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Ch 1 Sec 2

Ch 1 Sec 2






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    Ch 1 Sec 2 Ch 1 Sec 2 Presentation Transcript

    • Forms of Government Chapter 1 section 2
    • Topics
      • Democratic forms
      • Autocratic forms
      • Geography
      • Greek
      • Demos meaning people
      • Kracie meaning rule by
      • Greek
      • Auto meaning one
      • Kracie meaning rule by
      What are the forms of government? Democracy Autocracy
    • I. What is a Democracy?
      • What is democracy?
      • Direct Democracy
      • Representative Democracy
      • Presidential Democracy
      • Parliamentary Democracy
    • A. What is a Democracy?
      • Form of government in which political power is held by the people.
      • There is no one model for a democracy.
    • B. Direct Democracy
      • First applied in Athens in the Greek City States.
      • Term: Demos = people, Kratos = rule.
      • Form of democracy in which majority vote of citizens makes the law.
    • C. Representative Democracy
      • Also referred to as a Republic.
      • First used with Roman Republic.
      • Form of democracy in which elected representatives run the government.
      • Two forms:
        • Presidential democracy
        • Parliamentary democracy
    • D. Presidential Democracy
      • Strict separation of Powers.
        • President enforces
          • President selects his own advisors.
        • Legislative writes
        • Judicial interprets
    • E. Parliamentary Democracy
      • Law making and enforcing powers overlap.
      • Prime Minister and cabinet enforce laws.
        • PM and advisors are members of parliament.
        • Creates a close relationship between Executive and Legislative Branch.
    • II. Autocratic Forms .
      • Autocracy
      • Types of Monarchies
      • Authoritarian Systems
    • A. What is an Autocracy?
      • Autocracy is a form of government in which a single person holds unlimited political power.
      • Oligarchy is a form of government in which the power to rule is held by a small, self appointed elite.
    • B. Monarchies
      • Absolute Monarchy .
        • Government in which a single leader, usually hereditary, has absolute power.
        • Saudi Arabia
      • Constitutional Monarchy .
        • A monarchs power is limited by a constitution or a social contract.
        • Britain
    • C. Authoritarian Systems
      • Dictatorship : form of government in which absolute power is held by one individual or group.
      • Totalitarianism :belief that government should control all groups and individuals behavior to promote the good of a state.
        • Fascism
        • Communism
    • III. Influence of Geography.
      • Unitary
      • Federal
      • Confederate
    • A. Unitary
      • Form of government in which power is held by the central government.
        • Central government may have complete of limited power.
        • Local governments may or may not have power.
        • Most common form of government.
    • B. Federal
      • Form of government in which power is shared between the national and state or regional governments.
        • National government focuses on broad issues and foreign policy.
        • States on local issues
    • C. Confederate
      • An alliance of separate and independent states.
        • Individual states that cooperate.
        • Work together on common issues
        • States can strip central authority of power.
        • States can break away from group.
      • Examples
        • Articles of Confederation
        • The Confederacy.
    • Terms
      • Autocracy
      • Oligarchy
      • Presidential democracy
      • Parliamentary democracy
      • Unitary
      • Federal
      • confederate
    • Summary
      • How does a democracy differ from autocracy?
      • How does a direct democracy differ from a representative democracy.
      • How does parliamentary democracy differ from Presidential?
      • How does unitary, federal and confederate differ?