73 Artworks One Simple Act


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These were our submissions to Alberta's One Simple Act contest.

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73 Artworks One Simple Act

  1. 1. Which light bulb will you pick ? Picture Credit Flickr User: salady and nodomain1
  2. 2. Which one are you..??? Photo user flickr by shiff14 and Robert Couse-Baker
  3. 3. Our world is beautiful keep it that way….. Photo credits: flickr user aussiegall
  4. 4. We help you breathe…. Photo credits: flickr user Ctd 2005
  5. 5. 90 of used in washing clothes is for percent heating energy of the water... Wash with cold water Photo credits by Flickr user marcoPapale
  6. 6. What if This… Was the tree on earth Last Photo by flickr user jquiz
  7. 7. By flickr user eye of Einstein Cherry Trees are nice to you, then you should be nice to them .
  8. 8. Compost do you do it Credit flickr user mjmonty
  9. 9. Photo credit to Dr.keats Stop pollution
  10. 10. Photo Credit: Flickr user dawybyte77 & Tim Morgan Waste Paper? Or Save Paper
  11. 11. Photo by: flickr user Ali-baba What if these were the last fish on earth
  12. 12. See The Problem? Photo Credits Flickr Users Christian revival network wili hybrid Everything
  13. 13. Remember Rolling Down the Hills? Good luck explaining it to your grandkids Photo Credits Flickr Users Jim sneddon and jurek d.
  14. 14. The world is beautiful. Keep it that way. Photo compliments to; flickr/user/NTLam
  15. 15. While There's Other People Starving? Photo credits to; flickr/user/jbloom, flickr/user/venetia joubert sarah oosterveld, flickr/user/Anderson Mancini
  16. 16. There's an old Buddhist saying… Dig a hole fill it up (but it never said what you should fill it up with) Plant a tree Photo credits by flickr username sektorua
  17. 17. Next time try walking… Photo by flickr user 91RS
  18. 18. You can help eliminate the litter Photo credit to Flickr user simminch
  19. 19. Photo Credit Flickr User AlphaTangoBravo Think Bright To See Bright Photo Credit Flickr User chantybee
  20. 20. Flickr users: ©dabawenya©(believes in the power of a smile…) , photoaf THE LANDSCAPE NOW THE LANDSCAPE IN 15 YEARS What are we going to do to change it?
  21. 21. What Happens When All My Water To Swim In Is... Gone? Picture By: Mike Johnston, flickr.com
  22. 22. My Sun. My Grass. My Flowers. Our Earth… Picture by: Lenny Montana, flickr.com
  23. 23. LOVE The Grass! LOVE The EARTH! Picture by: CarbonNYC, flickr.com
  24. 24. Which lake would you prefer? Photo credits by flickr username lloyodjones1013 Keep our lakes clean!!
  25. 25. You only need to flick a switch. It’s not life-threatening . Photo credit to flickr user pasotraspaso
  26. 26. They’re habitat is melting…. and they can’t swim forever. Picture credits: flickr user exfordy
  27. 27. Ever wonder why sea turtles always look so grumpy? Picture credits: flickr user Dan Hershman
  28. 28. Love the trees and the trees will love you. Picture credits: flickr user Marina Cast
  29. 29. Preserve the Pacific!