What To Look For In Hair Extensions


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Go to www.honeylocks.com and purchase your own Honeylocks Hair Extension System. Honeylocks is the lastest in permanent, quality hair extensions and they cost the same price as clip-ins!

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What To Look For In Hair Extensions

  1. 1. ==== ====Dont purchase any other hair extension product with checking out the latest in non-damaging hairextensions. The patented Honeylocks Hair Extension System is a do it yourself, permanent hairextension product that is the same price as clip-ins.www.honeylocks.com==== ====There are so many names for and types of hair extensions today that it is no wonder people areconfused and disappointed when they dont receive the luxurious hair they want - or worse, end upwith damaged hair and/or less hair than they started with.While there are many "marketing" names and brands for types of extensions, they all fallsomewhere in the following categories. Individual bonding, Individual Links, Braiding, Wefted hairwith some type of "weave" or clips, skin wefts that are applied with adhesive and hair attached tosome type of base that can be clipped in.THINGS TO LOOK FOR IN A STYLIST WHEN CONSIDERING HAIR EXTENSIONSARE HAIR EXTENSIONS THEIR SPECIALTY? HOW LONG HAVE THEY BEEN PROVIDINGHAIR EXTENSIONS? HOW MANY HAVE THEY DONE? Generally, stylists that specialize inextensions, have several years experience, and that have applied at least 300 services - have ahigher probability of giving you a quality result. You also want to make sure the photos in theirportfolio is their own work and not photos purchased from a hair company.HOW MANY METHODS OF APPLYING HAIR EXTENSIONS ARE THEY FAMILIAR WITH? Whilemany stylists may prefer one method, you want someone who is very knowledgeable with many ofthe methods available. Are they customizing the extension to your specific situation? Ask themWHY they prefer the method they are using? Is it because it is the best method for you? Or is itthe only method they know that is being sold to them by one company? While I have WORKEDwith almost every method available (I am familiar with all methods) I prefer a finer weavetechnique with wefted hair as I find in most cases this causes no or very minimal damage, givesgreater fullness, and is the most cost-effective in the long run. If I think the clients hair is too weakand damaged to begin with, I recommend a removable system so the clients own hair is notfurther damaged. I dont make as much money as one would with weaving, bonding, or links, but itis the best method for that specific customer.ARE THEY CONCERNED IF YOUR HAIR IS FINE? ARE THEY CONCERNED ABOUT YOURHAIR INTEGRITY AT ALL? If the stylist doesnt seem to notice that your hair is very fine or seemconcerned when you mention that your hair breaks easily - it is not a good sign. Unfortunately,everyone "says" their method doesnt damage the hair. The skill of the person applying theextensions and the condition of your hair is also a big factor.DO THEY HAVE DETAILED KNOWLEDGE OF THE DIFFERENT HAIR QUALITY TYPES? Hairquality and color match is probably the most important factor as to how "real" your hair extension
  2. 2. will appear. Your stylist should have a thorough knowledge about hair quality. Human hair is ageneric term as a lot of human hair is not good quality. There are many terms used to describehair quality and it can vary with each wholesaler. Here is a general list from the highest qualitydown: Russian virgin unprocessed hair, Italian Cuticle blend, European Cuticle, European Remy,Indian Remy, Chinese human, and Yaki human. Ninety-nine percent of the bonding systems outthere use Indian Remy hair which is not the "best" hair available - especially in lighter colors.Custom blending to match hair color and texture is extremely important so where your hair endsand the extension hair begins, is completely undetectable. I custom blend to match tone,highlights, lowlights, two-colored hair, (etc.) EXACTLY.ARE THEY TRYING TO HELP YOU OR YES-ING EVERYTHING TO MAKE A SALE?? You haveto go with your gut on this one. But, if you have legitimate issues and concerns and theyre tellingyou everything is wonderful and not discussing the pros and cons - Beware.DO THEY GIVE YOU A DETAILED MAINTENANCE PROGRAM? If they dont give you specific,written, maintenance care instructions - either they dont care or they dont know. I cant believehow many people have come to me to remove matted hair extensions because they were nevertold by their stylist to braid the hair when swimming. You cannot dive in a pool with your hair"flowing" with ANY type of hair extension. It is also important to have timely maintenance, andproper hair care techniques. There are certain shampoos and conditioners that work well withextensions and others that do not. Price is not always the determining factor in this one.DO THEY GUARANTEE THEIR WORK? While hair is very expensive and custom-made orordered, it is too costly to refund because you "changed your mind" or your boyfriend or motherdont approve. You should be 100% sure before proceeding with hair extensions. But, if the hairmats, is falling out, or the color doesnt match, the stylist should stand behind the work and make itright for you.DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Familiarize yourself with the types of extensions available and theterminology used in the business. The internet has extensive information and will give you insight.When you are informed, youll be able to ask better questions to determine if what the stylist has tooffer is right for you. Quality hair extensions are an investment. Its a shame when clients receivesub-quality work and/or damage to their own hair. Unfortunately, I have clients where I was thethird person they came to before finally receiving beautiful, quality hair that looks like their own.TO LEARN MORE Go to www.customhairbycatherine.comAbout the AuthorI started working with hair extensions in 1989 as a General Manager for a salon specializing in hairreplacement for men, top pieces for woman, and hair extensions. My mentor, Linda, trained me inall aspects of these services including quality of hair, custom blending, methods of attachment,and styling extensions. I also learned many "trade secrets" that were handed down from masterwigmakers and stylists from all over the world. I continue to travel and research new techniquesand products to assure my work is the highest quality available today. Hair Extensions are myspecialty - my goal is having long term satisfied customers.
  3. 3. Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Catherine_Renee==== ====Dont purchase any other hair extension product with checking out the latest in non-damaging hairextensions. The patented Honeylocks Hair Extension System is a do it yourself, permanent hairextension product that is the same price as clip-ins.www.honeylocks.com==== ====