GateIn - The Solution for Managing and Building Enterprise Web Apps


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Slides for my talk at DevNexus 2010

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GateIn - The Solution for Managing and Building Enterprise Web Apps

  1. 1. The Solution for Managing and Building Enterprise Web Apps Presented By: Wesley Hales
  2. 2. Agenda • (almost) Everything you need to know about a portal environment • Portal and Portlet Concepts • 3 Things That Will Get You Up and Running Fast • JBoss Portlet Bridge • Demos mixed in
  3. 3. What is a Portal? • Unified access to web apps - each window can be a separate war or ear containing a portlet.xml file. • Integrates services across organizational boundaries. (SSO, collaboration, social, etc...)
  4. 4. Do I Really Need One? • Why not build it in-house? “But, I don’t really need all those bells and whistles...” • Learning curve? • What about speed and performance?
  5. 5. Demo • General Overview • Performance Dashboard
  6. 6. Portlets Defined • Understanding the 2 request cycle is a pita, but it makes sense once you get it. • A portlet is not a servlet. However, its deployment, classloading, web app lifecycle management, session management and request dispatching functionalities are leveraged from the Servlet spec.
  7. 7. Portlets Defined • Extra functionality not provided by servlets: • Send and receive events from other portlets. • Store persistent configuration and customization data • Has access to user profile information • Store transient data in the portlet session in two different scopes: application-wide or the portlet private scope.
  8. 8. The Great Thing Is... • You really don’t have to worry about anything I just talked about if... • You use a bridge, like the JBoss Portlet Bridge (details later) • Win the lottery
  9. 9. Features Customizability and Gadgets & Mashups Personalization Extendable - As eXo has WYSIWYG Layout Editor done with Knowledge Suite and Content Management WSRP Merge of two mature Easy Creation of Virtual projects that have been (multiple) portals at around for a while, JBoss runtime Portal and eXo Portal
  10. 10. Personalization and User Management • Is a HUGE part of GateIn • Expensive to build in-house. • Users can easily change their layout, skin, add and remove portlets and gadgets, all with a slick drag-n-drop interface. • ... That’s great, but how can I easily manage what’s available to different users and groups?
  11. 11. Users, Groups, and Memberships • Easy user management • A group can contain roles. • Manager • Member • Validator • By default, Manager has the highest rights in a group.
  12. 12. Demo • User, Group and Membership Management
  13. 13. Managing GateIn • The Toolbar offers a convenient way for users and administrators to undertake portal actions quickly and easily.
  14. 14. Demo • Toolbar - Site, Dashboard, and Portlet/ Gadget Admin
  15. 15. Extensions and 3rd Party Plug-Ins • All products in eXo's open source stack will be certified on the GateIn portal. • Currently only a few of these are available in Alpha and Beta stages
  16. 16. 3 Things That Will Get You Up and Running Fast • Templating and Skins • Integrating Legacy Apps and existing (or new) services. For example LDAP or Single Sign On • Extending GateIn to include additional portals or 3rd party products
  17. 17. LDAP • Can easily setup new or existing Directory Server • LDAP will be configured to store part of the GateIn group tree. • Only a few lines of xml to uncomment
  18. 18. Demo • Setup GateIn to use OpenDS
  19. 19. Templating • Instead of using JSP includes to template markup, GateIn uses portlets themselves to form a composite layout • Tested in all major browsers
  20. 20. Demo • Layouts and Page creation
  21. 21. Skins • New skins are deployed using a war containing css • Common skin changes will happen in the Banner, Logo, and Navigation portlets, or you can use your own.
  22. 22. Demo • Deploy new skin
  23. 23. Integrating New (and legacy) Web Apps • Demo - JSF (RichFaces & Seam), Tapestry, SpringMVC
  24. 24. Extending GateIn • trunk/examples/extension and trunk/ examples/portal contain empty projects that set you up for extending GateIn • Extension - Is used to bring in 3rd party suites like KS, CMS, or Social • Portal - Gives developers a dev environment
  25. 25. Extension Example - Knowledge Suite • Forums • Enterprise grade - project based • Advanced Moderation - lock, close approve • Answers / QA • Multi Language, Moderation, RSS • FAQs • Publish forged knowledge into FAQs
  26. 26. • Backed by JSR-301 and 329 • Allows you to run any JSF application as a portlet • Hides the underlying portlet APIs so developers only need to worry about 1 application
  27. 27. • The only bridge which supports running RichFaces and/or Seam applications • Runs your app as both a portlet and servlet • Could support other web frameworks like Wicket, GWT, etc...
  28. 28. Getting Involved • User Forums • Articles & How Tos • Jira - Add your enhancement or try to handle some created issues • Contests - Skins, etc...
  29. 29. Useful Links • • • •