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  • 1. Personal Performance powered by Mind Fit driven by YOU
  • 2. The world has changed • Old rules no longer work – Business models have become outdated – Knowledge inputs are not delivering the results – The world has changed but it has not been noticed • New rules are needed for a changed world – New, adaptable and flexible business models are emerging – Critical Adaptability™ and "Can-Do" attitudes and behaviours in people will drive change – A need for a clear purpose with a winning mind 2 ©2013 Mind Fit Ltd All Rights Reserved
  • 3. People are: Unique, Complex & Sometimes Unpredictable! • Beliefs: We are a product of what we believe is possible Beliefs Choices – What we believe, together with our experiences, form our attitudes – Our attitudes in action form our behaviours that others experience – Our behaviours lead either to ‘Behavioural Waste’ or ‘growth’ that impact on the business • Choice: Only we can choose – The direction in which to travel – To change and influence our performance – To become who we are capable of being • The choice ours 3 ©2013 Mind Fit Ltd All Rights Reserved
  • 4. Mind Fitness Definition Mind Fitness is a naturally learnt ability to perform to your optimum in different situations, through "Can-Do" attitudes and behaviours, and a winning mind. (Williams, 2010) Mind Un-Fitness is also a naturally learnt state that leads to ‘can’t do’ and ‘won’t do’ attitudes resulting in avoidance, blocking behaviours and underperformance Performance is not simply a matter of how capable one is, but of how capable one believes oneself to be (Pajares 2002) ©2013 Mind Fit Ltd All Rights Reserved
  • 5. The Mind Fit® Process • Inside-out: you do the work • Self-assessment – plot your reality map • We provide insights, experiences and practical tools linked to: – You – Your colleagues – Your context • The result - people choose to change - willingly • Link the changes to performance, added/new value and ROI 5 ©2013 Mind Fit Ltd All Rights Reserved
  • 6. Accredited Mind Fit® Process “I have assessed numerous programmes and processes over the years in all different types of organisations and have seen mixed results. I was not prepared for what happened. The result was staggering in all areas. Not only did production improve to an amazing level but the method of working and the initiatives taken were driven by everyone. This resulted in a team of people cooperating and collaborating together for the benefit of them and the company. They became totally engaged.” Assessor Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Mind Fit people transform performance 6 ©2013 Mind Fit Ltd All Rights Reserved
  • 7. The Mind Fit® Team Business Leadership: Engagement: Management: Innovation: Communication: Collaboration: Talent Education Employability: Leadership: Management Sport Coaching: Golf: Football: Junior Games Neville Gaunt, CEO Graham Williams, Director of Development Prof Victor Newman, Director of Innovation Adrian Thomas, Non Executive Director Tony Westwood, Director of Mind Fit Golf Specialist Associates and Delivery Team in the fields of: Psychometrics; Recruitment; Media; Health; PR; Education; Resettlement 7 ©2013 Mind Fit Ltd All Rights Reserved
  • 8. The Classic Behavioural Gap Knowing (Learning) Known gaps Experience Beliefs Attitude Strong link Doing (Behaviours) People with the right attitude consume knowledge ©2013 Mind Fit Ltd All Rights Reserved
  • 9. Gaps and Traps • Where are the gaps in your awareness? • Where have you trapped yourself? • What are the consequences? Mind Fit closes the Gap ©2013 Mind Fit Ltd All Rights Reserved
  • 10. Mind Fit Global Strengths - Close the Gaps Awareness Feedback Control Focus ©2013 Mind Fit Ltd All Rights Reserved
  • 11. The Cost of Gaps in Business Behavioural Waste Common issues that cause a business to underperform and decline: • • • • • • • • • • Businesses fail to adapt to change Rigid and habitual processes and systems become dated Unnecessary meetings occur through habit Underperformance not challenged Training fails to drive change or performance improvement Disengaged people: people give up, go through the motions Conflicts not addressed Poor leadership Cynical attitudes Over-controlling behaviours ‘Behavioural Waste’ is costly in terms of time, effort & money. Mind Fit closes the Gap 11 ©2013 Mind Fit Ltd All Rights Reserved
  • 12. When the Gap is Closed in Business This is what happens: • Top 25% had twice annual income (Kenexa) • Average operating margin close to 3 times higher than those with disengagement (Towers Watkins) • 3.4 times more effective financially (Harter) • Engaged workers average 2.69 days sickness compared with 7.16 days for disengaged (CBI) (CIPD) • 70% engaged workers have good understanding of customer needs compared with 17% of disengaged (PWC) Mind Fit closes the Gap ©2013 Mind Fit Ltd All Rights Reserved
  • 13. • “Mo winning was the best Mo Farah Creates Olympic History moment for me. As The First By Becoming a distance runner myself, I really Briton To Win Gold In Both The 5,000 & 10,000m Finals The Winning Mind appreciated what Mo had to go through to win. This was an athlete who had reached the point where he was [regularly] coming seventh or eighth and everyone thought that [this] was his level. • He took a look at himself and realised everything had to change – lifestyle, training, coach, the lot. He did all that to ready himself for the Games, then went out there and won.” • (Steve Cram, Olympic Silver Medallist, Daily Telegraph Magazine, 18th August 2012)
  • 14. The Mind is the Key “I think 70% or 80% is about attitude. Once you have made sure that everybody’s prepared for the task, it’s just that – it’s an attitude. The good news in life is that you can choose that. You can’t always choose or change the circumstances in your arena, but you can always choose to change your attitude.” Frank Dick, International Athletic coach Success depends almost entirely on how effectively you learn to manage the game's two ultimate adversaries: the course and yourself. Jack Nicklaus, Golf Pro Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude. Thomas Jefferson 14 ©2013 Mind Fit Ltd All Rights Reserved
  • 15. Employers Hire on Attitude not Skills • Employers prioritise job applicants with the right attitude rather than the skills listed on their CVs • Recruitment group Reed polled over 1,000 business owners to see what key traits employers look for in job seekers. – 96% of employers would hire someone who did not have a complete set of skills but displayed the right attitude over an applicant with the perfect skills but who lacked the right mindset. – Two thirds of employers said they if had to reduce their workforce they would fire someone with a perfect skills set over someone with deficient skills but sporting the right attitude. ©2013 Mind Fit Ltd All Rights Reserved
  • 16. Connecting for an adaptable "Can-Do" Brain Thinking Brain Able to think objectively, flexibly, innovatively and focus appropriately Driving Brain To have a "Can-Do" attitude with a clear sense of purpose Social Brain Ability to connect competently, and meaningfully with others to build relationships Feeling Brain Has positive energy, emotionally competent and resilient ©2013 Mind Fit Ltd All Rights Reserved
  • 17. The Mind Fit Map – Discovering our Consistent Attitudes and Behaviours Positive feelings Act Learned Powerfulness Explore High energy Low energy Disengaged Avoid Won’t do attitude Can’t do attitude Ignore Block Learned Defensiveness Learned Helplessness (Out of control) Act (In control) Engaged Explore Ignore Can do attitude (Over control) Negative feelings 17 ©2013 Mind Fit Ltd All Rights Reserved
  • 18. Contact Mind Fit Ltd Telephone: +44 (0) 2071 486187 Email: Web: Registered office: 145-157 St John Street, London, England, EC1V 4PW
  • 19. Are you ready to act?