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Beowulf analsis part 2 in progress
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Beowulf analsis part 2 in progress


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  • 1. Beowulf analsis part 2
    By Weston Boldt
  • 2. The Wrath of Grendel
    Grendel- Grendel is a monster who terrorizes the land of Hrothgar night after night and lives in a marsh.
    Hrothgar- He is the ruler of Herot which used to be a peacful land but now is in terror.
    In this chapter the setting is introduced and the problem is introduced
    This shows how an average Anglo-Saxon community would live without the terror and what the terror would mean to an Anglo-Saxon kingdom
  • 3. The Coming of Beowulf
    Higlac- The king of the Geats and Beowulf’s feudal lord, ruler, and uncle
    Beowulf- a Danish warrior who has no fear of Grendel and is ready for his challengeBeowulf has also brought men to help battle
    This chapter introduces Beowulf who insists that he will be able to kill Grendel with no problem and will soon rid Herot of terror
    Beowulfs character showcases an Anglo-Saxon warrior’s bravery and strength
  • 4. The Battle With Grendel
    Grendel- He came out of the marsh waiting to kill Beowulf but he easily gets his throat crushed by Beowulf.
    Beowulf- he kills Grendel and Puts his head on the rafter. After learning that Grendel mother lives in the marsh Beowulf dives in to the marsh to find and hunt her.
    In this chapter Beowulf kills Grendel and makes a trophy out of his corpse. Afterwards Beowulf learns about Grendel mother and jumps in the marsh to look for her
  • 5. The Monsters’ Lair
    Beowulf- After learning that Grendel mother lives in the marsh Beowulf dives in to the marsh to find and hunt her.
    Grendel’s Mother- Beowulf learns that she resides in a cave deep in the marsh.
    After killing Grendel, Beowulf learns about Grendel mother and jumps in the marsh to look for her.
    Beowulf once again showcases Anglo-Saxon Bravery and strength by killing Grendel and not letting Herot live in terror.
  • 6. The Battle With Grendel’s Mother
    Beowulf-after swimming deep under water to the monster’s lair he starts to fight her until his sword breaks. After a look around Beowulf finds another sword and slays the water witch. Afterwards Beowulf and his men stay in Herot. He eventually becomes the king of Herot for fifty years until a dragon starts to menace the kingdom.
    Grendel’s Mother- she is slayed by Beowulf
    The people of Herot-after doubting Beowulf because of the long wait during the battle they are very surprised to see him over come the monster and rise out of the water. They celebrate beowulf’s victory.
  • 7. In this chapter Beowulf over comes his odds and kills Grendel’s Mother. After accomplishing this Feat Beowulf decides to live in Herot until he becomes the king. He then rules the land for fifty years until a dragon starts to terrorize the land.
    This chapter showcases Anglo-Saxon strength and heroism because of Beowulf starting out as a simple warrior coming from the Land of Geats, to becoming the king of Herot.
  • 8. The Last Battle
    Beowulf-After ruling this land for fifty years Beowulf says that even though he has fought endless battles he will protect this land once again. He takes armor, shield, and sword and decides to kill the dragon. During the battle Beowulf gets injured by the dragons fire until he eventually cant fight anymore. After the fight Beowulf is dyeing.
    Wiglaf-After seeing his king in trouble Wiglaf takes the stand and helps Beowulf kill the dragon.
  • 9. In this chapter Beowulf and Wiglaf kill the Dragon terrorizing the land but the victory is short lived because Beowulf is dieng
    Wiglaf shows Anglo-Saxon bravery and strength because he did what Beowulf did many years before. He took the stand and killed the dragon.
  • 10. The Spoils
    Wiglaf- Listening to Beowulf’s request Wiglaf goes into the cave of the dragon to get the reward