Third Teacher Peace: POPE


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Third Teacher Peace: POPE

  1. 1. her Teac Third The 4 oom 2 3 r n rench i inking F Reth
  2. 2. We need a space that… adapts to teacher, student or technology led lessons is flexible and adaptable contains thinking and working areas that can be both quiet or shared as needed fosters the IB culture and curriculum allows for descriptive feedback between teacher-student, studentteacher and student-student allows for “anytime” or spontaneous learning and discussion
  3. 3. Calming & Inspiring Sleek & modern Palette feel Bringing the outside in (grey walls with white, yellow and green accents)
  4. 4. We spend so much time in our desks…
  5. 5. What we would like to see…
  6. 6. Possibilities on a budget… Chairs that swivel & can be moved easily Spray painting our existing chairs (uniform colour for seats&legs)
  7. 7. A plain corner becomes a space for collaboration!
  8. 8. A shared thinking area where we can speak French in small groups A whiteboard table A corner mural
  9. 9. In our space… a long table smart seating
  10. 10. Seating possibilities part 2 Use milk crates to create low seats for the collaborative corner space -storage under the seat -cushion seat in a dark grey fabric or fun pattern (removable for washing) -easily stored under the table or stacked in the corner
  11. 11. Meanwhile in the opposite corner…
  12. 12. We are creating geniuses so let’s create a genius bar!
  13. 13. The genius bar is…genius! An L-shaped desk (or 2 desks meeting in the corner) for laptops A few stools that could be stored under the bar
  14. 14. Some examples from “real life”
  15. 15. Above the genius bar… A mounted screen that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as displaying student work, showing exemplars, streaming class discussion boards or announcing homework, class or school reminders! Something a little more modern than this….
  16. 16. The teacher’s desk Oddly enough, all students included the “teacher’s desk” in their classroom design sketch. We want to move in the direction of a space that can be student, technology or teacher led! The space needs to flow from a teacher-led lesson to individual or collaborative lessons as needed.
  17. 17. The new teacher’s desk… …is more like a table surface where teacher duties, like lesson planning or marking, can take place when needed, but that would serve multiple purposes like acting as a table used for group work or presentations. It is on wheels so that it can be easily moved around the room. (A smaller table than pictured would be more suitable to the dimensions of the classroom.)
  18. 18. Storage Removing the tall filing cabinets from the classroom (we currently have 5 and two of them do not close properly!) will take away some much needed storage…
  19. 19. Storage solutions! A teacher locker On wheels, locks & (that locks to store anything we don’t want to go missing!) can easily be moved or stored under a table or away in a corner!
  20. 20. Shelving wall – then &…
  21. 21. Shelving wall - Now glossy These Remove the sliding doors and paint the shelves white finished doors can be written on (for labeling) and would hide shelving contents
  22. 22. Above the shelving -We envision several uses for the “bulletin boards” in the classroom: -a faith “space” -an IB board – all things IB -anchor charts/unit content -group work/collaboration white board or magnet board
  23. 23. From chalkboards to white boards
  24. 24. A mounted projector With white boards all along the front and back walls of the classroom we will no longer need 1)the pull down screen, and 2)the shared cart with the laptop/projector as we will have a projector mounted in the ceiling!
  25. 25. This unused space behind the door After – hooks (and Before shelves?) to hang coats/sweaters, store bags
  26. 26. Third Teacher at Pope!