Classical Guitars


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Go to to buy your own Rick Turner/Renaissance guitar. A must for every serious guitar player and collector.

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Classical Guitars

  1. 1. ==== ====No guitar collection is complete with a Rick Turner/Renaissance guitar. Premier Guitar magazinehas called Rick "The Father of Boutique Guitars". He has had a major influence on how guitars ====Julian Bream is one of the most famous classical guitarists of the twentieth century and he hasachieved worldwide fame not only for the guitar but also for his work with the Renaissance Lute.He is considered to be one of the most important ambassadors of the classical guitar and hasformed a solid bridge between the music of the past with the technology of today. He helpedusher the classical guitar into the modern age.He was born in 1933 and took up the classical guitar on his eleventh birthday when he receivedone as a present. He was already an accomplished musician having studied piano and cello butwith the classical guitar and lute he excelled.Significant ContributionsIn 1960 he formed a group called the Julian Bream Consort. It was an Elizabethan periodensemble for which Bream played the lute. This Consort brought about a revival in interest of theElizabethan era which is considered to be a period of time that was the absolute pinnacle of theEnglish Renaissance. His work with this group earned him a Grammy award for best chambermusic performance. This award would be the first of many awards which include three moreGrammy awards.One of the most important contributions he made to the world of the classical guitar was hisdevelopment of a complete repertoire for performance. His transcriptions of works for guitar andlute span five centuries and he has particularly focused on lute works from the Elizabethan eraand Spanish guitar works from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. He has also had manycomposers create works specifically for him.Ambassador to the media of the Twentieth CenturyBream has embraced television and radio and used these media to bring classical guitar and luteto a mass audience. His 2003 DVD video profile Julian Bream: My Life in Music, which is a threehour long piece, includes interviews and performances and is considered to be one of the finestcontributions ever made to the world of Classical Guitar. He has also created a British televisionseries entitled Guitarra! It charts a musical journey across Spain.Learn More about HimIf you are looking to read more about him there is a newly published book called The Art of JulianBream. If you are looking to experience some of his music you might want to start with his
  2. 2. collaborative work with John Williams. They are a two volume set entitled Together and TogetherAgain. If you want a more encompassing view of his music as it spans the decades he has a twovolume CD set called The Ultimate Guitar Collection. The first CD is a compilation of many of histranscriptions and the second CD focuses on his works for Spanish guitar.Julian Bream is one of the greatest classical of the modern day. His tireless performance andwork with the guitar has spanned many decades of personal performance and many centuries ofmusic. He has bridged the gap between the past and the future by giving us an enormousrepertoire of music in just about every modern mode of media from CD to television and film. Andit is his particular gift for transcription and interpretation that has enabled him to bring fivecenturies of plucked instrument music into the modern world.Love the Classical Guitar? Visit the Authors website at: The Classical GuitaristArticle Source: ====No guitar collection is complete with a Rick Turner/Renaissance guitar. Premier Guitar magazinehas called Rick "The Father of Boutique Guitars". He has had a major influence on how guitars ====