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2009 Podcasting Presentation Nareb
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2009 Podcasting Presentation Nareb


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Podcasting, Internet Radio, You-Nique Branding and YOU! …

Podcasting, Internet Radio, You-Nique Branding and YOU!
by Butch Grimes

Presentation made to the National Associaition of Real Estate Professionals in Montego Bay Jamaica on Branding YOU!

The presentation covers all the elements to creating a you-nique podcast and internet radio show to empower and build educational ambassador status in the real estate community.

The presenetation covers all elements to build a brand. From show topics to social networking.

Be YOUNIQUE, "Be Informed, Not Surprised".

Published in: Real Estate, Technology, Business

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  • Workbook: Page 1 BEFORE beginning. Who are you? 120 seconds word association before starting. Keep in mind who you are during this presentation.
  • Specific sites where you can download royalty free music are listed later in the book.
  • Libsyn is a media distribution service. Once you complete your recording, you use it to get the word out to your listeners. This service doesn't charge for bandwidth usage or for hosting a specific amount of web storage.
  • Google Adsense is a cross between affiliate marketing and sponsored advertising. When you sign up for the program, you get paid every time someone clicks on an ad and clicks through to another web site. The amount you get paid varies, and may only be a few pennies for each click. If you have a high-traffic site, you can earn a significant amount of money in this way. To tie Google Adsense in with your Podcast, you will need to mention your site URL in your broadcast to drive traffic to your web site
  • Transcript

    • 1. Oprah, Ashton Kutcher mark Twitter 'turning point' • Oprah Winfrey, Ashton Kutcher taking Twitter's popularity to new heights • Winfrey sent her first tweet to 73,000 followers Friday on her TV show • Kutcher beat CNN early Friday, April 17, 2009 in a race for 1 million followers on the site • "It's a big milestone. This brings Twitter mainstream," said Andrew Cherwenka, a Huffington Post contributor and Web developer at, referring to Kutcher and Winfrey's Twitter breakthroughs.
    • 2. •A Podcast is an audio recording that people can listen to online. •People can subscribe like a magazine. •The word “podcast” is derived from “iPod” and “Broadcast”. •You don't need an iPod™ to listen to a podcast.
    • 3. The Power of Podcasting • Powerful line of communication to the masses • Expand your client base • Target a specific market • Establish yourself as an expert in your niche • Propel your business forward
    • 4. • 23 million+ Americans listen to a podcast each month. • If you want to get your message out to the public, you need to put it in the format people are interested in. • Podcasts are an effective way to share information. • Podcasting can expand YOUR BRAND to a new audience while reaching your current audience in a new medium.
    • 5. “But Butch, I’m a Real Estate Professional. Why should I podcast? Isn’t that for the hip crowd to play?”
    • 6. Fastest Growing Demographic on Facebook: Women Over 55 February 2nd, 2009
    • 7. • More realtors are using technology like e-mail to keep in touch with their clients • 80% of realtors reported using e-mail for business purposes on a regular basis • Leads generated by realtors’ web sites are responsible for approximately 13 inquiries each year • Using podcasts will be as common as e-mail is now in the next few years If you want your business to grow, you will want to embrace the new technology and start using it now
    • 8. OLD NEW
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    • 16. OLD NEW
    • 17. From The New Yorker Magazine OUT OF PRINT: The death and life of the American newspaper by Eric Alterman MARCH 31, 2008 Perhaps not, but trends in circulation and advertising––the rise of the Internet, which has made the daily newspaper look slow and unresponsive; the advent of Craigslist, which is wiping out classified advertising––have created a palpable sense of doom. In the Internet age, however, no one has figured out how to rescue the newspaper in the United States or abroad. Newspapers have created Web sites that benefit from the growth of online advertising, but the sums are not nearly enough to replace the loss in revenue from circulation and print ads.
    • 18. From The Los Angeles Times By Martha Groves March 18, 2009 If you're suddenly having trouble finding a neighborhood mailbox, you've got lots of company. In recent weeks, one-quarter of the 3,700 collection boxes in the Los Angeles area have been removed, said Joseph L. Harrison, a spokesman for the U.S. Postal Service's Los Angeles district. The purging of 930 boxes throughout the area, including in Beverly Hills, Inglewood, Santa Monica and neighboring communities, is part of a nationwide reduction prompted by government cutbacks and the shift to online bill-paying and e-mailing.
    • 19. • Stay competitive because you’re in constant contact with potential clients. • Your listeners are interested in getting quality information in this format. • According to a survey conducted in January of 2008 by Arbitron- Edison Media Research, 33 million Americans over the age of 12 had listened to an online radio broadcast the previous week – 4 million more than in 2007 • In 2007, 29 million Americans listened to online radio broadcasts
    • 20. • Listeners are more likely to buy from someone they “know” • The audience gets a sense of you from your Podcasts • The audio branding can build a relationship with your audience and potential clients • Listeners grow to like and trust you before they meet you! • An opportunity is created to remind the audience of your valuable service with every Podcast • Repeat Listeners are reminded of your business and increase the likelihood of referrals
    • 21. 1. Identify Your Audience 2. Determine Your Message 3. Write a Script 4. Plan Your Podcast 5. Purchase Your Equipment and Tools 6. Produce Your Podcast 7. Market Your Podcast
    • 22. It is important to have a specific idea of your target audience to ensure the most important and relevant information is communicated in your podcast. A sample of Basic Demographic Questions: • Male or Female or both? • Age range of your listeners? • Highest level of education completed? • Range of yearly income? • Homeowners, potential homeowners, investors, second homeowners? • Marital status, age of children? • Race, ethnicity, religious affiliation?
    • 23. • What is the biggest concern of my target audience? (Cost, ease, value…) • What would that person say they are looking for in my service? (A mentor, experience, bargain...) • Draw a picture or write a description of your typical client. Use specifics like age, sex, lifestyle… (An example could be a young married woman in her twenties buying a home for the first time.) • What else do you know? (Family connections, car they drive, are they locals, educated, bilingual…)
    • 24. Your show title doesn’t change, so make it something that tells people they’ve found exactly what they’re looking for. For example: “Foreclosure Facts with Butch Grimes The Foreclosure Expert” See how this incorporates the exact keywords the audience is looking for?
    • 25. This will change from show to show, but it is always related to your overall show template.
    • 26. • Set up interviews with local public officials or community leaders to give your listeners details about such topics as re-zonings or infrastructure plans as it relates to the overall message of your podcast. • Be sure to include local news and issues that your listeners are interested in when it can be tied in to your overall topic. • Consider doing a remote Podcast where you walk through a particular Neighborhood and describe what you see in detail. Your listeners will feel as if they are there, too! • Get creative with your Podcasts and watch your business grow!
    • 27. Daily podcasts are probably unrealistic for you and your listeners. Weekly or bi- weekly episodes are a lot more reasonable.
    • 28. Listeners will come to associate your music with you and your program.
    • 29. A consistent message • Tells first time listeners what to expect • Reminds return listeners of why they came back
    • 30. Provide light information to warm-up your audience, like a teaser or factoids. “In today’s show…Did you know…”
    • 31. • Provide meaty information in the middle of the show: interviews, editorial, news • Write out your script, and rehearse it word for word, before your first podcast
    • 32. • You can choose to record your podcast using your computer's microphone or a portable digital recorder. • Recording a podcast remotely • Flexible, convenient • Using interviews for credibility and “borrowed” expertise • Interview as much as possible, less pressure on host
    • 33. Something of interest to keep them with you until the end. (Valuable tips, quote of the day, trivia…) “Here is the shocking quote of the day”, or “Today’s expert tip comes from…” Listeners will stay tuned for this tidbit if you provide it regularly and it is valuable.
    • 34. Again, keep this consistent because your listeners will come to associate it with your show and your brand.
    • 35. Marantze Digital XtremeMac Recorder PMD660 MicroMemo
    • 36. You need to edit!
    • 37. • Audacity (free) • Podcast Station • Sony Acid • Pro Tools (more advanced)
    • 38. • Once the recording is recorded and saved, you can edit . • Become familiar with audio editing software. • Learn how to cut out pauses, unwanted material, and noise. • Enhance your podcast by adding extra features like music • Save the finished product as a clean MP3 file
    • 39. Posting Examples
    • 40. • The last step in the process is letting your listeners know that the podcast is available. • Once you have done that, you can post your podcast to iTunes.
    • 41. "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"
    • 42. • Twitter – people will know instantly • Facebook – build your “friend” base • E-blasts – Constant Contact and Your Mailing List Provider are 2 top companies that offer this service • Google Searches – Article Submission drives key words • iTunes - Many people are familiar with using it to download their favorite music, but it can also be used to download podcasts.
    • 43. • Your Podcast can be an important part of your overall marketing efforts. You can use this strategy without having to resort to a hard-sell approach. • When you provide content that is relevant to your audience, you develop a sense of community with your listeners. • Utilize Podcast Portals aka the “Yellow Pages” for Podcast listings.
    • 44. “Butch, this is a great tool, but how can I make money ?”
    • 45. You can use your Podcast as a stepping stone to increased profitability! Internet Marketers know about the value of "monetizing" their content. Ideally, you want to establish multiple streams of income There are 3 methods to accomplish this goal.
    • 46. There are 3 methods to accomplish this goal. 1. Affiliate Marketing 2. Paid Advertising 3. Ecommerce
    • 47. Affiliate marketing is an easy way to start making money. Web marketers sell products and services using an affiliate program. When someone you refer buys a product, you get a commission. Rates vary depending on the program, but can be very generous. Some programs pay as much as a 50-60% commission on every sale! Set up your own web site and post a review of the product you are promoting. Mention your affiliate products every so often when you prepare a Podcast.
    • 48. • A Podcast is an advertising medium. • Instead of your placing ads, you can take money from advertisers who have products or services your listeners may be interested in. • Once you have a good track record and a reasonably large following, you can start to court advertisers. • The potential advertiser will want to know that their money is being well spent and that you have the ear of the public before they agree to buy an ad. • Keep track of your stats on how many subscribers your Podcast has to add to your credibility if you decide to take this step
    • 49. • Get yourself out there. • Create additional income. • Consider the option of selling products directly from your web site. • Think about developing your own information products. • Start with a short (5-10 pages) report and move into eBooks. • You can also package recorded information as CDs.
    • 50. • Hire a ghostwriter if you don't have time to write the material yourself. • Pay a flat fee or negotiate a fee + royalties arrangement. • Set up an 800 number to take orders and to answer customer inquiries. • Look into having a fulfillment house drop ship your products for you.
    • 51. • Offer your services as a speaker. • Teleseminars, Webinars, Vodcasts • Set up a membership site where people pay a fee to access new information on a monthly basis. • Offer your podcast through a paid RSS feed. • You may be fortunate enough to be picked up by a satellite radio service, a la Adam Curry, the first podcaster!
    • 52. • Audience Feedback • Effectiveness • Contribution to the bottom line • Increase in Sales calls • Online sites designed to track website traffic to your podcast or website • Success stories resulting in listings and ultimately sales
    • 53. Internet Radio Trends Up, up and away
    • 54. US Advertising Spending: Streaming is Significant
    • 55. 300 Listener Penetration (millions) Over the Air Radio (cumulative) 250 Wireless Internet 200 Penetration 150 148M Internet Radio 100 91M Mobile phone audio streaming 50 Satellite radio subscribers 0 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Source: Bridge Ratings, Arbitron and Edison Media Research Internet Radio Growth
    • 56. BMW-WIFI • BMW
    • 57. Internet Radio Opportunity Continued growth in Internet Radio Listeners presents opportunities for both Broadcasters and Advertisers Broadcasters Advertisers • Opportunity to expand with • Opportunity to reach audience new channels closer to the point of action • Opportunity to engage more • Opportunity to develop more deeply with audience targeted advertising • Opportunity to user richer campaigns. media beyond just audio • Opportunity for more measurable results on ad campaigns New opportunities necessitates several changes to traditional radio broadcast approaches • Audience Measurement • Advertising Management • Stream Management • Content Management
    • 58. Good Luck!! MAKE SOME NOISE!! BUTCH GRIMES 310-693-4681 BUTCH@BUTCHGRIMES.COM WWW.WETALKREALESTATE.COM Host your own radio show!!