The best smartphone mobile apps


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Here is a sample of my "Appy" hour presentation

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  • Keeper® is a secure and easy-to-use password manager for iPhone, iPad, Mac computers and web browsers.
    • Organize and access your passwords and private information
    • Sync seamlessly across all your Smartphones, Tablets and Computers
    • Create strong passwords with Keeper’s instant password generator
    • Auto-fill and remember new passwords for all your websites
    • Share records with business teams, work groups and family members
    • Enjoy peace of mind with military AES encryption which protects your data
    • Stay secure with unlimited storage on Keeper’s Cloud Security Vault™
    Safe and Secure
    We are passionate about protecting your life’s most important data - website logins, passwords, financial records, credit cards and other critical digital information. That’s why Keeper uses world-class encryption technology and security.
    • 256-bit AES data storage
    • PBKDF2 encryption keys
    • Double-encrypted syncing
    • Two-factor authentication
  • Let your friends, family and business associates know what time you'll arrive by sending them a twist! Request someone's arrival time if they're coming to you! Organize a pickup for other people!
    Making a twist is now easier than ever! Just select your destination, pick the people you want notified, and press the create button! If you change your mind, don't worry, just cancel it! They won't be notified until you move about 300 feet from where you were when you made the twist!
  • Share and schedule posts from your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Foursquare accounts all from one app.
    HootSuite is the world's most popular social media management app and is free for up to 5 social network accounts.
  • Opportunity is always within reach with the LinkedIn app for iPad and iPhone.
    The LinkedIn app for iPhone and the new LinkedIn iPad app make it even easier to connect and grow your network, engage with professional content and gain insights right from the updates feed. The intelligent navigation is personalized just for you based on how you use LinkedIn everyday.
    • Connect with more than 277 million members worldwide
    • Stay up to date with people in your network
    • Search for people, jobs, companies and groups
    • Follow Influencers to get insights and original content from industry leaders in your stream
    • Update your profile from within the app*
    • View and save recommended jobs
    • Read the latest industry news
    • Follow and learn more about companies
    • Keep up with your favorite groups
    • Purchase and upgrade your account to a LinkedIn Premium Subscription*
  • 10 Tips for Your Facebook Business Page
    Posted by: Robert Catalano in Social Media Stuff July 22, 2013 0 498 Views
    Managing a Facebook business page can be hard, especially if you’re still new. Here are 10 tips for your Facebook business page to always keep in mind.
    1. Fill Out Your Profile Completely.Make sure all of the information in your profile is complete and up to date. This includes a clear and concise description of your business, your e-mail, phone number, website, hours of operation and address.
    2. Use Appropriate Pictures for Your Profile and Cover Images.Your cover photo is extremely important for making a good impression with your audience. Cover photos with a lot of color tend to gain the most attention. Depending on your business you will want to choose an image that fits the message you are trying to convey.
    Your profile picture is even more important than your cover image. This picture will be shown in the newsfeed of your followers. Make sure your profile picture can be easily distinguishable.
    3. Engage With Your Audience.Facebook is called “The Social Network” for a reason. Make sure you are chatting with your followers as much as you can by answering questions, commenting on posts, and engaging in conversations. You want to create an atmosphere in which people see your page as more than just a one way channel of conversation.
    4. Share Unique Content.People love visuals. Visual content is a lot more shareable then content that is too text heavy. Along the same lines you want to share content that is original, diverse, and relevant to your business. The overall goal is to have your audience coming back for more.
    5. Don’t Post Too MuchPosting too much on your business page can actually hurt your engagement level. The optimal number of times you should post on a given day is between 2-4.  If you are posting interesting content there will be no need to post more than that.
    6. Be Real With Your Audience.Your followers appreciate honesty, so be real when engaging with them. Do not give your audience a reason to hate you no matter how many negative comments you may receive.
    7. Manage and Maintain Your Page.Clean up the spammy comments on your page, but do not delete the negative comments! Deleting negative comments will only attract more of the same. Instead deal with those issues by engaging with those users and addressing those issues.
    Stay up to date when Facebook rolls out changes. Adapt to the changes so you can stay relevant to your audience and ahead of your competition.
    8. Stay Human.Avoid using auto-updaters for your Facebook page. Your followers want to connect with you, not your automatic RSS or Twitter feeds. Staying human also means that you may make a mistake or two when posting – so make sure you use spell check, you don’t want to embarrass yourself.
    9. Every Like is Special.It’s true, every like is very unique. Make sure you are using Facebook insights to measure the engagement level for the types of content you are sharing on your page.
    10. Promote Yourself.Start promoting your page through Facebook ads, and promoted posts. This is the best way to promote your Facebook business page a new and targeted audience.
  • Page admins are interested in understanding if people are engaging with the content they publish. To help them with this, Facebook provides Page admins aggregated anonymous insights about people's activity on their Page.
  • The best smartphone mobile apps

    1. 1. OK, Who has one of these?
    2. 2. Socializing……..20 14
    3. 3. Remember what a smartphone used to be?
    4. 4. The Vatican- then and now
    5. 5. Everythin g in this 1991 Ad I can do on my phone now
    6. 6. So many apps, what do I use?
    7. 7. Save everything|1|1
    8. 8. Put anything you can think of in Evernote
    9. 9. CardMunch by Free
    10. 10. Waze
    11. 11. Zillo w
    12. 12. Docusig n
    13. 13. IFTTT- If This, Then That
    14. 14. Google Voice
    15. 15. Sunrise
    16. 16. PaperKarma say goodbye to Junk Mail Free
    17. 17. Facebook Messenger Free Calling!
    18. 18. Google Maps
    19. 19. Voxe r
    20. 20.
    21. 21. Glympse
    22. 22. 1Password
    23. 23. Keepe r
    24. 24. Life 360 Family Locator
    25. 25. Twis t
    26. 26. Hootsuit e
    27. 27. Google Voice
    28. 28. Create a free WiFi Hotspot on your phone for FREE
    29. 29. Square Register
    30. 30. WhatsApp$19 Billion dollar app!!!!
    31. 31. Mobile Mouse
    32. 32. NOW
    33. 33. Google Translate
    34. 34. Ube r
    35. 35. LinkedI n
    36. 36. Car Location on Android
    37. 37. Skitc h
    38. 38. Min t
    39. 39. Lookout security
    40. 40. •Short on time •Don’t want to bother someone •When a text just won’t cut it •When you want to avoid an awkward conversation
    41. 41. Cyclorami c
    42. 42. Google location history
    43. 43. Do you have a FaceBook business page?
    44. 44. Page Insights
    45. 45. Google +
    46. 46. If Facebook is the backyard BBQ Linked In is the cocktail party
    47. 47. Contact Chris Baker 410-207-5798