September 2012: Outreach Newsletter


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Find out what's happening in the Outreach Department at the Westerville Public Library.

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September 2012: Outreach Newsletter

  1. 1. September/October 2012 The Outreach PATRON SPOTLIGHT - HARRIET WOODRUFF We were quite lucky to talk to Harriet Woodruff for our next patroninterview! Harriet was born in Bellingham, Washington. Some of her favoritechildhood memories are playing in the mountains that surrounded them. Herfather worked for the railroad and at one point she, her parents, and herbrother lived in a refurbished train car. That was a blast! She was even ableto learn how to cook from the folks who worked in a nearby dining car.Harriet has lived in many different places, including Idaho, Oregon, NorthDakota, Illinois, Georgia, New Jersey, New Mexico, and Texas. She has beenin Westerville for about two years now. Ever since she retired, she has loved to travel. One of her proudestmoments is going on a cruise by herself. She has been on many cruises andhas traveled to the Grand Canyon, Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada, among otherlocations. If she could travel anywhere in the world now, she would like to goto Ireland and Scotland. Harriet loves to read romance novels and does needlework. One of hercreations is an embroidered image of Woody the Woodpecker for her latehusband, Kenneth Woody Woodruff, whom she met on one of her cruises. She did enjoy school, although she always liked English better thanMath. Her favorite season is Spring because she loves seeing all the new,green life come out. Her favorite food is steak and she loves to eat atO Charley s. She loves to listen to goldenoldies and is a big Gene Kelly fan. Herfavorite Gene Kelly musical is Singin in theRain. It was such a pleasure to talk withHarriet and learn more about her. We lookforward to our next interview! Let us knowif you are interested and we can get toknow you better, too!
  2. 2. P a g e 2 ~UPCOMING EVENTS~September 2 The 2nd Annual Cool Cars, Hot Stuff Festival. From 9-7pm atCaJohn s Fiery Foods Westerville Headquarters (816 Green Crest Dr.). Enjoysalsa and chili judging as well as the 28th Annual Sertoma Car Show.October 7 The 4th Annual Ned Moser Apple Butter Festival. From 1-4pm at McVay Elementary (270 Hempstead Rd.) Enjoy apple cider, pulledpork sandwiches, and more. Call 614-776-1409 for more details.October 13-14 Westerville Quilt Guild 2012 Quilt Show. From 10am-6pm andSaturday 10am-3pm at the Westerville Community Center. Enjoy over 100quilts on display, many demonstrations and vendors throughout and a raffle! Liquid Gold by Carolyn WalkerHow times have changed. We have twenty-four hour news reports these days, it slike 4g coverage. As it is happening you are apprised of it!People leave their televisions on all day as well and most times it is numerousscreens in several rooms. I only watched three times today, noon, six o clock andeleven. At each news cast the weather forecaster mentioned the price of gas. It hadgone up each time I tuned in and by the end of the day it had risen 20 cents. It made me think of the fifties when I was a teenager and my father carpooled withthree other men. Now mind you gas was at an all time high of twenty-five cents totwenty-seven cents in those days; but for one person to drive and waste gas costingthat sum of money it was unheard of! My Dad would drive around the block untilhe found it for the 25-cent price. Of course there was a gas station on every singlecorner back then and you didn t even have to get out of the car and pump it your-self so it wasn t exactly a burden.
  3. 3. P a g e 3He car-pooled with men he worked with in Wilmington, Ohio. The drive fromWashington Court House took about forty minutes because every one had to bedropped off and picked up at their homes. No meeting at a central location tosave time because time was not as valuable as money back then. They rode to-gether taking turns every week for at least the six years I was home and aware ofit. I found it unusual though that these were not men who were buddies with eachother. All they had in common was that they worked together. There was nobowling as a group on weekends or stopping for a cool one on the way. It wasstrictly a business arrangement to save hard earned money and to keep from pay-ing that ridiculous price for a gallon of gas!I think President Obama is right the price of gas will not come down until wechange our ways of using it. When not enough people are buying; the price isless. We have seen that these past few years during our desperate economy situa-tion with other goods and services. If no one is buying the seller has to lower hisprices to make a sale.When my sister turned sixteen and got a drivers license Dad bought us a car touse, an old nineteen forty-seven Pontiac. He had been getting up at eleven to pickus up at school sox hops and ballgames. For a man that went to bed at nine andhad to leave for work at six this disturbed his sleep. We had strict rules on the carthough; we had to buy the gas for anything over and above the driving to schooland he knew actually how much gas that would be required. We solved that bycharging three other girlfriends a dollar a week to take them to school and thatmoney we used for cruising at night on weekends. We weren t allowed to go outof town but we found that if you put your hand up under the dashboard we couldunscrew the mileage meter. Which Dad would check every Sunday Night. I stillfeel guilty about that today! There was a dance place about ten miles away andthat was our favorite hangout. No alcohol was present so it was safe.Mom never drove a car as she had no license and even if she did she wouldn thave had time. What with hanging clothes on the outdoor line (no dryers then)and canning her own vegetables from the garden she tended, and cooking threemeals a day without frozen foods available she kept busy!We did a lot of walking in those days and I think it made us healthier.
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