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Apple iPad in Practice


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10 or more ways an iPad can help doctors improve patient care, with a little help from MacPractice. …

10 or more ways an iPad can help doctors improve patient care, with a little help from MacPractice.

Presentation for WSUS 2010 annual conference

No affiliation with Apple or MacPractice.

Brad Tollefson

Published in: Health & Medicine

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  • 1. Apple iPad in Practice 13 ways an Apple iPad can help doctors improve patient care
  • 2. 1. teach patients Blausen Human Atlas
  • 3. 2. transform your waiting room
  • 4. 3. keep notes and forms
  • 5. 4. allow patients to retrieve PHR
  • 6. 5. and/or email
  • 7. 6. mobile wall monitor
  • 8. 7. music, meditation
  • 9. 8. scheduling, syncing calendars
  • 10. 9. patient games, entertainment
  • 11. 10. physical exam tool
  • 12. 11. after visit summary: when patients forget
  • 13. 12. record progress
  • 14. 13. integration w EMR
  • 15. What to know about MacPractice
  • 16. Can I... • Use MP if my institution already has an EMR in place? Yes • Use MP if my institution is Windows, or not apple-centric? Yes • Integrate EMR, with iPhone, & iPad with multiple users in office? Yes • Demo MacPractice MD online? Yes, sign -up here • Get training online? Yes, here
  • 17. Like Google, Two Founders - 1987/2004 • Mark Hollis - Co-Founder/President Mark was an Apple VAR for 12 years, and he currently participates in Apple's Science and Technology initiative. He was an Apple Product Professional, Apple Solutions Expert (ASE), a member of Apple Consultant Network (ACN), and a Macintosh Trainer for 10 years. • Patrick Clyne - Co-Founder/ V.P., Director of Development Until April of 2004, when Patrick left the MacHealth division of WebMD, the owners of MediMac and ChiroMac, he was the sole remaining software engineer working with MediMac and ChiroMac code. Patrick designed, wrote and/or maintained successive versions of DentalMac, MediMac, and ChiroMac as a software engineer for each new owner of the program code for 20 years.
  • 18. MacPractice Team (80 empl.) • Administrative Department (9) • Engineers (14) • Accounting Department (4) • QualityAssurance (3) • Technical Support Department (34) • Web / Graphic Development (1) • Conversions (1) • Field Representatives (16) Paul Hamby -WA,OR,ID (25 years)
  • 19. MacPractice Alliance Partners (12) • • • • • • • • • • • •
  • 20. Osirix
  • 21. 64 bit, what’s the difference?
  • 22. Financial Summary "... These items conservatively produce an ROI of a few months!" - Accounts Receivable Manager - University of Massachusetts Medical Center Direct cash savings occur in the following areas: Faster retrieval allows you to reduce or redeploy staff Lost revenue due to lost documents eliminated Fewer days in Accounts Receivable Improved Patient relations Office Administration is streamlined, appearance improved Cash float is reduced Eliminate trekking to the records room, searching another physician's desk - or worse, driving back to an office just to reference a patient's record.
  • 23. NOT JUST FOR THE MAC These scenarios demonstrate that it is possible to establish a connection in both directions: a Mac connecting to a Windows machine, and a Windows machine connecting to a Mac.
  • 24. Peace of Mind for Providers Capario's revenue cycle management solutions relieve stress for providers by delivering the significant financial and operational benefits of real-time processing. • Improve productivity by streamlining back-office operations and reimbursement workflow with easy-to-use, Web- based portal tools • Maximize collections and reduce risk of non-payment with real-time eligibility verification, status inquiry and other transactions—without picking up the phone • Shorten revenue cycle processes by submitting cleaner claims the first time and receiving electronic remittance advice (ERA) for easy integration with practice management systems for posting and reconciliation efficiencies • Gain insight into your practice with customized business intelligence reporting and on-demand, real-time claims status visibility and denial trend reporting • Ensure constant compliance with evolving regulatory and payer requirements
  • 25. EHR
  • 26. ComChart will allow you to access you, your patient and other physicians to access all or part of the patient medical record using a smart phone like the iPhone, and iPad or any web browser.
  • 27. real urologists go mobile
  • 28. iPad & MacPractice in Practice
  • 29. Access MacPractice anywhere within your office with the iPad's portable, wireless, touch-screen.
  • 30. Access MacPractice from outside the office on an iPad.
  • 31. Enable multiple users to simultaneously access MacPractice on a single computer from numerous iPads.
  • 32. Use an iPad for patient registration and beyond.
  • 33. Complete medical EMR questionnaires on an iPad.
  • 34. Provide educational material or entertainment for the patient
  • 35. what uses have you come up with? (share them in your comments) Thanks!
  • 36. Sources • • • •