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    Get That Pickle Out of Your Mouth!
    Wesley Riffle
  • 2. Outline
    • Characteristics of good &bad attitudes
    • 3. YouTube video on positive attitudes
    • 4. 9 Steps to a more positive attitude
    • 5. Self Empowerment Pledge
    • 6. Attitude Quiz
    • 7. Summary
  • Attitude
    -Be Grateful
    -Live in the Moment
    -Time and Place for Everything
    How to Compare Positive & Negative Attitudes | eHow.com
  • 8. Attitude
    When Life Gives You Lemons Make Lemonade!
    Positive People
    Negative People
  • 9. 9 Steps to a More Positive Attitude
    YouTube - ?Succeed with a Positive Attitude??
  • 10. Step # 1
    Don’t be a victim of your past.
  • 11. Victim of your Past
    • Don’t dwell on the past
    • 12. Past is what you choose to remember
    • 13. Truth is more important than facts
  • Step # 2
    Give your complaints the Valley Forge test.
  • 14. Valley Forge
    • Remember the patriots during Valley Forge when you want to complain
    • 15. If the patriots would laugh at the problem drop it or deal with it….DON’T WHINE!
    • 16. If they cry out in sympathy your problem is legitimate
  • Step # 3
    Focus your dissatisfaction.
  • 17. Dissatisfaction
    • Can lead to motivation
    • 18. Can create ambition
    • 19. Don’t let dissatisfaction spread like a wildfire
  • Step # 4
    Get rid of your emotional baggage.
  • 20. Emotional Baggage
    • Complaining about baggage comforts failures
    • 21. Emotional baggage creates excuses for failing
    • 22. Emotional baggage consists of: grudges, hurt feelings, or insults.
  • Step # 5
    Challenge your negative self talk.
  • 23. Negative Self-Talk
    • Replace negative with positive
    • 24. Repetition
    • 25. Visualize your inner critic erasing the negative and creating positive
  • Step # 6
    Use direction deflection questions.
  • 26. Direction Deflection Questions
    • Follow your intuition
    • 27. To be your best you have to think and act your best
    • 28. Ask questions: “Is what I’m about to say consistent with my best self?” “What would I say if I were being my best self?”
  • Step # 7
    Internalize the serenity prayer.
  • 29. Serenity Prayer
    • Courage to confront problems
    • 30. Accept predicaments
    • 31. Wisdom to not complain about problems or results
  • Step # 8
    Take the self Empowerment Pledge.
  • 32. Self Empowerment Pledge
    • Make promises to yourself daily
    • 33. Morning, noon, afternoon, bedtime
    • 34. Follow 7 simple promises to equal 365 min. a year
  • Step # 9
    See one, do one, teach one.
  • 35. See one, do one, teach one
    • First see it
    • 36. Next, do the skill
    • 37. Before you master it you have to teach it
  • The Self Empowerment Pledge
    Seven Simple Promises That Will Change Your Life
  • 38. Monday’s Promise
    I will take responsibility for my life.
  • 39. Tuesday’s Promise
    I will not allow others negativity to get in the way of my goals.
  • 40. Wednesday’s Promise
    I will conquer some of my fears.
  • 41. Thursday’s Promise
    I will help people because I know I will need help someday.
  • 42. Friday’s Promise
    I will allow my rejections and failures to become my success later in life.
  • 43. Saturday’s Promise
    I will learn to accept adversity.
  • 44. Sunday’s Promise
    Faith and gratitude will shine through my everyday actions.
  • 45. What’s Your Attitude Positive or Negative?
    Attitude Self-Assessment Test — Ian's Messy Desk
  • 46. Are you a Sweet or Dill pickle?
    I complain about everything in life to everyone and eventually make my surroundings toxic.
    I look at life’s good and bad experiences with a positive attitude and learn from them instead of complain.
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