29. Overhaul of M&E plant in the Basement; and
  30. 30. Repair and maintenance to the fabric of the building. </li></ul>For each package, PML prepared the Employer’s Requirement and Tender documentation. Contracts were placed with the successful tenderers and implemented and managed by PML. <br />Following the success of this project, PML are now preparing the Forward Maintenance Plan for 2009-13 in partnership with Obayashi Corporation UK and Japan. <br />
  31. 31. Case Study - Management Contracting<br />Location : <br />River Plate House <br />7 - 11 Finsbury Circus <br />London <br />EC2M 7DH <br />Client : <br />Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd. <br />Contract Value: <br />£2,500,000 <br />Service Provided: <br />Following the successful completion of the 2008-9 Forward Maintenance Plan works as Project Managers on behalf of Obayashi Corporation, PML were directly appointed as Management Contractors by the leaseholders, Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd., to carry out the 2009-10 Forward Maintenance Plan Works. <br />The Works, with a combined value of £2.5 million, comprised seven identified packages, and included: <br /><ul><li>Replacement of the existing Security Access Control System.
  32. 32. Smoke Damper Works.
  33. 33. Lift Repair and Refurbishment.
  34. 34. HVAC System Overhaul.
  35. 35. Repair and Maintenance of the Fabric of the Building. </li></ul>For each package, PML were responsible for all matters from the preparation of the Employer’s Requirement through to completion of construction. <br />PML are also now preparing the Forward Maintenance Plan for 2009-13 in partnership with Obayashi Corporation in UK and Japan. <br />
  36. 36. Facilities Management Services<br />Hard Services<br />Soft Services<br />Inspections<br />
  37. 37. Our Mission <br />To fulfil our raison d’etre—to provide an outstanding service with dedication, passion, understanding and proactivity. <br />In order to achieve this, our values are to: <br />1<br />Create partnerships and integrate ourselves with our clients to embed their priorities into everything we do. <br />2<br />Encourage innovation through training, mentoring and rewards to create cost effective responsible and revolutionary packages. <br />3<br />Respect the environment by evaluating the consequential impact of all business decisions. <br />4<br />Be passionate about what we do and how we do it—always being dedicated, understanding and caring to our working environment.<br />